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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » "Just watching Fox News, they just did a piece on a guy who was going around leaving hugh tips to pay it forward! He told a bartender he had done well for himself, and this was his way to pay it forward!!! With a 500.00 + bar tab one night"

"Just watching Fox News, they just did a piece on a guy who was going around leaving hugh tips to pay it forward! He told a bartender he had done well for himself, and this was his way to pay it forward!!! With a 500.00 + bar tab one night"

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News, Rumors, and Opinions Thursday Afternoon


[okrocks] here is a video snippit with JLew
and article - Treasury Chief to Declare Big Gains in Financial Reform

SherlockDinar: The Goat window is now open and the DC guy window is about to expire?

Woman surprises town with Millions....Cover story: Here ya go, just change the names to protect the guilty.

[okrocks] On the 5th day of Christmas my banker gave to me a a great big wonderful rv :)

[wantingfreedom] okrocks I like that!!!!....

[cal] Good morning TNT dinarian family!Just watching Fox News, they just did a piece on a guy who was going around leaving hugh tips to pay it forward! He told a bartender he had done well for himself, and this was his way to pay it forward!!! With a 500.00 + bar tab one night, he left the bartender 5000.00. Using a Black card, he signed the credit slip "Tips for Jesus" I just wonder if he had not been listening to Tony's calls, and maybe one of the ones who has exchanged already!?! Come on RV!!!

[mort] here is my take on this & why it hasn't happened YET...I think that the usa is letting certain people, groups, famlies etc cash in because the usa wants to get as many oil credits as possible, because thats huge cash in the banks for them and there is a certain amount they want to hit,

when it hits that number they will release the #800 numbers, because if you think about it, if they release the #800 numbers and many will go back to the dealers if they are close to the rate we are suppose to get at the banks, they will cash in with the dealers, why would you go pick up the dinar, dong etc. Up, when you can just have the money wired into your accounts,

therefore they will lose all those oil credits, because the dealers will just cash them in where they bought them from in iraq! They know when they hit the amount of oil credits they need, when they give out the #800 numbers, then they will get many more oil credits on top of what they already have, which means a lot more money in the bank,

but, they just want to make sure their goal is meant on the oil credits they need to make this happen for the usa! So i think we are at that mark of oil credits the usa needs and we will now see the #800 released! Just my thoughts which makes a lot of sense!!

[teochi] mort thanks, that makes as much sense as anything I have heard in so far as to the possible delay, thank you

[kogarris] It will come without ribbons, it will come without tags or bows, the RV will come; when no one really knows.. but come it will like a blast on the chat .. no need to worry , no need to beg,, check in the mirror that you look really good, cause they expect you to look like someone important should. So get plenty of rest I beg, cause when you enter the bank you must look your best

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