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The Warrior Magician

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The Warrior Magician
Friday, January 3rd, 2014. Filed under: Consciousness

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The Warrior Magician Higher-Consciousness-DNA-Repair
by Elva Thompson
According to the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley:
“Magick is the Science and Art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.
Our missing DNA
Mainstream science tells us that human beings can only access 5% of their DNA codes. So what happened to the other 95% of our original instructions?  Is it junk DNA, as science would have us believe, and of no use?
This is a very important question and no one seems to know the answer.
Is it possible that we have projected the unusable part of our original information, the 95% of closed DNA codes, outside of ourselves, and created what Carlos Castaneda called ‘A Separate Reality’ which is the planet and all its creatures?  The 5% DNA we do access is dual, predator/prey and what we see in the natural world is the same predator/prey reality. Perhaps the whole duality thing is only the way it is, because we ourselves are split. ‘Male and female’ he created them, implies that we were something else before we got trashed by Saturn/El/Jehovah.
If human beings and nature are a holistic living whole, then we should be able to contact planetary intelligence and awareness directly, and furthermore, we should have the spiritual ability to make changes in physical reality by the use of focused spiritual attention. This is the Art of causing change to occur in conformity with will, and is the birth of the sacred magician in ourselves.
This reality we call life, is an all pervading matrix of electromagnetic charge and no matter where we are, whether it be in our front room, prison cell, hospital bed, or high rise block of flats in the middle of the city, our thoughts can with intent, affect the energetic reality of Earth, i.e. physical events can take place ‘outside of ourselves’ without us actually being present.  This is because, for every physical act, there is a spiritual reaction and vice versa: by that I mean, that an intentional and directed loving spiritual action can have a physical response at any point on the planet. Long distance doctoring and absent healing work on the same principle.
So how can the ability to affect physical events without being present, help us in our spiritual struggle for the living light of this world?
Protests and Demonstrations
The news is awash with scenes of riots, demonstrations and protests all across the globe, and as humanity awakens to a poisoned planet, dead children and a world where no birds sing, they are going to riot en masse. Today, as of old, laws are passed to protect the guilty, and it is becoming crystal clear that there is an orchestrated, creeping attack on liberty in progress.
TPTB know this is coming and their plans are all in place. The firing on, kettling, corralling of protestors, and having to get a ‘permit to even hold a protest’ are the last stages of a carefully laid plan, and sooner than later, there will be an outright ban on public protest, and any opposition will be met with violence.
But take heart, our reality is dual, and just as there is physical activism, there is also spiritual activism.
The Warrior Magician
If we are the planet, and everything that exists, think of the energy that would be available to us, if we can overcome duality, the deliberately designed and re-enforced illusion of separation. If we focussed without emotion, our spiritual attention and intent, on a fracking site, a politician, or an individual that holds the purse strings of the world…think what might be possible.
What would happen to a negative field if it was hit by a massive positive charge?
The PTB cannot stop an awakened human being, one who has gone through the dark night of the planet’s pain and has risen like the phoenix from the ashes of their own erroneous conditioning.  Once aware that there is only love and we are the all and everything, of existence, we become an unstoppable force, for we carry the universe within ourselves. This is the power that Mahatma Gandhi harnessed and became, to overwhelm the British Raj in India.
Starting the journey.
The dismal state of our planet is a reflection of collective human consciousness, and as we become more fearful and more hopelessly depressed, we will see it reflected in the natural world—because ‘that’s us out there!’
Reminds me of a song by The Police’ There’s a little black spot on the sun today, that’s my soul out there.
Have no doubt, there’s a spiritual war raging on this planet, and we need to get up to speed. The first obstacle we have to overcome on the road to freedom is our thinking mind, the little ‘I’ that primps and postulates. Somehow we have to shut it up!
To shut up the constant chattering of the reptile mind, I recommend ritual, a reptilian trait that we can use to our advantage. Ritual is ceremonial repetition and can help us stop the infernal chattering of the ego’s frightened mind and, some of us need a ceremonial direction in our lives as a stepping stone to mastery of ourselves.
Sometimes I think Descartes got it all wrong. Cogito ergo sum, I think therefore I am. Spiritual warriors know:  Non arbitror, ergo sum. I do not think, therefore I am.
Weapons of light
Our swords of light in the coming spiritual battle are quartz crystals and as our shields: the power of Love. Quartz crystals are piezo-electric, they are small energy generators that plug into the matrix, and will take a charge from the human mind. They also vibrate with the earth field and are present in the form of silica all across the planet, which means there is no problem with energetic transfer anywhere across the world.
If you live near a sacred site, a lonely hill, or a quiet place in nature that you love, make a start in your magical education. Get together with like-minded friends; and if you can’t find any, go alone. Bury your ‘love bombs’ [charged crystals] in the ground in a square, big enough for you all to stand in, and put one crystal in the centre. Mark your geometric with rocks, so you’ll remember exactly where your crystals are. In three dimensions you will have created an octahedron, the geometric of the fourth estate, the Heart and the element of Air. Keep another crystal at home and away from everyone but yourself, and use this magic stone to ‘fire up the rest’ i.e. your geometric grid.
Make your own grids of power to heal the planet, every positive charge will have an effect on the electro-magnetic matrix of our Earth.
If you cannot physically make it up a hill, that’s alright. You can work from home. Download a picture of something you wish to affect with a positive vibration. It can be a person, an event, a place, a polluted river or fracking site: then grid the picture with a programmed crystal at each corner and one in the middle. I visualise the colour of the geometric as emerald green and it helps to have a recording of 528hz playing in the room when you do your ceremony of light. You can have candles too, but that’s entirely up to you.
Get together, find each other and pray for this world. All you need is love in your heart and the desire to be of service to the planet. You will get your answers and you will intuitively know how to proceed.
One love -
A word of caution: If we try to use these geometric grids negatively, there is a heavy price to pay. The empty space around us is not empty at all, it is teeming with beings that vibrate outside of our ability to decode. Some of these entities are good and some demonic, and all are attracted to our energy fields by resonance, that is how much love or hate we carry.
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