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Prince Jesus Telling it like it is way back when

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greetings and salutations brothers and sisters,

Age of the Nazarenes - 23

1. In the year known as 36 CE,
2. Twelve hundred and thirty six years since the dawn of the Great Age,
3. Upon the 14th of March and the birthday of Jesus and Mithra,
4. Atop the Great Temple and Mint to Mithra in Jerusalem,
5. Prince Jesus as Pontifex Maximus and the Great Prophet of Yeb,
6. Did order criers to call out from the walls,
7. So that the tens of thousands of pilgrims below,
8. Could hear these words spoken by Jesus:
9. Fifty years it be since the Great Temple Mint of Mithra here in Jerusalem,
10. And the Great Temple Mint of Lucifer in Gaul were consecrated,
11. By my grandfather the Holly High King Cú-Roi(n) as the Great Prophet Adoniah,
12. And as the Pontifex Maximus and supreme priest of all of Rome.
13. Now I stand before you all upon this most sacred day to Mithra and upon the day of my birth,
14. Not only as Pontifex Maximus and the highest priest and custodian of sacred rights of heaven,
15. But as the steward of all the Yahudi diaspora and tribes as the Great Prophet of Yeb,
16. And as the master gold smith and master minter of all Holly (Cuilliaéan) coin.
17. For no lesser priests and their clerks and money lenders (bankers) may claim authority,
18. To bind men to debt and death oaths (mortgages) and servitude in the name of heaven,
19. Yet no force on earth can rightfully deny that it is I Jesus the son of Joseph,
20. Who holds the keys to the treasury of one heaven and no other.
21. Thus it be the law upon which this Great Temple be founded and the very foundations of Roman Law,
22. That when I speak in matters of rights and property claimed from heaven,
23. What I seal on earth shall be sealed in heaven and what I loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.
24. Therefore may all who have ears hear and all who have eyes see that you may bear witness,
25. To all peoples of all places and all cultures across the lands of Rome and beyond,
26. That no man may bear false witness now or into the future,
27. Against what you heard spoken here today as the word of law and the seal of heaven and earth.
28. Verily all men and women are born equal and without transgression or debt or obligation,
29. As the law forbids one be punished for the transgression of an ancestor or another.
30. Nor are men and women bound in death by the transgressions or debts of life,
31. For death is the ultimate settlement of all debts and transgressions.
32. Thus when a man dies so does his debts and obligations,
33. And a merchant or moneylender may not seize any property from the widow and her children,
34. For the merchant and money lender have no right to demand such settlement,
35. And a man have no right to pledge his family as surety.
36. Nor may a people be bound for the transgressions of their ancestors,
37. Or the cost of war or the demands for reparations by an invading army or payment for imprisonment,
38. For such false claims be both absurd and abhorrent before heaven.
39. Thus no son can be bound by the transgressions or obligations of the father,
40. For death and heaven have settled such debts that if a merchant or moneylender deny,
41. Then seize them for such fraud and offence against all Rule of Law.
42. As for those merchants and money lenders who now follow the false teachings of Rome,
43. In the absurd claims that there be no heaven or gods above us,
44. And that all ever written as to Rule of Law and Justice and Due Process be a myth,
45. For they claim to be men of reason and logic and intelligence,
46. When they are but nihilists and madmen and fools.
47. Woe unto you such purveyors of illness of the mind,
48. Who seek to control by trickery and confusion and deception,
49. By promising a life of pleasure and happiness without substance or conscience.
50. Verily such nihilists and tricksters repudiate the existence of the Divine,
51. Yet still rely upon the authority of the Divine for their office and law,
52. These madmen and liars deny the existence of heaven,
53. Yet depend upon the magic of money and blood curses and false vows,
54. To ply their trade in condemning men to servitude and a life of slavery.
55. Thus do not let not those who speak with illness of mind hide from the truth,
56. That the power and authority of the merchants and moneylenders,
57. Remains upon the foundations of these temples and its priests.
58. Verily men have made goods and grown food and traded with each other since the first cities,
59. And it be a sacred right of all men to be able to trade and exchange their goods and labor,
60. And it be a right of true law that men receive a fair price for their goods and labor,
61. And money be anything that people be willing to accepts as a means of fair exchange,
62. And the most important element to fair trade and price is trust.
63. Verily the only true capital is trust that the vow or oath of a man be true.
64. When trust is strong there be no need for the borrowings of bankers and priests,
65. As men can call upon the deepest supply of capital of good will of others to aid,
66. In helping build and grow and make objects and goods of value,
67. Knowing that after the harvest or the market day they shall be paid fairly for their labor.
68. But when men lose trust with one another they turn to the money of priests and bankers,
69. And replace true capital with false capital and bond themselves to curses.
70. Even the greediest of bankers do not know these truths for they seek ways to corrupt,
71. And call for the days when Coin was stamped and not moulded and uneven and not perfect.
72. They do not understand even in times of loss of trust and greater profits,
