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Out Of Mind » SCAMTASTIC RV/GCR NEWS - SHADY CHARACTERS, CHARLETONS & THOSE DETERMINED TO STOP THEM! » Dave Schmidt » Dave Schmidt Offers Possible Explanation For RV Delay

Dave Schmidt Offers Possible Explanation For RV Delay

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Dave Schmidt Offers Possible Explanation For RV Delay

BRYAN:  Possible explanation for delay from a former state senator {Dave Schmidt}    This is a logical and satisfactory explanation to me. 8 minutes. Speculation a couple of minutes in.  

Video can be viewed from next page  Thank You  Recaps Team

WhoopWhoop:   Although I appreciate his opinion and believe that there are money people in the back ground, I don't believe his take on it. I believe this is all part of their big plan to capture more wealth and we just happened to get on the right train for whatever reason got you here.

These people make money in both directions when most lose they win when some win they win.  Think about it like this, it is the biggest insider trading scam in history and heres why.
Read More Link On Right
WhoopWhoop Continues:  They knew this was going to happen thats why we can buy this currency, we cant buy a cuban cigar but we can purchase this currency, there is a reason, the reason is simple it was their plan all along to use this currency for their purpose.  You have to understand they know the moves before they happen, no one is going to arrest these people period!

These people will get out of the dollar then heavily invest in the coming planned base currencies, be it the yuan or a multiple of currencies and they will ride out the plan making money while the average person sits by and struggles to make ends meat.  Why would they put themselves in jail?  
Why this RV hasn't happened yet I don't know, but I know it will happen, and I believe it will happen at the higher rate and this is why.  First off I've read lots of stuff about the "new" money system and that it will help control banking and protect us, i 'm calling BS!

It will simply be an illusion so we believe that and continue to let them fleece us.  It's like saying our government has our best interest at heart, as a former Marine I can assure you that is not the case they have THEIR best interest at heart Period!

As to the higher rate, think like this, if the government made a deal to get lets say 4000 dinars to, A dollar and struck a deal to use those dinars to purchase oil it may look something like this.

It costs say $2.40 to produce a barrel of sweet crude and if every dinar was worth say $3.44 and we made a deal to get say a barrel per dinar think about it.  Iraq makes the smaller  portion like a $1 but still trillions, but they have to pay us back for the war right.

So they make a small amount on the barrel, the US pays us say $35 their cost per barrel is now $38.44 for a barrel they can use or sell on the mmarket for $100 at a net profit of $61.56 per barrel making them Trillions in sales and in oil they dont have to pay full price for.

Why would they even let us be involved?  Fractionalized banking!  Let's say you deposit a $100 million before taxes they can loan a Billion dollars on your deposit they will make BILLIONS in interest on it, not to mention the taxes and the fact that 80% of the people that make money in this investment will be BROKE in 5 years.

I may be a little off but not by much my math may be a little off but it looks something like this because they will always make money and us being involved makes them more money us getting the higher rate makes them more money and they know they will get most of it back any way.

This isn't and NEVER was about us Tony has said it and said it this was and will always be about them and them controlling the wealth and making more.  

I can assure you of one thing this was a plan that was laid out along time ago and this is NOT the end game, it will happen again it may look different and many more will lose their lives like our warriors to amass their wealth.

But they will narrow the currencies like they did with the Euro and make tons more then maybe all the way down to one currency and make tons more, and we will continue to believe that they have our best interest at heart and THEY DO NOT!

Be smart, be patient and have a plan, move your money in to hard assets and help as many as you can.   Use their system to benefit you, to grow your wealth and minimize your liability, do not be afraid, be educated, dont be a statistic be the exception and the difference.  Good luck to you all and may you and you families be blessed and favored.  Whoop Whoop

BRYAN:  Possible explanation for delay from a former state senator    This is a logical and satisfactory explanation to me. 8 minutes. Speculation a couple of minutes in.
Hockeygirl:  He lost me at aliens. ;)

Globalbiz::  All I can say is; if this guy thinks the Cabal can/will be removed and white hats, white dragons...etc are setting up sting operations, he is in my opinion seriously delusional.

BRYAN:   globalbiz, You clearly are not aware of the bigger picture. There are trillion dollar lawsuits going on at this moment to cut of the money to the cabal which can be located in the public domain. Some of which are being coordinated by Neil Keenan.

The fact that you are unaware of societies - such as the White Dragon - does not make them non-existent.

If you believe that there are no Good Guys in the world, which are frequently referred to as 'White Hats' then there is clearly no hope for the future.

The 'White Hats' are those who see the problems of the world and are now taking action to rectify those problems. They are everywhere and they are growing in numbers every day.

It is all find and dandy to counter this by saying that God is going to save us and that part of it will be through the RV, but the hands of God are his people and if we are going to get help from others it will manifest through people.

So your criticism of someone who served in the Washington State senate and is also an ordained minister if I recall correctly based upon a limited understanding of what is going on in the world is not useful.

And hockeygirl. He said that he was testifying as an expert witness on government corruption so I am not sure that because it happens to be on a mainstream television program that also discusses the possibility of other life in the universe is assignation by association.

Ozark, as stated in the video Dave Schmidt has a weekly radio show which is usually a couple of hours long and frequently focuses on RV. He just happened to have the opportunity to go on television and mentioned it on the quick blurb that he put out on YouTube.

A lot of you are falling for the sucker play where when a criminal wants to hide something it discredits it by attaching words like 'alien' or 'conspiracy theory' to it and everyone is afraid to look at it because they are afraid that someone may associate them with it and consider them a kook.

We are so easily manipulated through tactics such as above. It is up to us if we want to continue fall for such deceptions or to not run from potentially enlightening information when someone cleverly tires to scare you away from it.   It’s a much bigger world out there than many suspect.

NJGungadin:  What if you were told all this was hatched way back in 1978, and the Iraq war was the trigger.It is now becoming clearer why they had to go to war before the UN report came out that year.

He is very correct in saying its the Cabal that is behind this. They have been behind all the wars for the last 125 years. Things like the TPP are also part of the big picture as is the undercurrent of conflict with China. TPP is chiefly being put into motion against China who are not staying in line.

In the midst of this so called coming together of the world for trade and prosperity of the masses why would China suddenly start laying claim to the South China sea and B-52 Bombers fly through the zone claimed by them. Does this look like a good start to the professed peaceful days ahead. Watch closely how things develop.

Ozark76 wrote: I hear what he's saying.... but it's encapsulated in a commercial about a TV show on aliens.

Dmagnet:  I understand what you are saying. I've read & listened to him a few times before. He normally is not promoting anything at all.

When I first read a post by him I "Googled" his name and he is the real deal and was not only a senator but held a seat with House of Representatives back in 1994. It appears he was accused of embezzling funds.

Nevertheless, this doesn't mean his information is incorrect. I've also considered that the PTB may have wanted to get him out of power and an accusation like this would have been the perfect way to do this. Not to mention it makes people question his integrity and his credibility.

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