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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » LATEST DINAR UPDATE:* (Footforward and Soonerpatriot): Caps1Corner 4/14/12

LATEST DINAR UPDATE:* (Footforward and Soonerpatriot): Caps1Corner 4/14/12

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* (Footforward and Soonerpatriot): Caps1Corner 4/14/12
April 14th, 2012 06:53 am • Posted in RUMORS (Dinar Revaluation)

[kittykat4fun] Apr 14 1:33 AM [shybabi] Foot…my older brother is in Alberta… so your news about possible Canadian package is GREAT…..Apr 14 1:34 AM [glory247] Maybe when all world banks are closed…
Apr 14 1:34 AM [diesel09] footforward you do not look or sound stupid you are like me you say what you believe and some people do not like that ,the truth hearts people also dont like the truth,,
Apr 14 1:34 AM [kcdoodle] footforward lol! Let not the sun go down on your wrath!
Apr 14 1:34 AM [footforward] Time4TransferoWealth LOL YA. BUT WE NEED TO
Apr 14 1:34 AM [footforward] Dreamin2Big ANY TIME STILL
Apr 14 1:34 AM [Guatie1] footforward I will thank everyone has a hand in helping, just as you and the rest of the intel providers
Apr 14 1:34 AM [txtrkrwife] He HE i saw a ghost Apr 14 1:34 AM [crawdaddy] footforward my wife and i were married at a hockey game.
Apr 14 1:34 AM [soonerpatriot] Cap has given me permission to give you this info as we’ve discussed it this evening.
Apr 14 1:34 AM [Time4TransferoWealth] footforward amen brotha
Apr 14 1:35 AM [..TS] LISTEN UP!!!
Apr 14 1:35 AM [footforward] STOP TYPING PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
Apr 14 1:35 AM [soonerpatriot] I have several contacts across the nation, many are in the banks and are huddled around monitors as we speak.
Apr 14 1:36 AM [soonerpatriot] They have been observing lots of activity on their screens, much more than at any other time.

Apr 14 1:37 AM [soonerpatriot] These are Big 4 banks in Denver, Houston, the Reno Nevada area, and I just heard after several weeks of silence from a contact in Kansas City.
Apr 14 1:38 AM [soonerpatriot] I also have a contact with a security company in Reno who is on call (1 hour) to provide added security at the area WF banks.
Apr 14 1:39 AM [soonerpatriot] As I said, the bank screens have been bouncing around for over a couple hours now, coinciding with the Hawaii banks closing.
Apr 14 1:40 AM [soonerpatriot] The rates are high and as one source said in a txt: My manager has called a blackout til RV confirmed. U won’t believe the rate we’re seeing.
Apr 14 1:41 AM [soonerpatriot] This activity we are seeing is across the nation, not just one or two banks. I’ve also heard second hand that the same activity is occurring in Dallas and California with rates that are in the same ballpark as my sources are seeing.
Apr 14 1:42 AM [soonerpatriot] As Cap said, there are certain things that can’t be made common knowledge for all and he must watch what he says.

[lawrence] someone needs to pick up soonerpatriot in Caps corner
Apr 14 1:42 AM [soonerpatriot] One of my sources told me I must also watch out what I’m saying as I’m now radioactive with knowledge.
[laketrout] Woooooooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!
[soonerpatriot] I still don’t know the time precisely, but it appears imminent, as others have been saying. I won’t give rates out, because we don’t have a firm rate, but if it doesn’t put a smile on your face, nothing will.
[geeman] soonerpatriot ty for sharing!

[soonerpatriot] That’s all I have at the moment, unless Cappy has some additional info he’d like to share that I may have missed.

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