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Being a Lightwarrior

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1 Being a Lightwarrior on Wed Nov 20, 2013 6:00 am


Being a Lightwarrior
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…This memory reminds you how to align your consciousness with the heart/mind of many of your higher expressions of Self. You will then know that you are a Galactic and/or Celestial Angelic Being who is in the process of returning to your true Ascended Master of Self. This information will not decrease your sorrow regarding the immense damage that Gaia suffers every day.
In fact, it will so greatly increase your sorrow that you will be driven to expand your perception of Ascension to include the planet. In other words, with your humanity revealed as an illusion of the third dimension, you will turn your loving intentions towards ALL life on planet Earth. You will KNOW that the ONE of Gaia includes not just humanity, but every component of living Earth.
(from Blossom Goodchild channelings)
These words struck me on a deep level. They were also an immense a-ha moment.
I just read them, a few minutes ago, and am still in shock at how they explained how I feel these days.
Going back to the very last days of August … summer had been magic. Not as in physically going places, but as in going within and Being. As in having time to contemplate the sky, the change in colors, the shapes of clouds.
I had (still have, of course) a deep longing to be in nature, to connect with the elements. Yet it did not come to be. It wasn’t hard, an inner voice just kept saying «you are exactly where you need to be», and others things. I remember a loud « you are a pillar of Light» too. So, Soltice came, the Lion’s Gate and both Merkaba alignments. All dates I had hoped to be in the middle of Nature. All dates I passed while in the middle of a hot and polluted city.
And yet it all happened with such Grace. With so many Magic moments. In July I saw a big Golden Shooting Star. Not «falling», but flying right over my head.
There is also a funny star in the night sky. I saw it every night. Funny because it does not look like a star at all. Too big, too bright and blinking, and not like a pinhead. It has been a daily companion. Nightly, in fact
As August was moving on, I had an increased feeling of something happening in September. Not only the Equinox, something here, in my country. Many a time I felt that same inner voice tell me «rest now, enjoy this peace, this stillness, September will be busy».
August 31st, along with friends, driving north to attend an Anti Fracking rally. As soon as we left the city, it struck me how CRISP everything was. Every detail, every color. Wheter in the sky, in cloud formations, of on the ground in trees and fields, everything seemed upgraded to a new high definition crispy clear form and detail.
You have to know I am quite nearsighted So, living life thru an artistic flou is the norm here. Which made it all the more puzzling.
Until someone else said out loud just how amazingly clear everything was ! So there WAS something different ! Something had beautifully changed, shifted. We were entering a new month, a new period, and all of Nature was showing it too ! In a new glorious HD way.
September 1st started with me waking up naturally at 6 am (never do). To a glorious deep orange sunrise. I drank my coffee under a pure sky, both feet in luscious green grass. Time seemed to stand still, as I daydreamed about finally building my dream Green and Spiritual community, and being able to have moments like this everyday.
Then the day started. Rallies went very well. Lots of people concerned about they envarionment turned out. We knew there was also a small rally organised in the Capital, and were curious to know how that went. As it was still vacation time for most, our hopes were set on low:) .
Well… it was September 1st. Why don’t I give more credit to insights ?:)))
People turned out in thousands ! What was initially a small protest in one place turned out to become a huge march ! Followed by a sit in that occupied a bulevard in [url=,12.5&spn=0.1,0.1&q=41.9,12.5 %28rome%29&t=h]the City[/url]‘s center.
So big that we had time to drive back, and still find thousands sitting there. Oh, and during the drive back, this Shooting Star came right in front of us ! Quite big, and as Golden as the one I’d seen in July.
The first 3 days !
September 1st’ surprise turned out bigger and bigger. Everyday more people showed up to protest, and on sundays (so far 8th and 15th ) we had the biggest turnout for a march in our recent history ! Tens of thousands !
Something has started here. Unexpectedly, people are taking a stand, stunning our political class.
There is a dark side… It happened after a few days of wonderfully beautiful people coming with us to protest peacefully.
Cabal had to come up with a form of distraction, because just having the media ignore us didn’t really work. Neither did calling us drunks or «paid by foreign forces». So it came up with the tragic death of a 4 year old. Allegedly he was killed by stray dogs, while his grand’ma was not watching.
Never mind that it turned out she had missed them (there were 2 kids) for over 40 minutes and done nothing. Never mind that it happened in a fenced private yard with a big sign «watch dogs»… and a lot more unconnecting dots …
Mass Media went into a frenzy. Making a huge display of violence. Parading the grieving parents on all talk shows (these people were on Tv almost 24 hours a day, which is strange in itself)
Unleashing the ugliest violence response in some people. The result was immediate, we started seeing people acting out, and going on killing sprees against stray dogs (and cats), and just about any dogs they could find. Some were boasting their «feats» by filming and posting all over the net. Families started being torn apart over this. People who «dared» to speak out loud about the craziness of it all were publicly placated by a mass of blind anger. I know, I’m one of them.
The result is still felt, as ripples of hatred go around. Local animal groups are doing their best, but cannot stop the frenzy. «They» urgently passed a law, to catch and kill all found stray dogs ALL OVER the country. Regardless.
Trying to stay grounded amidst all this has been very, very hard. Yes, I did almost «loose it» a few times. Just wanted to get out of this country, and never look back ! More than once.
It has been going on for over a week now… Even my praying has changed, and this is why reading the above words today was a (good) shock and a-ha.
I AM feeling this sorrow and suffering very much, and I was thinking that I was lowering my vibration because of all this. That I was maybe stepping back in evolution. But no, I am not !
I am feeling this sorrow so deeply because of heigtened senses. Because of raised energy. As I was reading the above, tears really welled up. Because now every night I pray for the whole planet, envisioning all the suffering, all the places where dark seems even darker these days.
There was also a fear of «missing out» in growth, because of being so involved with daily protests. But no, not anymore.
Reading the above triggered the best shock in days. And I am deeply grateful for the perfect syncronicity.
The Cabal did a good job, trying to dilute the on-going protests and waking up with a very low vibration fear and blood thirsty reaction from people. It is working for some. Yet, more and more are shaking off the «gut reaction» and are starting to question the whole thing.
And I feel better tonight. I feel again that I am where I should be. Now I realize that the sorrow I feel is normal, and helps me do my best to transmute it into Light. Yes, I will probably have moments of fatigue, which has been quite intense lately. Moments of wanting to «throw the towel, and stop». And I might do just that… but only for a day at most ! To regain balance, rest, and move on. Move forward !
Trying to find strong words for a conclusion to this, I will rather add a picture
because a picture speaks many words.
Bucharest, September 15th. Many people come with small children
Have a beautiful Equinox week-end.
I will ! Not in Nature, not in peaceful contemplation as I hoped for. But being alongside my Sisters and Brothers, marching and sitting for a New Way. For a New World !
Much Love to all of you ! To all of us ! Send some Light to Romania too, we need it. And together we can all do this, and do it right.
Seeds have been planted. Some are still busy planting now, some already stop to see the new sprouts popping out.
This Autumn is also a Spring. Nothing is dying, much is changing. To new beginnings !
Brianna with many Bubbles of Joy (and a good pair of marching shoes!)
My apologies to Blossom Goodchild for not quoting the whole original post. Initially I’d just copy/pasted the words that resonated so much, and then this poured out.
Much Loving Gratitude to my brother Bryan Hall for posting news and updates about Romania’s protests <3

Thanks to:

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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