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Out Of Mind » PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS » INFORMATIVE GUIDES FOR THE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS » Jesus' 1st hand crucifixion account 9/1/2013 via Dr. May

Jesus' 1st hand crucifixion account 9/1/2013 via Dr. May

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Minds Eye

Thank You

I'm glad that you posted this rebuttal



sitting here and shaking my head....



sitting here giggling.......1st hand account? its a channel. that is a wild claim. at the very least it is hearsay, from a channel.

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Wow more channeling!

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~


I have seen in person 3 or 4 channels and countless youtube channels over the years. That stop about 7 yrs ago. At live events so many people come with hurt and sorrow looking for something to comfort them, Hell i was one of them but always went home empty.Most of the answer where just plain double talk. You could see the confusion or disappointment in their faces. just sad & BRUTLE
For me most all channels are so ambiguous you can never get a straight answer to a specific question. But this RV channeling is just plain wackey i have never seen it till i came to OOM.

I feel Ester Hicks does it better then most.

Prayer is a confession of one's own unworthiness and weakness.
Mohandas Gandhi


It's just more pumping in my opinion. I have not seen any accurate information regarding the RV from a channel yet!

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~


And you won't nannee. Anyone that endorses the rv is full of it and has a nice contract with the dealers. It is that simple.

Oh I will admit I also was fooled for a short time. One must ask oneself why the dinar and the light workers go hand in hand. Then the next step is to extrapolate the bullshit lies from the few morsels that have a ring of truth. This will vary from person to person as we all perceive in our own special way.



this post has nothing directly to do with the RV whatsoever, but rather from Jesus [Sananda/ Emmanuel] Himself, who purportedly asked Dr. Kathryn May to receive and transcribe "The New Scriptures by Jesus..." beginning Aug. 2013 after she had proved herself very faithful and accurate for other "heavenly helpers" over a period of time; she obviously consented and the result in many language translations can now be found at a site recently updated for her, which also has her story about how she came to "channel" these & other messengers entitled  When God Pinched My Toe. These & much more can be found at    

She also offers her book for free (except shipping & handling fees) with same title as site- a very interesting read indeed, over 20 years in the making.  I invite & encourage all to check her out, she is indeed a most unique and gifted lady who has helped many & continues same.

Blessings to ALL seekers of Truth & Much More... in Love, Joy, Peace, .... 7freemom     ☀ 


1ness said, "... channels are so ambiguous you can never get a straight answer to a specific question. But this RV channeling is just plain wackey i have never seen it till i came to OOM..."

You'll certainly find many new things here many may consider "just plain wackey", but that probably was what some may have called Columbus when the prevailing belief was the world was flat.

Regarding channels being ambiguous & "never get a straight answer to a specific question": I've found Kathryn's Wed. nite blogtalk radio call quite the opposite, where people can call in & ask specific non-personal questions of general interest to many people to a particular "heavenly helper" & receive amazingly straight answers.  She also does special healing calls whereby many have experienced miraculous results.


7fm.... I totally respect you and your opinion. But I for one will not be spending any precious time on getting to know Ms. May better. Unless it is to investigate her holdings and ownership into currency dealers etc. I wonder what her annual income is on the private readings or public auditorium events bring to her? Bet it keeps her quite comfortable. Now do not get me wrong... I do not begrudge one from making a nice living. But when I see someone being shoved down the neck of the community I do always ask myself why. Maybe we ALL need to start doing a bit more of that. Kind of a reawakening of the awakened. :)



"...private readings or public auditorium events bring to her?"

these, from what I see, are offered on a suggested donation basis with no one to be excluded for lack of same, except for what she does on blogtalk radio- which are all FREE events to any who care to attend/ participate. I'm not aware of any offered "auditorium" events, but rather fairly small groups on the Healing for Ascension Tour, currently at Mt. Shasta in northern Cal.

It's my understanding she used to charge for her book, Who Needs Light?, but followed instruction to stop same (except Shipping & handling) & convert to "suggested donation", & has complied with that new policy.

the Tony TNT "endorsements" given by her would appear to be from "heavenly helpers", not her directly at all.

