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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » CNN: Feds Investigating Christie over Alleged Misuse of Sandy Relief Funds

CNN: Feds Investigating Christie over Alleged Misuse of Sandy Relief Funds

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CNN: Feds Investigating Christie over Alleged Misuse of Sandy Relief Funds

Monday, 13 Jan 2014 08:01 AM

By Melanie Batley

Federal investigators have launched an inquiry into whether New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie improperly used Superstorm Sandy relief funds to produce tourism ads that featured him and his family during his re-election campaign.

According to CNN, federal auditors will be examining the use of $25 million of public funds for a marketing campaigning aimed at reviving tourism on the Jersey Shore after major parts of the coastline had been decimated in the 2012 storm.

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New Jersey Democratic Rep. Frank Pallone prompted the inquiry after asking the inspector general of the Department of Housing and Urban Development in August to examine how Christie spent the marketing money approved by the department.

"This was money that could have directly been used for Sandy recovery. And, as you know, many of my constituents still haven't gotten the money that is owed them to rebuild their homes or raise their homes or to help," Pallone told CNN.

Pallone cited concerns about the bidding process for the firm that was awarded the marketing plan after it charged the state roughly $4.7 million, about $2 million more than the next lowest bidder, according to CNN. The winning bid featured Christie and his family in advertisements while the losing proposal did not.

Pallone told CNN that a preliminary review of the spending has already been concluded and that there was enough evidence to launch a full-scale investigation into the use of the funds. The probe will take several months to complete, with findings to be issued in an official report.

Any wrongdoing unearthed from the probe would likely further dim the presidential chances of Christie, who shot to national prominence on the basis of his performance during and after the superstorm.

News of the inquiry could also deepen the controversy surrounding the embattled governor who last week fired top aides and gave a lengthy public apology over revelations that they had ordered lanes to be closed to the George Washington Bridge in September as a possible act of political retribution.

Subpoenas could be issued as soon as Monday for Christie’s former deputy chief of staff and campaign manager, the New York Post reported. And New Jersey state Senate Democrats also have delayed the confirmation hearing for Kevin O’Dowd, Christie’s nominee for attorney general, who is his current chief of staff.

Meanwhile, in a sign that Christie's troubles are further deepening, his earliest political mentor, former New Jersey Gov. Tom Kean, has also distanced himself from the governor, suggesting Christie's aggressive character marks a sometimes "dangerous" approach to governing, and one that may be undesirable in a presidential candidate, The Washington Post reports.

"On the one hand, I think he's got a lot to offer. I think he's the most able politician since Bill Clinton," Kean said. "On the other hand, you look at these other qualities and ask, do you really want that in your president?"

He also hinted at Christie's hardball politics, citing tactics by Christie last year when he unsuccessfully tried to oust his son, Thomas Kean Jr., from his position as State Senate Republican Minority Leader as part of a deal with South Jersey Democrats who were helping the governor with bipartisan legislation.

"If you come at him, he's going to come back at you harder," Kean said.

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Now this is interesting. A fraudulent organization in investigating its subsidy for fraudulent use of money that was obtained through fraud.....God bless the sheeples...

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Ha!  That's about right topspin2!

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