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Out Of Mind » TRUTH IN CONSPIRACY THEORIES » CONSPIRACY & FALSE FLAG EVENTS: PAST & PRESENT » This is an EXTREMELY important article about the Jewish assault on America.

This is an EXTREMELY important article about the Jewish assault on America.

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This is an EXTREMELY important article about the Jewish assault on America.

Jim Stone, Dec 17 2013

The article linked above is a make or break for America. It´s damn near over, if it is not already. I have a question for the Jewish community - AFTER you destroy America and the rest of the free world, AFTER you poison the world with your virus inflicted nuclear disasters, destroy all the non-jewish children with brain eating vaccines which are also designed to permanently alter their DNA and make them inferior throughout all future generations, AFTER no one has any will to actually live because you have either wiped them out with the medical system or destroyed them in other ways, what kind of world will you have?

Your actions regarding the Japan disaster were inexcusable, yet it is obvious you intend to do more. And there is the level of your wisdom - you really don´t care about what the rest of us have as long as Israel is never touched by your actions, yet you forget that you live on the same planet and that you need to parasite suck on the "inferior" to even live at the quality of life the "inferior" built for themselves. When you are finished destroying the "inferior" people of this world in your quest for permanent "supremacy", you will have NO ONE to support you other than yourselves - the work of your own hands, and you will accomplish that with seeds you destroyed with GMO and a world you destroyed with nuclear disasters. THAT is not very wise, is it? Only your arrogance makes you blind to this future, your genetics give you an intelligence equal to the rest of us, it´s the arrogance that makes you short sighted and inferior.
For your information, your financial superiority gained by carefully calculated evil will do you NADA when you finish destroying the world you live in via your quest for permanent supremacy. It matters not that even the "poor" among you live very well in this moment when all of it is gained via the destruction and subjugation of others. When you finish destroying America, I am certain there will be another victim brainwashed into supporting you on time, but you are destroying ALL children in ALL places, you are sparing no one and this will lead to your downfall. Like it or not, you need to ride the backs of "inferior" people who are actually your equals to be where you are now, by destroying us you are only destroying yourself. Ignorance is a blissful road to nowhere, and unbridled arrogance will lead you to that destiny.
Don't fall for the "Fukushima reactors were poorly designed" B.S. being pushed to the forefront now

Everything being pushed to the forefront at this time is a bag of lies, and without fail omits key info, which is:
1. The Stuxnet virus was released in the facility. This is easily proven by the fact that the control room readouts remained normal while the entire facility was destroyed as well as the fact that it was found there a month earlier. It is nearly impossible to root out. It is not possible for a boiling water reactor, which operates at 550 farenheit to show normal temperature readings when it is boosted to over three thousand farenheit to melt it down. Stuxnet keeps the control room readouts normal while it receives remote commands to destroy everything, commands sent by the Israeli Defense forces over a totally unauthorized internet connection that was admitted to even in the Jerusalem Post.

Ignoring this aspect of the Fukushima disaster as ENE News and Rense do when it is so well known and was even reported in the Washington Times is an act of war by itself, because information superiority and the use of it to keep people ignorant to allow a subsequent attack is a cornerstone of warfare.
2. The generators never flooded AT ALL at reactors 5 and 6, where there were five perfectly working generators capable of feeding power to reactors 1-4, but despite having turned on automatically and never recieving an ounce of water because they were well out of reach of the tsunami, 4 out of 5 mysteriously shut off. The one that did not shut off was the ONLY ONE in the entire facility that was not connected to a Siemens Scada controller, which Stuxnet infects. But the Israelis did not need to worry about that lone generator, because it was hooked up to a transfer switch that used a Siemens scada controller, which kept it from sending power to reactors 1-4. Anyone who ignores this aspect of the Fukushima disaster the way ENE news does is a fraud, pure and simple
Off site power generators arrived at Fukushima on flat bed semi trucks within 8 hours of the tsunami, generators totally capable of giving the facility full back up power, but once again the switch gear which routes the power did not engage even after being replaced multiple times as technicians hunted for the problem, which in the end was Stuxnet infected Siemens Scada controllers which were part of the facility infrastructure and impossible to bypass on such short notice. Ignoring the fact that off site power was brought in LONG BEFORE anything really bad happened, only to not be allowed to connect by a resident virus is a FRAUD, and ENE knows this and pushes this fraud of "ignorance" every day they ignore this fact.

