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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » TNT Tony Friday CC Recorded Link..Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U

TNT Tony Friday CC Recorded Link..Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U

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TNT Tony Friday CC Recorded Link..Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U


REPLAY  805-399-1500    409029#

BlogTalkRadio    RECORDED LINK:

Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U”


TONY - Good morning, TNT! It's Friday, November 22, 2013. It's going to be a great day. I didn't do a blast last night because I didn't want to wake up East Coast peeps with no real different news. We have some good news and new direction, I think, that they asked me to put out and tell you. But first, I have to talk about 2 other things. (DISCUSSION NOW ABOUT TNT POST-RV EVENTS).

TONY - First or all, you want to know what is the backdoor for all of this? I know yesterday was ridiculous, with the bus stories in NY and TX. This is absolultely happening. I'm getting it from DC and the agencies.
Read More Link on Right

T-What happened in NY DID NOT stop the RV, even though a lot of people thought it did. They can't do that, not going to allow busloads of people showing up at the bank. If you show up at the bank in a busload, you will not be allowed into the bank. Period. If you show up in groups, you will not be allowed in the bank (4 or more). Keep going back with your one person. They ARE concerned about security. I didn't say it would stop the RV. Just don't be part of this mob mentality that will shut things down and we'll have to wait all over again. The RV will be done. The GCR will be done. We'll just be waiting for them to develop another plan to
with crazy people doing things like this.

T - I was giving them ideas to help with making this happen orderly. You DO NOT have to be the 1st one to the bank, on the first day. They are going to process everyone and in an orderly fashion in the first 5-7 days. If you don't need $25K, then wait for your appointment.

T - They will start appointments 2 hours after the activation/announcement. If you have millions of , let the $25K note folks go first. Don't call for an appointment if you only have one or two notes. All will be flexible. WF will require you to make an appointment. The rates are high and will get you excited.

T - On Wednesday when I did the call, I was looking for the RV and 800#s at that time. Yesterday morning we got confirmation that the RV process is done - done again - in that the IMF did everything they were supposed to do and it was released to the UST. It was then released to the banks. Yesterday at 7AM, 8AM EST, if you were in the banks you could have cashed out at that moment. It was live. By the time the banks opened at 9AM the screens were blank being reset for the final release.

T - The word that we got yesterday is "congrats, you have an RV and it's in the system and can't be turned back and you'll see it no later than Sunday." We said, "WHAT?" It could in the next 5 minutes but no later than Sunday, so we waited all day. Everybody was in place yesterday and they were told we would be coming in the door and exchanging.

T - I didn't do a blast because I wanted to wait and see if it really was released. But I didn't understand how the entire GCR was being controlled by a few US banks. It didn't make sense. That's why I didn't make a blast. We later found out we didn't get all the pieces to the puzzle. Everybody was upset it didn't go, i.e., DC people, Iraq, etc. that we did not get to the bank. It's not complete until we are at the bank.

T - Yet they're saying it's complete but we're not at the banks? What does that mean? So many times they set a time for it to go. But something else happened, i.e., somebody moved money, changed a rate, etc. a reason or excuse to prolong it. They finally figured out a way to solve all of that and they put it in a queue and the system will determine when it will go, NOT A PERSON. They set certain parameters for it to go and from this point on until sometime Sunday night it will be automated and will go.

T - Nobody can cheat the system. Nobody knows exactly when. Nobody can sit at their computers moving trillions around. It's now in the system and will be automatically triggered by the system not by a person. Then the 800#s will be released and we start the party and go to the bank. This is what we want - in the system. We don't want it under any one person's control and that's good for us. Every agency says it will go. Some think Sunday is too far out but nobody can stop it.

T - The rates are still the same - they're high. Somebody posted $40+ but no one in the banks are seeing that. The rates have maintained. The same rates are what we know: 38, 10, 1.08, .22

T - Iraq was briefed last night on the new monetary system. Does everybody go out and buy more dinar? NO! Do you go out an place more on reserve? NO! Because I don't know this will happen for 1000% certainty. But everybody says it's now out of human hands so no one can cheat or lie. It will go "live" for all countries all at the same time.


Q - How long can Iraq wait? A - The cards are loaded 5 different ways to Sunday, contractors, different people, etc. and they are spending.

Q - At what point will CL step in? A - If not done by Tuesday morning she'll step in and have 48 hours to make it happen. But we don't expect that to happen.

Q - At the 1st appointment if they give us a lower rate than you are reporting, will we fall into a trap by asking for the rate that Toney is telling us? A - If you do that you are out of your mind. I'm giving you the correct info, but it's the banking system. I don't control anything. Don't do that! Nobody can say "Tony said." It won't help your situation.

T - I don't think they should charge you a fee - they'll make money off of it. They've been instructed to make you happy and not let you walk out with your money.

Q - It's been reported there will be a Forex and the bank rate for the IQD. Will there be a similar 2-tier rate for the VNN? A - No, I think the IQN is an animal all on its own.

Q - You mentioned $10 for the VNN. Is that for a short period of time just in the US? A - The VNN is against the USD for a short period of time. Call the exchangers and see if they can work with you online. If it's just a sell and wire ask if they can do that for you.

