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The Divine Qualities of a New Paradigm – Part 1,2&3

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The Divine Qualities of a New Paradigm – Part 1/3
Jan 9
Posted by Wes Annac
Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm
Throughout the spiritual circles, the idea of a utopian society rooted in respect and love for every person is constantly advocated. This idea is spreading to more people every day, and as it does, we eventually start asking ourselves what we can do to build a new paradigm and live in a much better and fairer society.
People are ready to create real and lasting change that can be built on in future generations, and while we carry the responsibility to do this, we’re being given help from beyond the veil that can make our effort much easier.
We’re being advised and counseled from the higher realms on a number of matters that have to do with our physical/spiritual evolution and our effort to build a new paradigm, and in my opinion, an important aspect of healing the planet is learning about and expressing the divine qualities.
I’ve been talking a lot about the importance of walking our talk, and I’m starting to see that if we want to change the world, we have to ask ourselves if we’re acting in alignment with the world we want to live in. There’s simply no way around it.
It’s essential for us to learn to start expressing the qualities of the heavenly reality we want to experience, because if we don’t, who will? Since we’ve awakened to the importance of a society rooted in harmony, we carry the sacred responsibility of aligning with our vision of that society.
By expressing the divine qualities, we anchor and spread the energy of a new paradigm and act on a great opportunity to create change. We’ve been given plenty of spiritual guidance about sowing the seeds of change, and even though I respect that some of you out there don’t resonate with modern channeled material, I think it can be helpful.
If you can get past the stereotypical perception of channels, you can see their helpfulness in regards to spiritual evolution and creating change. Even if the material we’ll examine didn’t come from the sources it’s claimed to, at the very least, it comes from a higher place.
I make it a point to be as discerning as possible when I read anything, be it channeled or written material. There are a lot of perspectives floating around these days, and in the case of channeling, the stance or opinion of an inexperienced scribe can unintentionally paint a message.
Nevertheless, a wealth of genuine and helpful channeled material is available – you just have to separate the wheat from the chaff. It’s up to you to use your discernment and take what resonates, and the material we’re going to examine is focused on expressing the qualities of a new paradigm and creating change.
So just what are the “divine qualities”? Put simply, they’re the individually defined qualities that we can discern as being rooted in a higher, selfless way of living. Steve Beckow explains the divine qualities well, and reminds us that our definition of them will continue to expand.
“The divine qualities include such godly ways of being as love, compassion, courage, integrity, impartiality, unity, harmony, and so on. They’re the qualities that we think God has. I’m not sure we can know. We’re always faced with talking in estimates.
I’d imagine that our knowledge of what qualities God actually has just grows and grows so anything I or perhaps anyone else says on the matter is definitely subject to being revised and even discarded either soon or eventually.” (1)
It’s believed that by living and expressing the divine qualities, we’ll create a wealth of change on the world stage. The divine qualities have to be expressed worldwide, in my opinion, because a few thousand people with love in their hearts won’t be able to create and be all of the change that’s needed.
Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.
(1)- Steve Beckow: “Spiritual Maturity and the Divine Qualities” at
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The Divine Qualities of a New Paradigm – Part 2/3
Jan 10
Posted by Wes Annac
Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm
Continued from Part 1
By individually accepting the responsibility to express the basic and simple divine qualities, we’ll lighten the collective vibration and make it much easier for others to start being and creating change too.
Personally, I’m up for the task. Even though I (and perhaps many of you) still have a journey ahead of me before I can be a complete, undistorted conduit for the divine qualities, I look forward to embarking on that journey and scrupulously examining myself and my tendencies.
I’m not suggesting we hold ourselves to an impossible standard, but we should be conscious about the things we do and say. It’s much easier not to be, but we’ll cultivate a greater sense of satisfaction when we reintroduce a fair amount of self-discipline and hold ourselves to the task of being examples.
We can do it, but I think it’ll be a learning experience for all of us.
Archangel Michael, speaking through channel Natalie Glasson, tells us about the expression of the higher-vibrational wisdom that’s found within.
“The bond between the Earth and the inner planes, humanity and light beings is enhancing as separation and illusions pour away. Many of you are now able to receive our wisdom, understanding the truth and inspiration we are sharing, being able to transfer the knowledge you receive into action and experiences on the Earth. As this occurs more regularly, separation and illusions will give way to truth, inspiration and high vibrational consciousness equalling that of the Angelic Kingdom.” (1)
It makes perfect sense that we align with a purer way of living when we discover the higher vibrations. In my opinion, this is why it’s important for every person to open up spiritually, and of course, everyone’s opening up in their own ways.
Everyone’s opening up to spirituality and the concepts that come with it in the ways that work best for them, and even though unity and the preceding collective alignment with a higher vibration is important, they can’t be rushed.
They have to be allowed to happen in their own time, and again, expressing the divine qualities right now will lighten up everyone around us and make our goal much easier. Let’s take the pressure off of ourselves and loosen into a constant expression of the divine qualities, because we aren’t always going to feel inspired.
We aren’t always going to be in alignment with the divine qualities, and when we’re out of balance, I think it’s important to simply go with the flow and let the chips fall where they may. No matter what, we’ll always realign with the divine and reignite the burning flame of driven inspiration, but sometimes we need to go within to rest.