In addition to this, OFF SITE POWER WAS NEVER LOST. You heard that right. Fukushima had six incoming power feeds, one of which remained live throughout the entire disaster. But once again, the switch gear that was supposed to connect that source was controlled by Siemens Scada, infected by Stuxnet, and failed to function. The lights at Fuku should never have even blinked. It was not until after the disaster that this was discovered. Technicians just figured that since the transfer of power never happened, there was no power. THERE WAS.
I am calling only ENE on the carpet over this, because they KNOW, they are not stupid. Rense and Fuku diary might just be in the dark. I sort of doubt this with Rense though.
3. And obviously, the key that proves beyond all doubt that the entire Japan scenario was a false flag act of war is NO QUAKE DAMAGE AS THE TSUNAMI COMES IN, Folks, this is not rocket science - a 9.0 is an earthquake which creates at or near total destruction at distances up to 1000 kilometers from the epicenter. Lesser damage extends outward farther. Russia should have at least felt this, as well as China. China and Korea should have had serious damage as well. The quake is a paper thin lie taped together by the trust of a gullible public and ignoring the fact that the only damage was tsunami damage, which absent a sufficient earthquake could have only been caused by a tsunami nuke is a critical fail.
Causing people to look towards and blame Tepco, Japan, and G.E. for this disaster is the job of scammers such as Arnie Gundersen and his illustrious ENE News, a fraud that was launched 3 days after the explosion at reactor 3. ENE was NOT around before the Japan disaster, it is a propaganda outlet pure and simple. Arnie Gundersen IS SASKI.
The Fukushima report documents all of this far too clearly for Arnie, ENE, Rense and Fuku diary to miss, and there is no damn way any of those have not heard about this web site, especially with the wars Rense has fought over it. Rense flips out when my name is mentioned - WHY?

I am also going to call out Mike Rivero for what he posted today about G.E. being at fault, and to him I would like to explicitly state -
You have told the truth about Stuxnet. You are not totally technically stupid. How can you believe ANYONE who blames G.E. for the explosions when you yourself know for certain it was the Israelis that did this, and why did you post this latest round of FUKU nonsense? Even Alex Jones told the truth about Stuxnet. It's not that hard. You have yet to come out and say the quake did not happen, are you blind to this? Can't you watch a youtube video, any video of the tsunami and realize that no quake damage equals tsunami nuke? The seismograms are all on this site, as part of the Fuku report. Japanese seismologists also know this quake was B.S, but with the scamming ziopress and usurping NSA, the truth about this has become extremely difficult to get mass exposure for.
I will let you slide on Magna BSP, the nuke camera, and other aspects of this. You probably are not all that up on nuclear topics so you don't really know how impossible Fukushima was outside of a willful act of war. But it takes virtually nothing to watch a few of the tsunami videos, as the tsunami is coming in and ask WHY, in locations less than 30 miles from the "epicenter" of this 9.0 is there NOT A BIT OF QUAKE DAMAGE TO BE SEEN ANYWHERE? That alone ought to get you asking the truthfully hard questions about "what really happened" to Fukushima.
Here is an illustration of what happened to Fukushima with Stuxnet not explicitly mentioned because there are now several such U.S./Israeli industrial viruses that do the same thing to other systems. Scada was simply the first.
Blaming G.E. for Fuku is the equivalent of blaming Boeing for 9/11.

Posted by John MacHaffie at 10:09 AM

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