Q - When will the 800#s be released? A - When the system is activated. The UST will release them to TNT and a few others. The banks do have them and they're operational, since last Tuesday. This lets us know how far along we are.

Q - Has Iraq announced it yet? A - They are still waiting for it to go international. The new rates are on their cards and they're happy. They're not holding this up, the USA is. They won't like me saying this but it's like being compared to Obamacare - you didn't anticipate this or that? Did the world's #1 gov't not expect this would happen? Maybe this is more than they expected. I know for a fact they are listening to this call: there must be something in place for the moment, day, etc. after this is announced. If you REALLY want this to go smooth we should be working on that part now. I don't care who it is but there has to be somebody they can go to for info after it's announced.

T - There has to be a single place they can go to get the best info after activation.

Q - Have they come up with another plan if there are bank rushes? A - Yes, if you're in a bus - no service. If you're more than 2-3 people - no service. If you cause a commotion - no service. They're trying to protect the process and themselves.

Q - When will the 30 days start? A - That starts the 1st day when we get to go to the bank.

Q - Will the rates go down due to the delays? VND not in double digits? ZIM going down? A - No, the ZIM is still at .22 - six zeros dropped. My understanding is that the VND is still in double digits.

Q - Is there anything about the group 11% fees? A - Only if part of the WF group, as I've heard.

Q - Will the dealers be competitive? A - Yes, within a couple of pennies. You have to decide.

Q - My mother is visually impaired. Can we get appointments close together? A - No, go with them at their scheduled appointment and go to your own appointment separately. When you call the 800# you have 2 minutes. If you take more time they will either hand you off to a supervisor or hang up on you. When you call back you'll be at the back of the queue.

Q - Will every bank have the same NDA? A - It could vary a little state by state, but they should all be the same.

Q - When we call should we use a Trac Phone to make the appointment, give only initials, etc.? A - When I call I'm giving my birth name, my zip code where I want to CE and my new email address. I want to cash out.

Q - Are the rates going down? A - Right now they're 38.86/10.87/1.02/.22 - They're not going down in 30 days or less. They're saying not to worry if you don't CE the first day. They want to get everybody in.


C - Are you confident if that continues something will stop it? T - It didn't stop the rv and hasn't and they do see it as security problem. They won't allow those people to stop this. They've beefed up security.

C - How can the banks continue to call in their people when nothing ever happens? That's not good business sense. T - They are just like you and me and always think they are going to go with it. Last week the bank said they weren't going to call in their people anymore until it really happens, but they actually did.

T - They asked me to do a blast but I wanted to know it was going to happen.

C - If this goes to the wall to Sunday night and CL takes over, what does that do to everything? T - They want this to be done now. The WH, every agency, the IMF, and it's in the system and should be out by Sunday. They want this to happen so we'll have a prosperous Christmas and last quarter. I'm sure they don't want it to happen on a holiday.

C - Since we're 2 hours from the city, can we ask for an appointment accordingly? A - I don't know but they may give you 2 days and you can take the 2nd day.

C - Our plan is to cash in what we have in hand and then payoff the reserves and ask for another appointment. T - You can have multiple appointments but I don't know how long it will take you to take care of those reserves. You may have to wait for the reserves. If it goes down we still got the best deal ever since we were expecting $3+.

C - Is the VND really that high? T - Yes, and here's the rationalization: The dinar is the reserve currency for the US and is going to wipe out our deficit and secure our future. China came into this late and had to get the best deal possible. They are going to use the VND like we are going to use the IQD. It will increase their foreign currency and we are going to get the rewards from both countries. This is the justification for it going up.

C - If we are invested in the VND do we have to have an appointment? T - No but if you go to the bank with $100M VND they will ask you to set an appointment to make that exchange.

C - I am disappointed, here we go with another broke weekend into the holiday so I hope that they listen and have some compassion so that people can have a good Thanksgiving. T - Guys when I get the phone calls and they are giving me info, they are trying to get this done. It's not that they are purposefully jerking us around. This is just the way business is done. For example, there were 2 agencies going back and forth and no one was aware of it so I don't think anything was done on purpose. Now they are eliminating this and trying it this way this time.

C - You mentioned that WF might require us to call their 800# instead of our PB? T - Coming from their call centers, they have new instructions that they want everybody to go through their 800#s. I wouldn't wait - call as soon as the numbers come out. Call the 800#, call and make your appointment then try to get hold of your PB. If he won't answer your call over the weekend you might get a new PB.

C - What number do we ask for at the appointment? T - We'll try to get the rates for you as they come out and post them on all our sites and in the Forum/Chat Room. That will be their current rate at that moment. Banks change their rates constantly. You can check their rates on their websites, but they're going to go with the rate they see on their screen at that moment. You can ask to see the screen right then.

C - If CL takes it over will we get the lower rates? T - Yes, we will. It's in our hands right now and if something goes wrong it will be squarely go on us. She always said if she has to do it'll go back to 3.44.

T - We went through the whole day and they said "it's done." They put all the pieces together. They said they released it to the system.

