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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY ~ QUESTION EVERYTHING » KESHE FOUNDATION - SPACESHIP INSTITUTE » From Keshe: Fukushima farming land contamination: Give the Cesium back to plant in Fukushima

From Keshe: Fukushima farming land contamination: Give the Cesium back to plant in Fukushima

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From Keshe: Fukushima farming land contamination: Give the Cesium back to plant in Fukushima
Posted on December 28, 2013 by Jean

Give the Cesium back to plant in Fukushima
12-23-2013, 10:51 AM
Thanks to C.
Fukushima farming land contamination
Give the Cesium back to plant in Fukushima
The keshe Foundation needs the help of our Japanese readers and bloggers to assist us to reach farmers in contaminated areas of Japan.
We have a full solution for the farmers of the Japan to decontaminate their land from most of the radioactive materials, that in the upcoming spring they can start normal cultivation.
Our approach to Japanese government has been blocked and left unanswered.
We need Japanese readers to organise a live presentation by Skype that we teach to the farmers what they need to do with very little expenses to extract most of radioactive materials from the ground, or dig them deep in the ground in a safe way that they can start working with the same topsoil and stronger soil for cultivation.
Please help us to by pass this red tap and reach the effected communities in Japan.
We need local translators that the full process can be explained to the farmers.
The farming communities have everything they need that they do not need to go through any expenses to extract the materials from the earth in less than 15 days.
The process can be used to cleanup the contaminated water too.
Farmers can give the collected caesium and the rest back to the plant in Fukushima to handle for safekeeping

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