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» Puma Punku And Tiwanaku In Bolivia: The Definitive Analysis
Today at 6:27 pm by PurpleSkyz

» UFO News ~ UFO Cigar shaped St Petersburg Florida plus MORE
Today at 6:26 pm by PurpleSkyz

» NIBIRU News ~ Planet X as it relates to volcanoes, geopolitics and World War 3 and MORE
Today at 6:22 pm by PurpleSkyz

» Predicting a False Flag in Copenhagen
Today at 6:14 pm by PurpleSkyz

» First Holistic Cannabis Summit Seeks to Educate Public on Health Benefits of Marijuana
Today at 10:19 am by PurpleSkyz

» Alfred Webre ~ Alex Hunter: MayDay! Halt HAARP chemtrails and save Earth & humanity
Today at 10:14 am by PurpleSkyz

» What CERN Is Not Telling You – What They Are REALLY Hiding
Today at 9:49 am by PurpleSkyz

» New Film: DISOBEDIENCE (on growing resistance to fossil fuels)
Today at 9:46 am by PurpleSkyz

» Ashli (of ECETI)… “Energy Intensifying” from KP
Today at 9:18 am by PurpleSkyz

» BRICS and Brexit countries: secrets of the crypt by Jon Rappoport
Today at 9:12 am by PurpleSkyz

» Antarctica Revealed
Today at 9:05 am by PurpleSkyz

» Happiness of the Awakened Heart
Today at 9:02 am by PurpleSkyz

» Global Currency Reset – America’s Amazing Role - We are a New Nation State.
Today at 8:01 am by PurpleSkyz

» Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival by Wes Annac
Today at 7:40 am by PurpleSkyz

» Everything you need to know: Eta Aquarid meteor shower
Today at 7:24 am by PurpleSkyz

» Planetary Heatwaves
Today at 7:21 am by PurpleSkyz

» Vibrational Medicine
Today at 7:11 am by PurpleSkyz

» Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets and Ancient History of Anunnaki
Today at 7:05 am by PurpleSkyz

» Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente - AI & The 2016 Financial Meltdown
Today at 7:00 am by PurpleSkyz

» Dr. William Mount, Le Neu Republique, and NESARA On the Hot Plate, by Anna von Reitz plus MORE
Today at 5:54 am by topspin2

» Emergency FEMA Meeting on "Major Separation of Land Mass in USA"
Today at 5:51 am by topspin2

» Dr. Steven Greer - "Call for New Witnesses": UFO, Secrecy, Cover Up, Free Energy +
Yesterday at 6:49 pm by PurpleSkyz

» Best UFO Sightings Of April 2016! MAJOR DISCLOSURE Watch NOW!
Yesterday at 6:47 pm by PurpleSkyz

» Auras – A Unique Perspective
Yesterday at 6:46 pm by PurpleSkyz

» Canada to Decriminalize Recreational Cannabis
Yesterday at 5:57 pm by Liam77

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