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Downfall of the British Monarch and Empire—Historical Rewrite

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Breaking: Downfall of the British Monarch and Empire—Historical Rewrite
Tony Z at Syncrenicity just sent out an email notification of a new blog post. The truth is coming out in living colour to set history right.
Off with their heads! Just kidding—of course we will reserve some of the most beautifully appointed cells at Camp Fema for Queen Lizzie and her entourage from which they have spectacular views of the guillotines they had installed with such care. 
Below is the lineup on this story. It’s a very long Part I and I’ll get you started here but please do mosey over to Syncrenicity.com to finish this riveting tale. And don’t miss the reptilian head on a pike.
This information corroborates what David Icke has been sharing for some time and will no doubt send shock waves throughout Britain, but hey—the truth will out! Interesting that it was a Rockefeller who wrote it.
It’s time to embrace our glorious past.  If we don’t laugh, we’ll cry. ~BP
Downfall of the British Monarch and Empire—Historical Rewrite  The-start
Breaking News, The Royal Families Crimes & Corporate Scams & Nazi Links : PART 1: (We Told You So)
The Royal Families : Written By a Duke Mehal Rockefeller: Crimes & Corporate Scams and Nazi Links : PART 1
Downfall of the British Monarch and Empire—Historical Rewrite  Black-eye-300x230
—The House of Windsor—
All the Queen’s forces and all the Queen’s men – PART 1:
By Duke Mehal Rockefeller:
PART 2 Tomorrow:
PART 3 at the Weekend:
PART 4 The ANNUNAKI at the Weekend:
Downfall of the British Monarch and Empire—Historical Rewrite  Windsor_Castle_from_the_Air_wideangle.jpg?zoom=1
Highlights for Reference: by Dave Stewart: Some Photos added:
1) When looking into the Windsors background behind the facade the Brother hood Agenda and Black Nobility Bloodline is  very bleak.
2) The Signing in Ceremony of Elizabeth II was June 2nd 1953 and all regalia were taken form the Tower of London and  kept under Westminster Abbey In the House of Jerusalem.
3) Westminster Abbey Built 1065. William the Conqueror then conquered England under the instructions of Black Nobility of Venice 1066.
4) The Ceremony was steeped in reptilian-Aryan tradition even the stone she sat on was stolen in 1246 From Scotland, meant for Ireland from Israel via Egypt known as Jacob’s Pillow.
5) The Windsors are of a Black Nobility bloodline of the Brotherhood, and the Queen was crowned in the Brotherhood ceremony inside a Brotherhood temple.  
6) Philips Nazi Roots and the British King, Edward VIII, was also a Nazi supporter and Philip maintained communications with him after his forced abdication in 1936.
7)  Nineteen presidents of the United States have also been related to Edward III and thus the line of Prince Charles.
8) The Queen Mother, formerly Lady Elizabeth (El-lizard-birth, El-lizard-birth) Bowes-Lyon, comes from a lineage seriously Brotherhood-reptilian Scottish aristocratic family.
9) If the Nation wakes up to the theft of 300 palaces and 20,000 bits of priceless artwork from other Black Nobility
10) The Queen owns Virginia Company and assumes vast wealth from USA citizens retrospectively and it does not stop there.
11) It is forbidden to mention the queens wealth in parliament:
12) Delta Airlines : Notice the name, too. Delta (the triangle or pyramid) is a major symbol which is why the U.S. military unit elite is called Delta Force. Formation of the Chinese TRIAD, Trilateral commission ETC ETC.
13) The British Crown still owns America (possibly on behalf of the Vatican) and, with the London-based Brotherhood, he Pornography collection in Congess is known as Delta.
14) More than 500 foreign banks have offices in the City of London and in 1993 UK-based banks accounted for 16% of the global lending, a staggering figure for these small islands. The interlocking directorships between these banks and businesses are simply breathtaking.
15)  Add to that the control of the media via organizations such as the BBC, the Reuters news agency, Hollinger Inc., Thomson, News Corporation, Pearson, Reed Elsevier, the Washington Post, New York Times, NBC, CBS, ABC , etc., etc
16)  They are related to all the titled criminals who are stealing the planet and causing death, destruction and misery all over the world. If you are British or Commonwealth  You are paying for all of this:
Downfall of the British Monarch and Empire—Historical Rewrite  Paedophilia_child_sacrifice.jpg?zoom=1
(As Sync Said It Would Previously)
Part 1 By Duke Mehal Rockefeller:
All the Queens Horses and All the Queens Men: Part 1
In many ways, the House of Windsor condenses almost every element of this story. Son of a Black Nobility bloodline who are knowingly working to the Brotherhood Agenda and when you look behind the facade what you find is indeed very bleak. The Windsors are the most prominent reptilian family on the planet and operate in the heart of the global manipulation. There are “messengers” of a class and not the top of the pyramid, but are near to those who are.
The very coronation of the British monarch shows the true background to the Windsors and their predecessors. When she was crowned Queen Elizabeth II on June 2, 1953, all the regalia of the ceremony, the crowns, scepters, robes, sphere and bracelets, were taken from the Tower of London and kept at night in the House of Jerusalem in Westminster Abbey.
This chamber is where the scholars met to translate the “authorized version” of the King James Bible under the overall supervision of Sir Francis Bacon and Robert Fludd, the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion ( Priory of Sion ). The British royal family still holds the copyright for this!. The Jerusalem Chamber is lined with cedar wood brought from the Lebanon because that was the wood said that was used to build the Temple of Solomon.
The tapestry in the chamber depicts the Judgment of Solomon. Westminster Abbey, the “catholic church”, is in fact a Pagan temple. Even the floor is made of black and white squares like a Freemasonic temple.
In the beginning of the ceremony in 1953, the Queen sat on the Coronation Chair and under her bum was the Stone of Destiny which Edward I had stolen from the Abbey of Scone (pronounced “SCUN”) in Scotland in 1246. The Stone was supposed to have been brought to Ireland from Israel via Egypt and is also known as the Pillar or Jacob’s Pillow. I think the basic issue that is correct, but there is much more to know about the detail and its true meaning.
The Archbishop of Canterbury turned to the north, south, east, and west (the four points of the Pagan cross) and the congregation shouted “God save the Queen”. This was symbolic of the story in the Old Testament describing the crowning of ‘Saul’ as King of Israel when people shouted “God save the King”. This cry can be found eight times in the Old Testament when the Kings of Israel are crowned. The Queen sat on the Coronation Chair holding the Egyptian symbols, a scepter and a rod. On top of the scepter is the Maltese Cross and on the rod there is a dove.
She also later holds an orb with a Maltese cross on top, the same as those used by the Dutch wing of the Black Nobility ( Black Nobility ). Babylon is now London and Queen Elizabeth is seen by the Brotherhood as a symbolic successor to the legendary founder of Babylon, Queen Semiramis, who was symbolized as a ‘dove’. The Queen was also anointed with oil at their coronation, the ancient tradition Aryan and reptile-Aryan that goes back thousands of years. The word “Christ” means “anointed”.
Please read on at Syncrenicity.com…

Thanks to: http://2012thebigpicture.wordpress.com


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