I’m not saying we should forget about the divine when we can otherwise act as brimming examples of it, but we won’t be penalized if we don’t always feel driven to express it. If genuine effort is shown, then in due time we’ll be in a constant, effortless flow.
The interesting and tricky thing about the lower vibrations is that we’re tasked with anchoring and expressing a purer lifestyle while we experience a painful, dense and slow moving reality. Our job is to be the light among the darkness, and it isn’t always easy.
There’ll be times when we feel like letting the responsibility rest, and when we’ve exhausted ourselves, there’s no reason not to act on that desire.
In a message through Bella Capozzi, we’re encouraged to “dispense with the trivialities” and remember that joy is our natural state of being.
“Feel the love being sent to you from On High. It is the grandest of gifts, not to be overlooked amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday Human existence. Dispense with the trivialities, if only for a little while, and simply allow yourself to revel in this bliss. Joy is your natural state, as is abundance, peace and the feeling you have when something you’ve done has affected another in beautiful and positive way.” (2)
This is important to remember, in my opinion. Anyone can write a long series about anchoring and expressing the qualities of a higher vibration, but if we don’t remember that peaceful joy is our natural state, we can’t be the change we want to see.
In talking about changing the world, we can recognize the potentially effortless nature of peace and joy. Blissful realms of consciousness exist just beyond our understanding, and the guides communicating with us are ready for us to feel an infinite sense of bliss again.
Concluded in Part 3 tomorrow.
(1)- “Archangel Michael: Your Personal Sacred Geometry,” channeled by Natalie Glasson, August 7, 2013 at
(2)- “Pleiadian Message: Just Be Happy!” channeled by Bella Capozzi, July 18, 2013. At
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The Divine Qualities of a New Paradigm – Part 3/3
Jan 11
Posted by Wes Annac
Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm
Concluded from Part 2
Archangel Michael tells us about the evolutionary “jump” we make when we express the divine qualities.
“As you are embracing the divine qualities, as you are living the divine qualities, that automatically jumps you in your own evolutionary track back to the light.” (1)
Then, through Celia Fenn, he advises us that “there is a deep desire for Peace, Community and Freedom, that is manifesting now on the Earth. The work that was done in the past on the Higher Levels to create Peace and Harmony is now beginning to manifest into Physical Form as change on the Earth.” (2)
The desire for world peace is much stronger than it was in the 60s, and more people than ever are rising up to proclaim our dissatisfaction with the divisive manner in which our planet functions. We’re ready to end the bloody and unproductive wars that feed violence and devastation, and we’re ready to live in peaceful joy – our natural state.
Soon, the entire planet will be ready to consciously align with the divine qualities, and the collective vibration could rise rapidly as a result. Even though our evolution is steady, the rapid shifts we experience could elevate the collective vibration and propel us toward a new paradigm.
Archangel Gabriel through Shelly Young tells us about some of the qualities we’ll express in a new paradigm, and reminds us that we’re respected and loved for our expression of them so far.
“Moving forward you will enjoy the energies of transparency, truth, unity, community, ease, grace, flow, acceptance, allowing, joy and unconditional love. All of these are traits of the New Earth you are creating, and for that you are honoured and you are loved and you are celebrated.” (3)
Those of us who act on the qualities mentioned in this quote will benefit immensely, and a growing force for change is being created out of a desire in the minds and hearts of each person to be and experience something different; something freer.
Deep down, we all want to be free from the chains of self-oppression, and we’re the only ones stopping us from welcoming a new way of living and affecting others in a big way.
We have the power to tear down our ego-driven barriers and live a life of complete bliss and harmony, and if we recognize that we don’t have to impede our own progress any longer, we can welcome every aspect of the divine back into our lives.
Here, we examined the idea that living and being the divinity we advocate is not only important to our building of a new paradigm, but actually helps us do so in a flowing way. The manner in which we express ourselves is obviously important to the vibration we give out, and expressing the divine qualities will provide innumerable personal and collective benefits.
We examined material from a few contemporary channeled sources who encouraged our development of the divine qualities and reminded us of the support we’re being given, and in my opinion, we can all open up to that support within.
Even if channeling or connecting with a certain defined guide isn’t for you, you’re encouraged to explore a deeper connection with a greater facet of yourself. Connecting with the higher self is liberating, and a wealth of helpful information can be brought into this reality if the effort is made to receive it.
The point of this series is to encourage you to express the divine qualities and spread the good vibes we’ve started to access. Our goal is collective peace, harmony and sustainability, and even though we experience a great deal of war and devastation right now, we can change this by changing our vibration.
It starts with each of us, and our power to change things for the better is much stronger than we think. With that said, we can now get to work, in peace and joy.
(1)- “Archangel Michael: Back to the One with the Speed of Love,” July 15, 2013, at
(2)- “Archangel Michael: The New Earth Energies July/August 2013 – The Incoming Wave of Light and the Lion’s Gate 2013,” channeled via Celia Fenn, July 9, 2013 at
(3)- “Archangel Gabriel: Expanding into a New Age,” channeled by Shelley Young, June 21, 2013, at
Photo Credit
Wes Annac is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.
The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as writings from Wes and more. Come check us out!
See also Conscious Oneness, The Aquarius Paradigm on Facebook and The Golden Age of Gaia.

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