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PostSubject: DINARIANS UNITE!    Sat Nov 23, 2013 9:37 pm


We are your Fellow Dinarians, here to take meaningful, but peaceful action.  Like so many of you, we have been in this investment for many years; some of us dating back 20+ years to the Prosperity Programs and numerous lawsuits, including CMKX, that have already been won against the corporate gov’t, but are still yet to be paid.   As of this date, we are aware of 2 small groups that have been paid, which are the Lakota Indians and the Black Farmers.  Like so many of you, we are educated and aware, but we are also very tired of this game of excuses and delays.  We know the new financial system was built years ago and has been tested hundreds of times.  We know The People of the World are calling for an end to the privately owned banking cartels who have raped us of our wealth.  Like you, we’ve waited patiently for the hidden wealth to be rightfully released and distributed to the world.  

• We’ve witnessed the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar being put on hold all these years while this new asset based global financial system was constructed and implemented.

• We’ve held on good-naturedly while countries, banks and other institutions were given extension after extension to become Basil III compliant, etc.

• We’ve been tolerant over the years as a whole slew of very bad people were arrested, rearrested or removed from office, and were told positive policy changes were made.

• We’ve hung on while our Republic of these united States was brought back to life and authenticated quietly behind the scenes, ready in the wings to replace our current corporate criminal government, whose expiration date was December 21, 2012.  

• We’ve tuned into CNN, Fox, Bloomberg, etc countless times because there were supposed to be “announcements,” but they never came.

• We’ve listened to excuse after excuse as to why the Global Currency Reset (GCR) and RV “didn’t happen last night”  i.e.:  glitches, incorrect codes, audits, pinging, technical issues, bankers misbehaving, stings, arrests, and the dog ate my homework, etc.  


• It is NOT ACCEPTABLE that The People of our world should go through yet ANOTHER Thanksgiving and Christmas Season financially destitute.

• It is NOT ACCEPTABLE that The People of our world should go through another cold winter season with so many living in campgrounds, cars, tent cities, under bridges, and other sub-standard living conditions with no heat, running water or food.  (Many of these problems were caused by the proven illegal activities of the banks in collusion with Wall Street.)  

• And it’s CERTAINLY NOT ACCEPTABLE that, after all these years, The People of Iraq ARE STILL living in a war-torn country in shanties with no electricity, no running water, no protections from the harsh elements and nothing to eat.  These poor people live in poverty with the sounds of bombs going off daily, while the elitists of the world are still fat and happy from the profits off the sale of the Iraqi people’s oil!  


We say that the top financial players of the world have had plenty of time to prepare the institutions and finalize the GCR, including the revaluation of the currencies (dinar, dong, etc.).  They’ve had plenty of time to prepare for the release of the Prosperity Programs (PPs) and World Global Settlements (WGS), and other trusts of monies.  These monies RIGHTFULLY belong to us, The People of The World - and IT IS TIME FOR THESE RELEASES TO OCCUR NOW!  

Today we come to you, our fellow Dinarians, to unite with us in taking diplomatic action.  COLLECTIVELY WE HAVE A MIGHTY VOICE.  UNITED TOGETHER WE CAN BE HEARD!  IT IS SIMPLY TIME!    

To Start, if each one of us spends a few minutes a day making some phone calls and sending emails, we could have an enormous and powerful effect.   WE WILL BE HEARD!

We believe in being peaceful, yet inquisitive; non-disruptive, yet noticed.  These are officials of We the People and they must answer to We the People.  

Some questions you may want to ask are:

1.  Why has the Global Currency Reset not been implemented, like we heard about on CNN and other news outlets over the past few months? Why are they dragging their feet and using so many regurgitated excuses to delay this?

2.  Why has it already been 10 years, and the value of the Iraqi Dinar has not yet been reinstated to its pre-war value. I heard there was a ten year plan that was implemented by George Bush and that it ended October 9, 2013. I also understand Chapter 7 sanctions were lifted from Iraq on June 27, 2013, and our troops were pulled out of Iraq a year ago.  

