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Special TNT CC - 3pm PST/6pm EST TNT FOURM: And so the PLOT thickens

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Special TNT CC - 3pm PST/6pm EST
TNT FOURM: And so the PLOT thickens

On Thursday's CC,/ Tony gave me the GREEN LIGHT to call my Wealth Advisors at WF regarding the reported scenario whereby SELECTED WEALTHY bank clients were being called by SELECT WF financial advisors (and not ALL of the financial/wealth advisors were involved or authorized).

So far I have not been given any BLESSINGS. I must be considered a tiny harbor seal swimming in a sea of sharks and WHALES.
Yesterday my WF advisors called me back to say they were sending a communication to the WF TOP BRASS, demanding a reply IN WRITING as to why only SELECT WF advisors were given the SELECT client lists with permission to exchange IQNs for USD at the China Contract Rates.


Tony is not alone being MAD AS HELL. The OSCAR winning Movie entitled
"NETWORK" is now becoming a REALITY across AMERICA, especially with the QUOTE delivered by Peter Finch, "I'm MAD AS HELL and not going to take it any more!" I was told that the WF advisors were broadcasting their CONCERN across their inner NETWORKS.

And now the MADNESS is brewing WITHIN the BANKS, by their OWN employees. Where will this LEAD US? I hope that TONY and his TNT TEAM will have some answers on the CC later today. GO RV and GO BEAVS !!!

Tony TNT Dinar Conference Call Saturday
@ 6 pm est 01/17/14
Call (347) 850-8289 To ask a question
Call 209-255-1500 NO PIN CODE (Listen Only)
OR Call 518-556-1500 NO PIN CODE (Listen Only)
click on link to listen via blogtalkradio
Posted by John MacHaffie at 4:58 PM [/size][/b]


Refer to my Point of View post!

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

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In deed, Yom-   

could this be a trigger for the people's long term solutions?

Most interesting transparent times we now live & experience  sunny 

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