Perhaps shooting the messenger is still a most prevalent practice, which could most certainly apply to alleged gurus also?

Could it be these messengers are indeed inspired & true servants of both the people and "heavenly helpers", despite the flak & dishonor given them for what they're faithfully BEing and DOing?

You are ALL most beloved awakening folks     ☀ :)


Yes it could 7fm.

It could also be that these ones that have the gifts of receiving channels are also at the mercy of those that understand this and can manipulate and send to those recipients of medium-ship untrue and false messages? This is not beyond the scope of the dark ones one would surmise. I am not shooting the messenger but I am advising that any and all that are saying to kiss Tony's behind and fall back in line and buy dinar is highly suspect and will remain so for me.

I also respect each to their own pov on this one but going forward I will be commenting way more on this stuff. I have not in the past wanted to but I see now that I must. The bullshitometer I am channeling says it must be so....



All HIStory is HIS-tory and it is all hearsay unless we were there to witness. that is truth. We are told the flat earth bs but if you really research that they have had maps of a round world going back to 1450 and that map maker if i remember right said he put that together from older maps. Columbus sailed in 1492 as the old poem goes. It is my belief that he had a map and knew and the HIS-story is all to keep us from truth. I do not believe for one second that the Leaders of that time Royalty or Vatican thought the earth was flat. mho


Prpl: "... advising that any and all that are saying to kiss Tony's behind and fall back in line and buy dinar is highly suspect ..."

IF that were what they were saying, I also agree same is "highly suspect", But that's NOT what they're saying at all, to me (from what little I listen to, from these Sources). Rather indications to me are Tony is uniquely positioned & plugged into front-line info people (including one called DC that comes onto his programs) in DC and worldwide, some confirming a few dinar currency exchanges easily accomplished in some foreign countries recently. I don't see/hear Tony urging anyone to buy dinar at all at this point. People make those decisions themselves, based on their own choices. The "heavenly helper" Sources have said Tony has been a key to the success of sting operations necessary to arrest those that have abused their "elite power" in recent early CE. I really appreciated St. Germain's recent example of a buffet planned for 100 people, whereby 20 were first in line and deliberately & greedily hogged nearly all the food, specifically to keep the 80 from getting their fair share of generous spread of same, but were caught and will not be permitted to get away with such nonsense anymore. To that I say Halleluyah!! That's what the people really need to see evidence of, imo.

"pov"?? :)



well it should be obvious that I do not follow Tony etc. so I will take your word on this is what is being said by those that you are following.

So... Tony is turning on his own for a commuted sentence in this sting operation maybe? Because that sure would make sense from what I have learned about him. That dude is a snake and would totally turn on his own if he could.

But I do agree that the people need to see evidence of arrests and at least some form of justice which is what so many of these "channelers" promise on a daily basis year after year after year and then it never happens. 

The only Blind Faith I have at this point is in my record collection. 

7fm.... we are just going to have to agree to disagree on this and other issues I guess. Because I see through these people as if they were made of glass. Once I lock onto a person or group that I see are deceivers and scammers I am unable to think otherwise.

I will give you an example so you know what I mean: When I first saw a picture of the Clintons I  felt physically ill. I got chills all over at only a glance of them. When clown boy wrangled his way into office I was not surprised. But she is the one I was reacting on. She is an evil one. I get the same reaction when I see pics of certain serial killers such as Richard Ramirez, Gacy, etc. It is a physical reaction that I have absolutely no control over and is usually dead on when things come out into the light.

This is how I am feeling about May. I see what is going down. I have no doubts that in time what they are doing will also come to light. Until then I will continue to speak out against them.



I do not "follow Tony" either, having listened only once to last portion of one call, preferring just the concise summary dinar guru site offers ( which I'm thankful Yom brings here); have also very recently read some call commentary as time/interest warrants. Who do you consider "his own" upon whom he would "totally turn"?

Purpl- I commend you on your outstanding "record collection" here, which I certainly appreciate!!   

agree with U about both Clintons

"I have no doubts that in time what they are doing will also come to light." In deed true for all; don't see Kathryn same as U, so will hope Ur "usual" discernment regarding her (& perhaps others) does indeed shortly "come to light" & shine for all to see.

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