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Joy – The Simple Path to Ascension

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1 Joy – The Simple Path to Ascension on Wed Nov 27, 2013 5:01 pm


Joy – The Simple Path to Ascension

Nov 27

Posted by Wes Annac

Written by Brother Dave – Shak’ta’i | Thanks to:

P1000618 - Version 2

My dear brothers and sisters in the light.

It has been a while since I have written yet this evening I am filled with what has been a growing urge and expression that is to be shared. I have among the many human life diversions and activities been spending some time contemplating the energies and nature of Ascension as well as seeking to further understand the myriad and infinite energies of the Angelics, a matter of great personal interest.

As I have written before, my perception of Ascension is not a goal that is to be reached, but an ongoing process to be lived. In the course of the process however there are periods of slow progression, in some cases perhaps even a slowing to near stillness or what some, of 3D (3 dimensional) mind may even see as regression relative to where they think they want to be or should be, and then rapid progression and expansion. I see these wonderful times as the later, a period when humanity, the earth and all involved have a great opportunity for rapid expression and expansion of understanding that is so dramatic as to see to be an event on to itself. In the end however it is just part of a much greater and infinite process of progression. For humanity and the 3D experience we have all shared, it is quite dramatic and for many who struggle with concepts of infinity andboundless love, and who cling strongly to concepts such as time, space and linear thinking, it can appear as a tremendous challenge. Note I say “appear” but such appearances are illusions.

One energy theme or sensation however has been recurring time and time again recently, especially as pertains to the Angelic energies I have been experiencing. We often speak of the wondrous and infinite nature of love, especially creator’s love that lives within each and every spark of creation, but from a 3D mind that is focused in the illusions of time and space, it may seem challenging to express these infinite concepts of love within the 3D experience. What I have noticed in my interactions with my Angelic brother and sisters, and I have noticed this as in relation to 3D mind, is one particular energy that stands out constantly as an act of expression. JOY!

The Angels seem to fill every thought, message, expression and celebration with unbounded JOY. And while every angel has their unique expressions, they all seem to share unlimited JOY and celebration of life everywhere, all the time. In fact I can’t think of a single Angel that didn’t just seem to be bubbling over with JOY, even if addressing what we might think of as serious matters. Joy seems to be the natural state of Angels and little children.

Love is infinite but JOY is the active expression of love within our experiences regardless of how else we may find ourselves held back in understanding. JOY can be experienced at any level of being, in any moment of being, with any understanding of being. It is an active principle that we each have the capacity to invoke, at any moment of our lives, regardless of the conditions or experiences we face. All we have to do is be Joyful about something, anything. It may start with gratitude or it may start with understanding or it may start out of a need to set aside the trials of our experience for a few moments, but JOY is always available to us in any moment of our being despite any challenges we endure. And the ways of expressing JOY are as infinite as our souls.

Within my awareness of the Angelic energies and ever-present when I call upon Angels I find always the energy of JOY. It is as though their very essence, thoughts and being are focused upon a constant state of JOY and celebration. Even when they speak to us, guide us, help us in times of trial or are just near to comfort us (whether we ask or not) they always seem to radiate this powerful energy of JOY filled living.

I recall the words of a certain great master and spiritual teacher (you may call him by any name you know him) who spoke and said, except you become as a little child, you may not enter the kingdom of heaven (Ascend). So what is the quality of the child we must have to Ascend, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? JOY. Children who have not been taught to give up their JOY forever amaze me. Their constant marveling at life, their playfulness, their singing and dancing and even outright silliness are all JOY filled expressions of their souls. Even in what would seem the darkest and most difficult of times they find a way to express JOY, at least until someone teaches them to “not” do so. And so it is also with the Angels.

JOY can be expressed in myriad ways without limitation. A musician writes a song, a singer sings the song, a drummer plays the drums, a dancer dances to the music, a child laughs, a dog barks with the laughing child, another child dances, and everyone dances with the child. An artist creates the colors and patterns that go with the music, the singing, the dancing, the children, the animals, and on and on and on it goes. There is a multitude of Joy-filled expressions always available to us. We can joke, we can sing, we can dance, we can create, we can cook, we can build, we can play, we can swim, we can do anything that brings out this magical quality of JOY.

And do you want to know a secret, that really isn’t a secret? When you sing, the angels sing with you, when you dance, the angels dance with you, when you play, the angels play with you. This is what all the little children know until they are taught to forget.

We can study, talk, theorize, and go on and on about ascension, but with all the love, and all the knowledge, we still cannot move forward. JOY is the catalyst, it is the energy of celebration that carries us beyond our 3D mental limitations to a place where there is no limitation. JOY is not theoretical, nor is it subtle, it is an active, uplifting act of expression that carries us beyond all thoughts of limitation, even if only for a short time.

Look even to your histories my brothers and sisters. Look and see how even in the hardest times, where the people could find JOY even for a few moments of each day, they survived. Look to your history and look at those who seek to suppress others and what is the first thing, the one thing they strive to eliminate more than any other? JOY and Joy filled action.

And what is the thing you need most of all to Ascend, to enter the “Kingdom of Heaven”? - JOY -

There is much written about ascension, about new age, about a new time of understanding and being, but to get there, we must release all of our old burdens, fears and mislabeled personas and ideas. My brothers and sisters of light I ask this day that you sing with me. Dance with me. Create with me. Celebrate life with me. Though physically we may be separated, spiritually we are bound together by our JOY. It matters not our race, creed, color, nation, politics, religion or anything else. When we are in a state of JOY filled living, JOY filled being, we are all one family. And despite our many perceptions on many different matters and way of being, we are always joined together when we are in a state of JOY filled being.

JOY to the World.

My brothers and sisters what will you do know? Will you choose to do something “JOY filled” or will you just simply close this page and walk away or maybe post something to your facebook or just say, “that was nice” and then return to your everyday life?

Sing with me, dance with me, paint, draw, cook, laugh, hug or kiss some one, eat a slice of pie or a bowl of ice cream savoring every delicious flavor of its essence, write a poem or a book. Listen to your favorite JOY-filled music or watch your favorite JOY-filled movie. Find something, anything that reaches deep into your soul and pulls out the essence of JOY and expresses it actively within you and your life. Do something, do anything just let it be JOY-filled.

Tonight, I sing with you, tonight I dance with you. Tonight I celebrate all life with you. Tonight I fill my being with the JOY of all that I love, and I share and celebrate it with any and all who wish to also celebrate with me.

My dear brother’s and sisters. I say to you in truth and with absolute certainty that Ascension is easy. Just be JOY-filled with whatever you do and your way is certain, each according to their desire and readiness. You can do it by yourself, or with your pet. You can do it with your children or your lover. You can do it with the Angels themselves and even with Creator. You can do it now and always.

Joyfully know that now is the time and you are ready and worthy. Fill your life with whatever JOY-Filled expressions complete you and lift you up. Tonight, tomorrow and every moment this day forward.

Ascension is a process, not a moment, not an event. A process of living and loving in a JOY filled manner. Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the music (within). And the heavens are JOY-fully celebrating with you.

JOY, the magic elixir of little children and Angels. It is yours for a song, or a dance, or a smile or … well just anything that is JOY-filled.

In Joyous love and truth and celebration of your infinite being along with choirs of angels.

Your brother in light, love and angelic Joy – David

P.S. I have also found JOY ever present in the expressions of Gaia, Earth Mother and many other Universal and Galactic expressions. It also is found to be highly prevalent in extra-terresitrial cultures and societies. In fact it just seems to be everywhere there is enlightenment and Love.

Thanks to:


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