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Steve Beckow: What’s Really Happening at Fukushima?

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Steve Beckow: What’s Really Happening at Fukushima?
Dec 22
Posted by Wes Annac
Steve Beckow: What’s Really Happening at Fukushima? Fuku1Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia,
A lot of concern is being generated around Fukushima.
Perhaps, to reassure ourselves and calm our fears, we can review some of the statements that our sources have made on the subject.
It’s a matter I questioned Archangel Michael about last month.
On Nov. 22, 2013 on An Hour with an Angel, he stated categorically “there will not be a meltdown. … Your star brothers and sisters are well positioned and on full alert not to allow such a disaster, an abomination of Gaia, to take place.”  (1) He added:
“Many things, some more dramatic — such as Fukushima — … are coming forth to clear some of the imbalance and the damage that has been done and created, not only to Gaia, but also to humanity and to the kingdoms as well.”  (2)
Matthew Ward in Nov. 2013 touched on some of the work of the galactics at the site.
“Other health-related questions are about the ‘radioactive water’ flowing from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear facility and the safety of food grown in the vicinity.
“Our space family’s few teams of four or five members each who are near the facility are working in tandem with crews in ships hovering overhead to reduce the water’s toxicity to the greatest extent possible.” (3)
Archangel Michael has also discussed the work going on. I asked him if the group of engineers working at the site were risking their lives to contain the leakage and he revealed that even celestials were overseeing the clean-up effort.
“There is a group of engineers, and technicians, so it is not simply a small contingent that have, in recognition of the serious nature and the further serious potential damage of these rods to exposure, who are taking it upon themselves — and when I say that, we mean that it is a volunteer exercise — that they will do this, complete this undertaking. …
“This group of volunteers is mightily assisted.
“And that is particularly under the auspices not only of myself but particularly of Archangels Jophiel and Uriel, with Archangel Raphael conducting much of the healing, not only of this landmass, of this site, but of the waters, working in tandem with the kingdoms and with Gaia herself.”
“Simply because we are not seen does not mean that we are not present.”  (4)
He revealed that the phasing out of nuclear facilities will not take place suddenly and dramatically as some sources have suggested, he said.
“The shutdown of all nuclear facilities would cause greater trepidation, greater fear, greater chaos. So that is not about to happen.
“Now, will there, over the next, oh, two to three years, be a complete switch in terms of how energy is generated and collected and dispersed upon the planet? Yes. But in terms of feeling that the switch has been turned off in this manner because of disaster? No, it will not take place.” (5)
Thus the fact that there is not a dramatic worldwide closure of nuclear facilities should not be taken as a sign that nothing is happening around nuclear reactors and energy.
One of the reasons the cabal protects the use of nuclear reactors is that they are classic producers of depleted-uranium for weapons. But the cabal has been largely neutralized and the omnicidal dangers of depleted uranium are becoming widely known.
The galactic force around the Earth has removed much of the depleted uranium from the air or else Gaia would for sure not have survived.
Archangel Michael discussed the matter with me in a personal reading on Aug. 6, 2013:
Archangel Michael: Chemtrails are in the same category … well, perhaps more vicious and violent, more assertive and aggressive … as the pollution of your oceans, your lakes, your rivers. And these are being neutralized one by one by one.
Steve Beckow: Right.
AAM: So know this and know that is being taken care of.
SB: I guess depleted uranium falls in that category too.
AAM: Oh, it most certainly does.
SB: If the galactics had not neutralized depleted uranium, would this planet have died?
AAM: Yes. Now let me explain. It is not just that she would have died. It would have been that her will to continue on would not have been there.
SB: Wow, eh? That serious.
AAM: Yes, that serious. (6)
Most of the coverage of the Fukushima disaster took place in 2011.  Perhaps we can also briefly review what was said then.
Hatonn came through Suzy Ward on April 24, 2011 to “assure you, the situation can and will be safely resolved and there will be NO long-term damage!” (7)
He reminded us that our scientists don’t have the knowledge, expertise or equipment to gauge what has happened at Fukushima or what will happen. Many of the reports of the extent of radiation or its long-term effects are not accurate.
“There is other widespread lack of knowledge about what is going on. Your scientists don’t know that Earth is orbiting in frequencies where radiation is fractured and less potent than registered by your instruments.