3.  Why are we getting so much misinformation in the news media?

4.  Why do only 6 corporations control all of the major media outlets here in America?  Isn’t that against the law, as well as our Constitution?  

5.  Why are we told information, yet we aren’t supposed to share it with anyone in reference to the GCR, the Republic of America, the Dinar, secret meetings in Washington, etc.?

6.  Why are we told powerful people have been replaced, and this is confirmed from people in the know, yet we see them walk around and getting interviewed on T.V.?

7.  Why are there hints of positive changes, but never fully discussed on television for the masses?

8.  Why are the banks lying to us saying they will never exchange the Iraqi Dinar and yet privately they admit they will?

9.  How come only certain politicians express the truth to the privileged few and yet the public is left in the dark?

10.  How come there are conspiratorial situations, e.g. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA etc., that the news covers briefly then it’s never spoken about again?

11.  How come the Chinese mostly have purchased our landmarks, parks, banks etc., and it’s not discussed with us the American people and we didn’t have a say in it? Isn’t that unconstitutional?

12.  Also Mr. Bernanke, who owns the Federal Reserve?  I heard it was a private corporation headed by world bankers.  Care to comment?

13.  Do you own dinars and have you exchanged yet?  Isn't that insider trading?

14.  How come a company called I.C.E. purchased the stock market and announced it on national T.V. that it was to come out and there isn’t any more talk about it?

15.  I understand John F. Kennedy was attempting to take down the banking cabal by issuing Silver Backed US Dollars.   His murder was only 5 months after he signed Executive Order 11110 to do that.  Why isn’t that in the Warren Report?  Care to comment?

Here is a suggested list of people to call or email.    

Ben Bernanke, head of the Federal Reserve
General Comments for the Chairman and the Board of Governors
Phone: 202-974-7008

The United Nations.  Ban Ki-moon is the Secretary-General

The International Monetary Fund.  Christine LaGarde is the Managing Director

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew,

Congressman and Senators

Note:  We are not calling the banks Yet.  

Dearest Fellow Dinarians, stop being in FEAR! You haven’t signed an NDA yet.  You aren’t doing anything wrong by asking questions to the authorities, politicians, and the like. How many years are WE going to stay in a box and sit back as people die waiting, family members get sick, and lives are destroyed with the promises of a better future?
[12:00:53 AM] Karen Ann: We need to let THEM KNOW WE KNOW, and there is power in numbers. If every day WE made just one phone call to our congress person or even our local news station and asked questions on the air about the reset of the Dinar or The Republic, etc., maybe they would get people paid to shut us up, instead of banks trading and stalling.  As a group we look forward to hearing your responses to this post. We plan to take this to people like Bix Weir, Zap, Alex Jones, Glen Beck, the Dinar Gurus, and so on until people wake up, demand the truth and take action.

Obviously our wonderful WHITE KNIGHTS are having a heck of a time of it or suffice it to say, money would have already been flowing.  Many of us are people with a mission.  We are in the realization that we are here on the planet to make a difference, to make positive changes, and to get on with our true destiny. Well how can we at this point? Aren’t you tired of waiting?  You need to stand in truth and walk your talk. Take action. How can we manifest our highest destiny when many can’t put food on the table?  We are asking you to contact your contacts and tell them that this is the plan as of Monday morning, Nov. 25, 2013.  If we don’t see something by then, we are proceeding.  Please join us in this Call for Action! The Dinarians writing this believe that this is as much a spiritual journey as it is a physical one. We are pleading for you to join us in our quest to get this out and take action. Blessings to all of you!!!!!


In case you haven’t viewed this, this is a very good 3 part interview (approx. 35 minutes total) with World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes.

Posted by John MacHaffie at 6:26 PM
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PostSubject: Re: DINARIANS UNITE!    Sat Nov 23, 2013 11:09 pm

Well, I would say that we have all past this point long ago, and coming back around to the other side by now. Some very valid points indeed. Although, not sure that making the phone calls and jamming up phone lines is going to make much difference, might give them cause for more delays.

Thanks Yman!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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