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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Gotta read this one folks and pass it on..... Gingrich bouncing checks, filing bankruptcy and screwing small businesses.

Gotta read this one folks and pass it on..... Gingrich bouncing checks, filing bankruptcy and screwing small businesses.

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Gotta read this one folks and pass it on.....

Gingrich bouncing checks, filing bankruptcy and screwing small businesses.

Wow wee, say it ain’t so Newt! Tell me you aren’t screwing small businesses too dude!

Las Vegas Color Graphics is the recipient of an IOU from Eye-of-Newt. To the tune of $7500. But that isn’t the only small business Newt’s campaign has screwed:

In interviews with HuffPost, many vendors listed in Gingrich’s Federal Election Commission debt disclosures said they’re still waiting to be paid, weeks or months after finishing work. Several said they’ve been given the runaround by campaign officials as they’ve tried to collect. Gingrich has vowed to slog on with his debt-ridden campaign, despite having won a mere 136 delegates, leaving some vendors to wonder when they can expect their checks.

Though Gingrich has long held himself up as a paragon of fiscal responsibility, vendors that include Noiseworks Media have found that the former speaker’s campaign is apparently spending money it doesn’t have. Based in Coral Gables, Fla., Noiseworks produced a handful of television and radio spots for the campaign, in English as well as Spanish, that aired in Florida and Arizona leading up to those primaries. Disclosure forms peg Gingrich’s debt to Noiseworks at $10,500, but the firm’s director, Tere Gutierrez, said the tab is closer to $24,000. The firm fronted nearly half of that money to actors, makeup artists and other contractors that the firm needed for the production, Gutierrez said.

“It’s unusual that we don’t get paid — politicians are usually very good at that, they pay immediately,” said Gutierrez. But with the Gingrich campaign, “It’s getting from bad to worse. … It’s a lot of running around, ‘We’re going to get to you, we’re going to do a payment plan.’ We’re calling and emailing, calling and emailing, every day. And nothing.”

According to Gutierrez, Noiseworks had the choice to work for either Gingrich or frontrunner Mitt Romney. But like Larry Scheffler’s printing company, Noiseworks decided to do business with Gingrich because of a personal connection.

The owner of the Las Vegas graphics business says he would still vote for Eye-of-Newt over anyone else…oh, that’s rich! Talk about a dumbass..

Add to that one, the bouncer his campaign wrote to the state of Utah for a measly $500 bucks. That check was for the entry fee for the June election. From a Vanity Fair writeup:

Oh dear: the Newt Gingrich campaign has humiliatingly bounced a $500 check. The money, which he may not even have, was intended to save Gingrich a spot on the June 26th Utah primary. Psst! Gingrich! Romney is going to win Utah. We would urge Gingrich to use the $500 on something more practical: a Proenza Schouler continental wallet, in red, that he can mail to Juli Weiner, c/o Vanity Fair, for example. But, again, he may not even have the money. Keep saving, Newt! You’ll get that wallet someday.

“Our office immediately attempted to contact the campaign and the designated agent but no phone calls were returned,” Utah’s state election director told ABC News. “We also asked the state Republican Party to assist us, but they also could not get into communication with them.” Failing to return phone calls is known to be a 100-percent effective strategy in avoiding people to whom you owe money. There is also a possibility that the campaign did not return the call so to save money on the phone bill.

Plus his Center for Health Transformation (love the name Newt!) filed bankruptcy this past week, it’s the one he created as a..cough.. Think Tank on healthcare, per the NYT writeup:

A consulting company founded by Newt Gingrich filed for bankruptcy on Thursday, an apparent casualty of Mr. Gingrich’s stepping down from the business to run for the Republican presidential nomination.

The company, the Center for Health Transformation, charged up to $200,000 annually to big drug makers, insurance companies and hospitals for Mr. Gingrich’s advice, including what he had to say about working the corridors of Washington power, although Mr. Gingrich has insisted he was not a lobbyist.

The company, at its height, had offices in Washington, Atlanta and St. Louis, about three dozen employees and clients that included Novo Nordisk, the American Hospital Association and Microsoft.

Mr. Gingrich had previously reported a sizable financial stake: In a financial disclosure last year, he listed his largest asset as a promissory note worth $5 million to $25 million from the Gingrich Group, which said it does business as the Center for Health Transformation.


The bankruptcy filing, in federal court in Atlanta, listed liabilities of $1 million to $10 million owed to 50 to 99 creditors. Some positions Mr. Gingrich advocated after founding the center in 2003 proved out of step with the sharp turn by the Republican base against government spending. Mr. Gingrich, for instance, backed President George W. Bush’s expansion of Medicare to add a prescription drug benefit.

Damn, this guy is a certifiable deadbeat!

And he thinks he would make a great President…give me an effin break.

But gawd forbid a regular Jack or Jill do any of the above..or need a helping hand from the federal government..Newtie thinks that is just wrong!

Hypocritical f@#$ that he is.

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