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MUST LISTEN:The Religious Fanatic Satanic Global Elite

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The Religious Fanatic Satanic Global Elite (audio problem fixed)

at 02:00 Posted by Vatic Master

Vatic Note: This is awesome and is extremely educational.  There are things they cover that I did not know and I know a lot from my research. There are scenes they used from "Eyes Wide Shut" which made it very authentic.  They make the case for demonic existance that is real, and that is why we have free will.  That is also why these satanists must tell us in advance what they plan on doing to us.  So then we have free choice about what to do about it.  

I actually saw a possession of a 14 year old girl whose mother was a witch and she was about to get baptized and her eyes changed, her mouth changed and her whole being she held completely differently.  The "entity" stared or I should say "glared" at me from her eyes, and it was not her.   Missionaries from my chuch were there and when the 14 year old girl got up & started talking jibberish.

The two boys, who were in their early 20's,  tried to hold her back and she threw them off like they were dish rags.   She had so much strength that it was not human, what she did.  That is when I finally, viscerally got that evil, true evil, did exist after all.   She finally came around and had no memory of any of it.  She was shocked.  She got baptized and after that her parents came after me.  The girl had a seed planted about "good" and "evil" and she knew the difference now. Many of you were around when I went through all this.  

Now, this video below ended up clarifying something big time for me.  Why are the global elite going after RH negs?  I could not figure that out for a long time.  So, here is what I suspect.   In this below, it makes the point that the evil ones, the satanists "MUST" use ritual and conjuring of demons in order to have any power to affect anything, they have no internal power of any kind.   What we discovered from the RH negs is they do not need to conjure up anything to heal themselves and that, so far, has been proven, their power comes from within themselves.

Whether they have the power internally to affect any other change outside their own bodies, is still being pursued, thus we have no answer for that, but what we do know is that whatever power they have is within them.  The same for Positives in that they can actually use prayer to affect a different outcome from what was expected.

So the power within humans who had "life" breathed into them by God, do not need any crutch to do anything, but the evil ones, or what the Bible shows as the "first creation"  must do satanic rituals and use tools to bring up the entities involved and then they will have power.  They have none of their own internally due to a lack of soul, or spirit.  Its also why they can be occupied by these demons so easily.

The Religious Fanatic Satanic Global Elite (audio problem fixed)

Published by Plastic World on Dec 30, 2013
(Audio problem of the previous version has been fixed)

A documentary about the evil nature of the global political elite and their obsession with worshiping demonic entities.
The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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