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PostSubject: TNT DINAR SUNDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE   Sun Dec 22, 2013 8:52 pm



IT'S STILL GOING DOWN...........Its just taking longer than I was told or longer than they expected and surely longer than you want it to.  I have talked to several of our sources this morning and the biggest thing is nothing has changed since last night. They are still doing some minor clean up with legal issues and some personnel issues.  They were anticipating that all of this would be accomplished this morning.

The starting rate is still $32.+ and you are still eligible to receive it.  I have been informed of the latest scheduled start time (window of opportunity), but I will not be placing it here, because it is clear that some people cannot handle living in the real world.

I did receive some new information last night on the 800#s and how that system is supposed to work, but I will not be sharing it until I get the complete explanation.  I was looking for the numbers to be released early this morning and was informed that they will not be released until after the RV is in full effect (that means officially released in the U.S. by the UST.).

For those who don't know, let me remind you that this is a grownup site.  It is here for people who can handle living in the moment of a global restructuring of the financial system, can handle the hour by hour negotiation of several countries at the same time and more importantly the fact that they lie to each other and to us.  That's the way it has been, that's the way it is and that's the way it will always be.

By being here and going thru all of the BS that I have and that the MODS have, I was truly hoping that we could have and would have brought some level of knowledge to your world about global events, country to country politics and about the inner workings of your government that you did not know before.

I hope that you can take this time and the history of this event and apply it in a useful way with your new found riches.

The best is still yet to come..........


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