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4th Density Parasites To Be Aware Of

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1 4th Density Parasites To Be Aware Of on Sat Jan 18, 2014 5:56 pm


4th Density Parasites To Be Aware Of
Posted on January 18, 2014 by Ines Radman
The 4th density world is wonderful and magical compared to the sluggish 3rd density that we live in, but they are still polarized in their consciousness, much more that most humans who tend to be a mixed bag of energies. 
In the 4th density, there are “selfish and manipulative” entities and also “kind, loving, nurturing” beings. There don’t seem to be many beings that can be one or the other or both at times, they are in extremes of good or bad with nothing in between. 
Beware: Your free will is one of your greatest sources of power. If you can be tricked, conned or brainwashed into choosing of your own free will to believe in a false master, that master will receive some of your power or energy. This con job is prevalent in 3rd density and most of it is broadcast “channeled” from 4th density. Service to self beings who polarized towards selfishness, manipulation and dominance-oriented behavior. They made this choice while in 3rd density and used the power and energy gained by this extreme polarization and energy stolen from others to propel themselves to the 4th density. This is done very easily, as I will write about later, these dark entities quarantined the 4th density so that souls who have left their bodies and died must go to the 4th density instead of going back to Source. These beings that usurped power in 3rd density also get there and hang out with their buddies and come back and manipulate humans from there. 
If a false prophet (Ascended Master) can convince you to be in fear, your false belief in that fear will feed them. At the same time, if they can convince you to do nothing, your false belief that you need not do anything will also feed them. 
The 4th density is also used to trap souls that have died in 3D, as I wrote above. These entites are called Lords of Karma by Cameron Day. Once we die, we are greeted by angels, beings of light, our loved ones and they create a reality so that we think we are in a spiritual realm, thus, they convince us that we have karma to work off and we go back to Earth.
The normal process is once we die, we go directly to source, but this has been hijacked thousands of years ago, so we are in essence recycling unto Earth. I call this a Karma Prison, and these same entities that channel, and claim to be helping us and are coming to help us, these are all of the same group. 
Prime Creator decided to change a few things. We were originally supposed to uplift/Ascend/transform/reintegrate to 4th density, but Prime Creator decided that we are no longer going to be dying and therefore, once we graduate, 4th density will be closed. There is no need for it. The souls that are trapped there, will be freed and they will go back to Source and use their free will to choose what lessons, where they want to go. The STS entities will be removed and placed back into 3D where they will have 26,000 years to learn their mistakes, that goes the same for any humans that will be conned into boarding their ships or entering their healing chambers. They too will go back to a 3D reality and have another 26,000 years to learn as they are not yet mature souls.
A mature soul does not need help, a mature soul knows its power, it’s destiny and it’s growth process. A mature soul does not take instructions from any entity. Prime Creator does not give anyone instructions, we are in a free will Universe. Unfortunately that will be our test this time to see if we have learned anything. 
It’s very difficult to discern which beings are good and which are messing with humans. But if you know the Universal Law, then you know that interference or intervention are not allowed. We all need to get very good at discernment very quickly as we approach our Graduation. 
You may be wondering “who is telling me to do nothing”? This is coming very strongly at this time through channels spreading messages that essentially tell people:”Your brothers and sisters are coming back to clean up your mess. You have done all you can, so just sit tight and “spread your light” and wait for us to bail you out. Do not worry about Fukushima, we cleaned it up. Do not believe anyone telling you there is radiation. Do not worry about Chemtrails, they no longer can spray toxins. Your situation is very serious for you to solve, but we have the technology to do it.”
This is a strong dis empowering message, and it is a manipulation of our innate desires to have a benevolent, central authority that actually has our best interests at heart. 
I sense a very clever manipulation that enforces the human desire to be told what to do by a more wise and powerful being. This type of manipulation is classic of “service to self” beings masquerading as a positive “service to others” being instead. 
I spent many years listening and studying these channeled messages, my insatiable curiosity was never satisfied, therefore, I just kept reading trying to understand what it is they really want from us, after all, why spend so much time and energy in contacting us if we are going to Ascend? 
Now, instead of searching for the saviors, I go within and access my Higher Self, my True Self. 
This doesn’t mean there are not service to others entities that connect with us. There are many but they differ in how they represent themselves. They do not offer to help and often remind us that we are so powerful and that only together we can change our world and paradigm. They “serve” through support” by energizing our positive “service to others” actions. They always remind me  that we are all from Source, therefore equals and they do not want worship. They do not believe in Hierarchy, it does not exist in any dimension, only in the 4th density where the Lords of Karma and fake Ascended Masters need to have in order to give you the appearance of their longevity and power. 
The real good guys will most likely not show up and solve our problems for us, even if we wish they would do so. Anyone trying to sell you on the belief they they can solve all your problems usually has an ulterior motive. 
If you read messages or channels that give you hope that everything will be ok because help is on the way, but does not give you new information that helps you understand the workings of the Universe on a deeper level, please be careful. 
If a message read today looks and feels almost exactly the same message from one or two years ago, please be careful. 
Remember, whatever you believe in, you give your energy to it. These entities can hack or hijack channels from STO beings. They get the double benefit of receiving belief energy from the followers of the messages as well as convincing those followers that they don’t need to do anything, just wait for them. 
There are many STS entiteis currently in a frenzy contacting people. They are known as:”The Hawthor, Ashtar Command, Adama, Galactic Federation of Light, Zorra, Sananda, Lord Sananda, Saul, Sunat Kumara, St. Germain and any angels that start with ARCH. 
Your truth comes from deep inside of you where your higher self resides. I hope that you will disengage from these prophets and Ascended Masters that claim to do your work, claim to be arriving to help, claim to know better what you should believe and not believe, claim to know how to make you wealthy. 
As I wrote in past posts, we are Sovereign Human Beings, we do not need help, we need to help each other combine our power and energies to remove these forces that keep us enslaved. 
I have spent many years studying Religion, Gnosticism and most recently listening to Andrew Bartzis, George Kavasillas, Chris Thomas who has direct access to the Akashic, I have learned and discerned so much throughout the years. I started my journey in 1985 when I had my NDE experience, it is a long journey to truth, there is so much information and disinformation that it really takes discernment but if all else fails, ask if it makes sense to you. That is what I often do, if it makes sense then it is probably much closer to truth. 
Remember that Universal Law is about non interference, interference is giving advise, anything more becomes intervention because they are intervening in your growth and spiritual path. We  can do this ourselves, stay away from the Love and Light promises, that is all they are, keeping you in a static place of false hope, while they feed on your energy. 
They are benevolent in a sense that they can’t kill you or hurt you, but they are very good at deceiving you, and they will try and get you to 4D so that they can have direct dominion over you. It won’t last long, but if you choose to join them, you might have to start over in 3D again and wait another 26,000 years. Choice is always yours.

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Herb Lady

Thanks again!

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3 Re: 4th Density Parasites To Be Aware Of on Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:25 am


This was a awesome read with much truth!! Thanks Skyzs


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4 Re: 4th Density Parasites To Be Aware Of on Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:34 am


You're welcome HL and 1ness


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