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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » INFORMATIVE GUIDES FOR THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS » Cobra : THE EVENT : Please vote on The Event Now : A) Yes The Event Now : or B) Maybe Later To save lives : It is your call :

Cobra : THE EVENT : Please vote on The Event Now : A) Yes The Event Now : or B) Maybe Later To save lives : It is your call :

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Cobra : THE EVENT : Please vote on The Event Now : A) Yes The Event Now : or B) Maybe Later To save lives : It is your call :
Cobra is asking you to vote on his website  for the Event and you have just  11 days to do more of your own research and vote to  make your mind up and vote on his site here :
Please go to Portal 2012 site in link above to cast your vote at the  top Right slot of his site:
A) That you Want the event to happen now and take the risk :
B) or the second choice is to delay it for safety for other peoples sakes: 
My comments :  
Critical mass in Dec 2012 was 144,000

The Oneness University in India has the following count of Global awareness today: 
People awakened stands now at 1,516,000
People Living in the Presence 1,910,000
People in awakened states is now 710,000,000
People in the presence now 910,000,000
The Event could trigger world wide chaos from those persons who hove no idea about the event and  that do not understand it which could have an effect which could cost lives due to Global panic and violence from the upheaval:
So on a safer view one would delay the event to prevent bringing certain death to many people globally due to the low percentage of people who have woken and understand the desperate con game we are all apart of:
My point for going for the event now is because Just like the Philippines as a great example : They bomb the place with dirty weather weapons and send GMO’s in there and Vaccinations to kill more people and start a land grab :
This despicable behavior by the Illuminati Jesuit faction of the Sabbatean mafia that rule over our finances  must stop but it continues unabated and again The local people are oblivious to the crime been perpetrated on them by a thug rule satanic system of secret agendas.
By indicating the event to go now could mean violence in the streets but not on a scale of what is happening in Mali, Pakistan, India, Syria, Lebanon and many many more countries.
Meanwhile in the West we are constantly bombarded by our own Chem-trail weapons: Lines in the sky and the persistent mass slaughter globally of Whales, Dolphins, Birds, Fish and Cattle which are literally been fried alive in a giant Microwave called HAARP which has been around for more than 22 years now all over the globe and out in space:
Should the event happen now ?:
The Royal Peadophile Households and governments of our worlds plus all religious indoctrinated institutes would cease trading in Drugs and Kids immediately and the saving in Snatched children by the Social Services who are run by these Royal Thugs would cease almost immediately.
Whilst every Royal Household and Rothschild Investments group and The Oppenheimer’s  own all the Gold, Oil and Drug corporations  in the world who bail out the Vatican Banks so that they can pay the Jesuit Bloodline Global Mafia Families like the Breakspear’s Aldobraldini’s Percy’s and Borge’s and Farnese & Orsini’s etc:  You can see that free energy will never be released, as there is simply no profit in it or open  incentives.
My final reason for wanting the Event now : It to shutdown all the other Satanic places of worship that breeds Mind Control :
Then we would get some decent news for a change:
The TV’s run all the illegal Charities like Save the children fund which is behind child snatching (Jimmy  Savile was a patron)
Plus Greanpeace The Red Cross and WWF which are all Royal Run Scams that use the money to fuel wars:
Plus we have to eat GMO’s and fluoridated Water and poison in our Pharmaceuticals.
Dont forget They even have death squads in Hospitals now  which are actively closing out peoples lives to save on pension payouts:
Plus we have HAARP and Fracking :
Victory of the light NOW: 
Cast your vote for the Event here :  YOU HAVE 11 days from the 9th of December 2013:
In Light 

Thanks to:


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