C - Is there a new currency for Viet Nam? T - I haven't seen or heard of any yet. They would have to because of all the zeros. They have not exposed their plan yet.

C - If this goes to CL the banks and USA will lose out on billions. T -I really that that is not going to happen. It is in the system and will pop up between now and Sunday. I don't think it's going that far. Parameters are today to Sunday.

C - Can we still take an attorney with us? It would be me, my husband and the attorney. T - Yes, that should be fine. They just don't want to see crowds coming in.

C - Can we still get cashier's checks at the appointment? T - Yes, you'll have 20 minutes, so have your list of checks you want. Some banks will give you longer than 20 minutes if they're in rural areas, others will be strict with that 20 minutes. They may ask you to go to another branch to get cashiers checks.

C - Will we give the names of the people going in to the appointment when we call the 800#? T - Not that I know of. The appointment is for you and your spouse & attorney (if you take one with you).

C - I am more reassured to call the 800# because the other folks are just going to commercial banks and not cashout centers. T - They are showing up at the wrong locations and what bank can accommodate busloads of people?

C - Would you go to a local bank in a smaller area or go to a larger banking area? T - This is my personal opinion, but I don't want everybody to know everything about me, so I would go to a larger banking area. When I was in high school I was awarded MVP for football. Then everywhere I went people said "you've changed." I would respond "no, I'm me." If you go to the local bank and deposit $100M before you get home everyone will know. The bank teller will tell her husband at dinner and the kids will overhear it, even though they're not supposed to.

C - Will this ever show up on Forex? T - Sooner or later it will but when I don't know. I don't think it will until it goes live at that rate. The perfect window is when it doesn't show. When it's at such a high rate all it can do is go down.

C - Why will you be shutting down the site? T - We can talk about our new-found wealth, investment opportunities, etc., but no talk about dinar. Even if I wanted to, I've been told to shut the site down. The new site will be I have carried the torch long enough and someone else can put an investment club together. I don't want to be responsible for it. I'm tired!

T - I do want to help everybody through this process. I want to be here for you and tell you what to do at this point. If there's a way to do that I would absolutely love to do that. But if they won't let me I can't, especially after I sign the NDA. We'll just have to see what happens.

CALLER is summarzing what Tony has been recommending regarding what to say post-NDA. T - Make a list of those people who they gave dinar to, call them and tell them what you know right now, explain it now, tell them you are going to sign an NDA and do all of that b4 you do the CE. Tell them to go to the bank to check it out. The people you gave it to should be smart enough to do it. If people aren't registered on a site and haven't done the research like you, they're just lottery winners. They won't be prepared to know what to do. They got money for nothing. They didn't do anything for it.

C - I'm thinking about making appointments with all 4 major banks and if they handle me good then I will cancel the others three. Is that okay? T - One might give an appointment at 8AM and another at 8PM. If I call my PB and he said I don't know if we are going to do this then I wouldn't trust him.

C - I know they are saying they wanted it by Christmas but what about Thanksgiving? T - They want it done today. They are not trying to wait until Christmas or Thanksgiving. Not even Monday morning. Nobody is holding it up on purpose at this time. They're all saying "why hasn't it happened?" in DC. Some are paying the price today for not thinking of these little steps they missed and putting in on hold. How could they have not expected that to happen?

C - What was said in the mosques in Iraq this morning? T - They actually told me not to say what I got. But they did tell them about the new monetary policy, the new notes, that millions of people around the world had invested in their currency, about Japan, Korea, US, etc. doing oil deals with them that will stimulate their currency.

C - Are they still planning a second basket in 30 days following the first one, and, if so, is the USD part of that? T - There is a 2nd basket planned for the 1st quarter 2014 but I'm not sure about the USD being part of it. I'll have to tell you later.

C - When we go in to do the CE on the IQN, we will, most of us I imagine, will have to create that new acct in the 20 min appt. Most cannot take atty. with us. When we do that, we are contracting with the bank. We are not going to have the opportunity to know what that contract is about in that 20 minutes. T - They will open a premiere account for you. You will deposit you rmoney and then they will tell you the wealth manager will contact you. Then you set up an appointment with them and you set up everything else. The NDA is from Homeland Security.

T - You can go to the bank today and ask for documentation on their Premier Account. Take it home and read up on it before you go to your appointment. It's not your basic account. Tell them you plan to deposit $2M next week and you want to see the docs. Same thing when you open an account online. The docs are there.

C - Is there an approved "company line" yet? T - No, there is none. I'm concerned about you guys saying something crazy and losing your money. So I'm asking the PTB so we can help with that. If they give me something to say I will share it.

T - I'm at the end of my time now. It's a great day and everything is in motion. Every agency has been satisfied after it didn't happen last night. the IMF released it to the UST and then to the banks. It's in the system and sometime between now and Sunday night we should see it. The parameters are in place. Everyone now understands. Don't stare at the clocks and don't listen to the idiots. They don't know what they don't know. Don't expect a blast everytime someone says something. It's here - the rates are high - we know when to expect it. So enjoy your day!


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I have issues with this. Anybody else????

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