73. That their hold on power rests upon the sacred foundations of the creators of true coin.
74. A Coin is but a standard of measure and a unit of value and a means of exchange,
75. But when it can be clipped or rubbed (fractionalized) of uneven weight,
76. Or metals substituted so that it is not true gold or silver then it becomes worthless.
77. This is why the Cuilliaéan (Holly) invented standards of weight and measure,
78. That a true coin weigh not more or less than 432 grains and have three sides,
79. To end the madness of the bankers in destroying their own source of power,
80. And injuring the people through higher prices and unfair exchange.
81. Yet even the most perfect coin of a mint be worthless if people cannot work and trade.
82. Verily the only true money is the work and effort of men and women using their talents,
83. And the numbers in the ledgers of clerks and bankers be worthless,
84. If men and women refuse to give effort and energy to sustaining such numbers,
85. And if such numbers be written in bad faith or with any form of compound interest.
86. Truly there be few acts more wicked before heaven than a banker who adds his fee upon a debt,
87. Or charges interest that the debt owed continues to grow of its own accord.
88. A merchant or banker may demand the fee at the time of the loan and at no other.
89. Thus if a banker or merchant charge any interest or fee on a debt,
90. Have him seized as the worst of thieves and transgressors against the Rule of Law.
91. As for the payment of debts and honoring of such obligations,
92. Verily I say to you that a man is obliged to pay his debts in the same manner,
93. And to the same extent as the banker offers forgiveness and good faith.
94. Therefore a man is no more obliged to pay a banker as a pirate,
95. For by corrupt acts a merchant or banker forfeits protection of true law.
96. If a man enter into consensus then let there be proper terms and consideration,
97. That if another comes and demands payment he may respond in honor and agree,
98. That if such debt be through proper consensus and in good faith and good conscience,
99. He must pay or find the means to pay but if such proof be not provided,
100. Then such demand be that of a pirate or robber and a man be not obligated to pay,
101. Nor may he be bound into servitude upon such false premise.
102. Verily a Tax be nothing more than the threats of pirates and robbers,
103. And a Tax be the demands of merchants and bankers who protect themselves by mercenaries.
104. For a people have no obligation to pay the debts of others nor those that enslave them.
105. Truly the very word Tax is abhorrent before all heaven and the Divine Creator,
106. And no man or woman be bound to pay the ransom and threats of tyrants and thieves.
107. As for those who say such demands are for the common good and for roads and water,
108. I say to these weasels who speak for the corrupt merchants and bankers,
109. That any man or woman who uses the talents given unto them from heaven,
110. Who is baptized and takes up their cross to live honorably and respectfully,
111. Gives a thousand times more to the welfare of his community than any banker.
112. A society built upon true capital need not demand taxes but the good will of its people,
113. Who shall gladly contribute to its aid and benefit.
114. But a community enslaved by mercenaries and thieves and liars can only demand by force,
115. That the people pay that which they do not owe in defiance of heaven.
116. Verily any priest who says taxes are in honor of heaven is a liar and not a priest.
117. Therefore I say to all of you today before all of heaven and the Divine Creator,
118. With the full authority and seals of office that all death pledges (mortgages) are expunged,
119. For such agreements are forbidden before heaven and are repugnant to the Rule of Law.
120. Furthermore I say to you that all debts and bonds upon the demands of taxes are expunged,
121. And the ledgers and registers to be destroyed as sacrilegious books,
122. For no man owe even a single coin of tribute to those that enslave him,
123. As his obligations be first to himself and his family and secondly to his community.
124. To all those many hundreds of thousands enslaved by such false debts and taxes,
125. I say to all of you upon the memory of the true laws of Rome and heaven,
126. That slavery in all its forms and especially by debt is absolutely forbidden.
127. Therefore any man or woman or child bonded into slavery upon the ledgers of the temples,
128. Be now discharged and released from all such obligations and debts and emancipated.
129. Any merchant or land owner or banker or priest who then demands these people remain bound,
130. Is nothing more than a tyrant and such people nothing more than prisoners,
131. For no law in heaven or on earth permit such false imprisonment or slavery,
132. And when such people find their strength to rise up let them seek justice,
133. And overthrow such tyrants and slave masters for by the Rule of Law of heaven and earth,
134. Verily I say to you there was and is and has only ever been one law,
135. That no man is above the law and all are equal before it,
136. That no man or woman or child be bound as a slave,
137. And any such debts used to bind people have been expunged,
138. And all men and women are free to live according to their conscience,
139. Knowing they are loved by their Father of all Creation,
140. They are protected by their ancestors and the spirits of heaven,
141. That the world and the land and all its fruits are as much their inheritance.
142. Therefore be good and honorable stewards of the world and fear nothing.
143. For your Father shall never abandon you nor leave you without aid nor condemn you.
144. You are divine immortal spirits carnated in flesh. You can never die



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