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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » CURRENCY RV & GURU INFO » "On Dec 28 Iraq becomes a member of the WTO and to do so must have an international currency. Fourteen days prior to that the currency must be tradeable":Loechin

"On Dec 28 Iraq becomes a member of the WTO and to do so must have an international currency. Fourteen days prior to that the currency must be tradeable":Loechin

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

[loechin] We have to look at facts guys. You know that stop hanging on calls gurus and what is posted and look at facts

[goldstandard] loechin can you tell us what the facts are?

[okrocks] loechin ok, what are the facts?

[loechin] On Dec 28 Iraq becomes a member of the WTO and to do so must have an international currency. Fourteen days prior to that the currency must be tradeable. Hint do the math

[kogarris] loechin thank you Loechn.. I had already determined that this am. ....the 15th is the deadline!!!.. RIGHT

[lizardlips] loechin The 14 day window ahead of the WTO is around the 15th... and for us Saturday...

[brownbear] loechin : Ahhhhhh, It is all clear now. Very simple when you know the facts! Thank you!

[loechin] All I'm saying is look at hard facts guys

[loechin] Intel does not always add up so follow the facts as we know them

[loechin] OK someone can say its tonight then if it does not happen everyone is down but if we look at something that is news then we have something that can be factual

[okrocks] from now til the 14th so there you go...

thevazrpb] Everyone on this ride should know by now that not all of the rules apply to this game... seems that they make rules and ignore rules as needed... proof in point,,,Iraq is now trading in county at $3.44 and it is not posted on the cbi website ... or anywhere else... my guess is they can allow them to joint wto at any time after they have a tradable currency... even if it's one day prior ... jmo

[okrocks] OK the 29th is when they meet with WTO so the 28th is the last day before they meet... they have to be tradeable at LEAST for 14 days prior... does not mean they have to wait until the 14th can be any day before then... then add in the US/IMF power and the fact they are going on vacation come Friday... the stress is on these last hours to get this done NOW...

[goldstandard] Well if what Loechin says is true, it gives us nine whole days to shop for whatever is left on the shelves in stores. Whoooo whooooo.

Posted by John MacHaffie at 9:41 AM

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