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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » "if the the exchange is different ln rate like some are saying preference for the elite and a low rate for us you can bet that there will be the cause for the biggest class action lawsuit ever,,":Bluwolf

"if the the exchange is different ln rate like some are saying preference for the elite and a low rate for us you can bet that there will be the cause for the biggest class action lawsuit ever,,":Bluwolf

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Just Stop It - Bluwolf Thursday Night Post
Thursday, January 16, 2014

People who deceive good people turn them into unwanting liars, but if it fits there purposes or agendas they just don't care who they hurt.

They by their disinformation have created confusion, chaos, mayhem and bad bank sportsmanship. They have aroused the masses making them do uncalculated and some what stupid intents or reaction to this bunch of lies making it so that even the providers are confused and this was the soul purpose.

I see no changes whatsoever on any category that pertains to this international release, I notice a lot of folks going silent ( nda ) and this is a good sign
The official UST elected clearance house ( bank ) is awaiting patiently for there Go, my group its leader and all the rest of us are doing the same. So that is where we seriously are at.

Be in peace knowing that nothing has changed, you just cannot say that I didn't warn you about the greedys malintended and deceiving expressions both by the greedys in bank and dirty politics.

Please be wise and analysis everything said and if it doesn't smell good then don't eat it.

There are many lawyers who are dinarians and they are just waiting to see the intentions of how this thing is coloured, if the the exchange is different ln rate like some are saying preference for the elite and a low rate for us you can bet that there will be the cause for the biggest class action lawsuit ever given on a currency exchange,

Word to the wise is even illegal to even dare mentioning it on these sites so providers be on alert for what you have mentioned is unreal and unjust to all and honestly I do not think that bank or political party involve will dare to have 28 million dinarians sticking a class action lawsuit down your throats so be advised.

This is the way I am seeing this at this time I just hope that these folks desist from feeding out this malintended misinformation  for it is stupid of you to even think  that we are like you STUPID.

Be wise and get it done and we want all the correct 800#, it is about that time that you show us respect, I or we do not expect any less. Are we clear.


Posted by John MacHaffie at 11:31 PM

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