Naturally they aren’t calibrated to include factors not known there. Furthermore, differences in their precision are causing a range of readings and that’s creating confusion about what the radiation levels really are. The lowest readings are more reliable by our instruments, which do take into account that fracturing I mentioned.
“Also, most people who know we are around because our small ships often are visible do not know that when our technological gear is on the ground, we can dematerialize the reactors and nuclear waste and purify your polluted air, soil and water.
“Earth’s own phenomenal healing powers aren’t recognized either, so that isn’t in your scientific projections of the possible outcomes of this nuclear situation.”  (7)
Photo: Charts such as these have exaggerated the danger
Steve Beckow: What’s Really Happening at Fukushima? Fukushima
On another occasion, Hatonn repeated that our instruments tend to register higher levels than actually exist.
“We understand that right now the situation to many of you seems too serious to be corrected, but we assure you, it is not!
“The direst reports coming from the United States are with instruments that aren’t perfected to our standards and are registering higher levels than the actual.
“It doesn’t make sense that the level of radiation that has blown across the ocean is the same level as near the reactors.” (8)
He reminded us that “fear is the only worrisome part to us about this whole matter.” (9)
“Like attracts like, and the negative make-up of the dark ones is attracting the negative energy attachments of your fear.
“They’re using that to reinforce their strength and determination to keep fighting the light forces that you lightworkers are part of. Do not fall into that fear trap yourselves and dispel fear in others wherever you can!” (10)
He revealed why the galactics hadn’t simply landed and cleaned up the whole mess.
“Some of you are discouraged or disappointed because we haven’t landed to clean up the nuclear facility for once and for all. Yes, we could do that if we were on the ground, and the dark ones among you know this.
“They also know that once we land in numbers, all dark activity will come to an abrupt end. That’s why mercenaries and other troops under their control around the planet are on alert for ‘alien attack’ and ready to take heavy retaliatory measures.
“We can’t risk your safety or our crews’ by making public landings until that risk is over. We don’t know when that will be because it’s that fear thing again—as long as fear keeps refueling the darkness, that risk will remain.
“Your continued demands for safer sources of energy will end the reign of nuclear power. It always has been dangerous in lower density worlds and it isn’t needed in higher densities.
“Safe, dependable and clean energy technology has been suppressed by the people who make fortunes from nuclear power and fossil fuels—demand that those ‘new’ energy sources be put to use.” (11)
Even lightworkers, sometimes, give way to predictions of cataclysms. In March 2011, when the tsunami occurred, SaLuSa warned us that the dark would fan rumors:
“There will be rumours of catastrophic events as the dark Ones play upon people’s fears, but assure them that they are intended to distract them from the truth. Everything has been foreseen, and ordained in such a way that the effects will be limited.
“If there is doubt remember that Man could have destroyed the Earth on more than one occasion in the last century, yet it did not take place.” (12)
Matthew Ward went to lengths to reassure us on the matter.  Granted that some serious storms still occur, such as Typhoon Haiyan, there will be no planetary catastrophes in our future, Fukushima included, he said.
“Although we hope that none of you is apprehensive about the recent predictions of cataclysms, we shall tell you that there will be no 1000-foot tsunami; no celestial bodies will collide with Earth; radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant will not cause population extinction; no plague will annihilate most of the world’s peoples; living underground will not be necessary; the fight for freedom in Arab countries will not ignite WWIII.
“Your desires that none of those will occur are added to Earth’s intention that they will not, and the energy produced in the collective consciousness assures that none of those devastating events can be manifested.” (13)
There is much more that has been said about Fukushima and you can read about that in the excellent wiki that editor Brian maintains on all these subjects: (Thank you, Brian.)
Perhaps we can let SaLuSa have the last word. He regrets that only catastrophes seem to awaken humanity.
“It is sad that Man does not wake up until faced with a disaster, but if it can be a stepping stone to a new approach it might be looked upon as at least having a beneficial outcome.” (14)
To summarize, then, much of the alarm over Fukushima has come from our instruments being too primitive to reflect the real situation or the dark exaggerating it to cause fear.
No meltdown of Fukushima will occur but also no dramatic closure of nuclear facilities, lest that too cause an undesirable wave of fear. The galactics and celestials are working with ground crews to contain the damage and when they arrive the whole situation will be addressed once and for all.
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