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1 MOUNTAIN GOAT UPDATE on Sun Dec 08, 2013 9:06 pm



from Mnt goat

Hi Everyone,
Today is Sunday 12/8 and at the end of the latest timeframe given to me by my contacts. Again I can only relay to you what is being told me and so I too I am disappointed that we have not yet seen the activation of the rates and the 800#s for us at the bank. I was told to be patient that the “privileged” class of our society must first exchange and then “we the people” come next. This exchanging continues today.
Wait just one second !
I thought “we the people” fought a revolution against these “privileged” class of people so we can make our own decisions (called democracy) and no longer be manipulated by the elite? Look at the preamble to the revolutionary war as far back as 1754 with the French and Indian war and then the Sugar rebellion, the Stamp act, the Townshend Act, the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, the first Continental Congress being established and then finally the adoption on July 4th 1776 of the Declaration of Independence. Did I mention all the brave souls lost in WWI, WWII, the Korean and Vietnam conflicts and a multitude of covert operations over the years culminated with the first and second Iraq Wars. What the heck did we fight all these wars over if it was not for our freedoms and our ability to govern ourselves?
I know you all now must be thinking what is mnt goat up to today. Is this a history lesson? Is she trying to start of new revolution? No to both of these questions. However I do think perhaps at times we need to take step back and see what the USA stands for. We need to look at the past history and contemplate now on what is going on today in holding up the activation of these new rates. I am not emailing this news today to call anyone a liar or corrupt. I am simply going to tell my story, ask a lot of questions and then you can decide. Just remember this – if it looks like a wolf, smells like a wolf and behaves like a wolf, then it’s not a sheep in wolfs’s a wolf !
Do you really, really want to know what is going on ? For me it would be very difficult to explain in any words other than to now tell the truth today in the form of a short story. Yes – I said I am going to spill the beans and let you know exactly what is going on behind the scenes. Through my intellingence connections I am vey clsoe to this. My story may not seem pretty and for sure I feel there is much monkey business going on. Like you, I have been very patient and now is certainly not the time to get discouraged or act irrational. But it is time to listen to the truth and I am going to tell you the truth. I am doing this not because I want to cause delays or people to act crazy. In fact I hope it has just the opposite effect.
Let me then ask you one more question. Do you believe we already have a one world government? Just look around on the stalling of the rollout of the activation of this final step of the Iraq revaluation. Who is the IMF and what is their global role? What is now going on giving with these delays give you the warm feeling that this central global monetary policy maker (the IMF) can be trusted? Is this the kind of global governance we all desire? Keep all these questions in mind as I now tell you my story as today’s news.
Today's News
Three years ago in 2010 maybe 1 million citizens in the USA knew about the Iraq dinar and its potential as an investment for the future. They knew that if they held on to the currency long enough that someday it had to go back at lease to the value of pre-Saddam era and maybe even rise in value to 3000:1.
As they began to tell friends and other family members about it the list of owners soon grew to over 3 million by end of 2011. The list now includes over 5-6 million owners of the Iraq dinar nearing the end of 2013. Are you one of these people who personally tried to convince someone else the future potential of owning these 3 zero notes? How many people did you tell the Dinar 101 class to before you finally said - the hell with it and gave up on people? Rejection was very high.
Soon you realized that this investment was for some and not meant for others to partake no matter what. It is kind of like a spiritual it not? We all have a few extra bucks to spare each month so not having money to buy then is hardly a sound reason. I got this reason from so many people, yet I saw these same people go out and buy a new car, new furniture or take a vacation. For if there is a will there is always a way!
I personally had to “trick” some of my friends into purchasing them telling them it already RV’d. They then rushed out and purchased some (kind of weird they would then do this?), of course still at the 1166 rate at the time. They then came back and told me about this and were so happy when I told them I made a mistake that in fact it had not RV’d. Has this happened to you too? I bet the ratio of those you talked to and those that actually purchased dinar is something around 100 to 10. Am I close?
Most people that are not long time, true investors miss the real point of a good investment - that is buy extremely low with potential to go extremely high. Instead they miss this point and think of a guaranteed investment is one when the price begins to climb and this is the time to buy in. Same mistake they make over and over again and wonder why their returns are minimal. It also cost lots more to buy in on the way up then id did rock bottom. More shares means more profit per share later. By the way your 401k plans do exactly the same thing. They buy on the way up. Do you understand how people use this same irrational behavior in their investing also when deciding when to invest in the Iraq dinar? Basically the dinar rate stayed low so they stayed away. They refused to see you Dinar 101 point of view when you told them about this investment. Am I hitting the hammer right on the nose?
So now having said all this – let me explain the heart of my story by reversing some items in this story so far and then retelling the story over again. What if you were a congressman and you just exchanged early as part of this privileged class of people that we are now hearing about. You must have had to sign an NDA? No, Yes? So now you go and tell your family members about this investment. See anything wrong so far? They then tell their friends and then they tell their friends...etc...etc. Now here is the difference in the Dinar 101 class I told to my friends above and the one you are telling as the hypothetical privileged one to your friends.
Now as a hypothetical Congressman (or any of the privileged families) you tell your friends the new elite Dinar 101 storyas- “I just exchanged my dinar and my money is in the bank. You should go out and buy some dinar while the rate is still low (1166) and you too can exchange early before the rate goes up. You are part of the privileged. Just tell them Joe sent you! You can buy today and cash out’s a sure thing....guaranteed....hurry before they open this up to the general public”
Having said this we know that once the general public, meaning you and me get our share our friends can no longer purchase at the low rate of 1166 but the elite can. We can’t tell them this story. How is this? Why can’t we engage our families and friends to purchase and tell them this version of the Dinar 101 story? Why canWe can’t cause when we do finally exchange it will only be after the rate goes up to the international rate. Our friends won’t be able to afford it and even if they could why would they buy it? I only ask you now - Is this fair. Is this corrupt? Is this democracy? Who the heck are these people that they can do this? This is manipulating the market since they are in a political position to vote for policy mak...
[6:07:44 PM] Rene': I don’t care what sheeps clothing you are wearing. It is ethically wrong, morally wrong and spiritually wrong.! And it is politically wrong too in 2016....hint..hint..hint... By the way this type of corruption is exactly what caused the 2008 mortgage crisis which led to the eventual snowballing financial downturn effects globally. I thought this is the kind of behavior they wanted to correct? Sure they tried to blame the mortgage crisis on the common person. They tried to create sentiment against the general public and called us all idiots for buying mortgages we could not afford. It was all our fault.. We wer the dummies. Really?
Well who the heck set up the process in the first place and allowed it to happen? Was this intentional? Who also in the long run made billions and billions on refinancing, mortgage fees, points, and mortgage brokering to these bad security portfolios. Then when the economy dunked and the scam fell apart they went into our treasury (or borrowed from the Feds, yet another scam) and took billions more to compensate these same corrupt crooks for any money they lost in the aftermath (consequences) of this corruption. Is this honest and fair?
People...wake up ! It is happening again right in front of our noses with this Iraq dinar early exchange process. This situation will only worsen and will become public very soon if this does not stop. I am not saying I am going to make it public but there are many grumblings and many influenced people who do not like what is now going on with these “privileged” and the allowance of this to continue in the realm of yet more family, more close friends and now more distant friends buying and exchanging. When will it stop? Is enough ,,,enough? When will it all end?
It is now December 8th. Will we have money now in time even to make a difference in the economy by all our Christmas shopping? How greedy are they?
Peace and Luv to ya,
mnt goat

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