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Healing Crystals and Christmas

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1 Healing Crystals and Christmas on Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:26 pm


Healing Crystals and Christmas
article by Reiki Master Colleen Simmons
Christmas brings a mixed bag of joy, love, laughter, happiness, sadness, stress, overwork, depression and loneliness.
There is a feeling in the air at Christmas (a cliché) a higher vibration if you like. People are more friendly, even to strangers, they smile and nod where normally they would not even make eye contact. Feel-good movies appear on our TV screens, stores play Christmas carols you will hear people singing and humming as they shop. It's a great time of year for most of us.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could carry these feelings and actions with us throughout the year? We can do this. There are Crystals that help to instill the very things that make Christmas so special.
For those of us for whom Christmas is not so wonderful - the homeless, those with little or no money, the lonely, the depressed, those who are stressed and overworked this time of year can be their worst time.
Holiday Healing Stones

Hope & Compassion = white topaz, aventurine
Joy & Kindness = turquoise, jade
Love & Hope = rose quartz, moss agate
Sadness & Stress = amethyst, moonstone
Despair & Goodwill = chalcedony, copper

Create your own combinations from the stones below...
We can do practical things to help these people for example, donate food and money, try to bring about social change. BUT we can also do something else that is not quite so tangible. We can use the power of Crystal Healing to help those that want to be helped to improve the lives. You do not have to go to these people personally. You do not even have to know their names or faces, all you need to know is that you want to send them love happiness and joy.
You can use a single Crystal or you can use a Crystal Healing Grid (we use a number of Crystals to heal a number of things at once). I have listed below some crystals whose healing properties can be used to these purposes. You can also use these Crystals to help keep the best qualities of this time of year in your own lives as well.

These are just a few of the Healing Crystals that you can use for the above conditions. I do not want to make you feel guilty or sad or spoil Christmas in any way with this article - quite the contrary, I want to enhance all the positive feelings of love that you have at Christmas and all year and this can happen when we think of others and do something small that really does not cost us much in time or money.
For me Christmas is a time of Love, Hope the coming together of people everywhere. Christmas gives me great hope for the future, because if we can behave like this for a few days then we will eventually be like this all the time (I know people keep telling me that I am the supreme optimist but hey, we are all still here and the World is still turning).
I wish you and yours are safe happy and loving Christmas.
Love and light

More information on Crystal Healing Grid can be found at:[url= healing grid.html] healing grid.html[/url]
Colleen is author of the Crystal Vibration Series of Crystal Healing Books she is also a Crystal Master/Teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher.

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