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Today at 10:36 am by PurpleSkyz

» NIBIRU News ~ 10/07/2015 ~ Planet X playing hide-and-seek behind the sun? and MORE
Today at 10:33 am by PurpleSkyz

» The Ancient Art of Cannabis-infused Wine
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» UFO News ~ 10/07/2015 ~ UFO on the night of the super-moon and MORE
Today at 10:12 am by PurpleSkyz

» Altered States of Reading (Part 1,2&3)
Today at 9:58 am by PurpleSkyz

Today at 9:49 am by PurpleSkyz

» The Elongated Skulls Of Peru And Bolivia Revealed
Today at 9:21 am by PurpleSkyz

» Truth Bomb Hits
Today at 9:18 am by PurpleSkyz

» No! You are NOT the Center of the Universe ~~ Perspectives ~~
Today at 9:14 am by PurpleSkyz

»  Star Shaft Pointing - Busted: Debunking the Star Shaft Theory of the Great Pyramid
Today at 8:47 am by PurpleSkyz

» Wes Annac ~ The Signs of a Worldwide Transformation
Today at 12:10 am by WTF

Yesterday at 11:54 pm by WTF

» Dave Schmidt ~ Understanding the Recent Shifts and Changes in Our World
Yesterday at 9:49 pm by PurpleSkyz

» Crazy Colored Clouds, Central Indiana 9-30 &10-1-15
Yesterday at 7:42 pm by PurpleSkyz

» IgnoreRants and Bliss: the Dangers of "Relativism"
Yesterday at 7:30 pm by PurpleSkyz

» Graham Hancock - Magicians of the Gods
Yesterday at 7:27 pm by PurpleSkyz

» UFO News ~ 10/06/2015 ~ Triangle UFO Passes By Moon During Eclipse and MORE
Yesterday at 6:27 pm by PurpleSkyz

» Linda Moulton Howe | Embedded Beings, Self-Activating AI, Mutilations, & The ET Agenda
Yesterday at 5:51 pm by PurpleSkyz

» Dutch Architect Envisions an ‘Urban Forest’ with Houses That Look Like Trees
Yesterday at 5:48 pm by PurpleSkyz

» Aliens: Walking Among Us? Pt. 1&2
Yesterday at 5:42 pm by PurpleSkyz

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