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Steve Beckow: Archangel Michael on Personalities and Conflict

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Steve Beckow: Archangel Michael on Personalities and Conflict
Jan 22
Posted by Wes Annac
Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia,
In going throuSteve Beckow: Archangel Michael on Personalities and Conflict Michael-56 gh my personal readings with Archangel Michael, I sometimes come across his advice on difficult issues, which he discusses often from many angles. On any common endeavor, there can be disagreements, preferred ways of doing things, vasanas, etc.
When these arise, we turn to Archangel Michael to counsel us.  He puts things in a perspective that usually no one finds objectionable.
The first passage I reproduce here has to do with me toning myself down in the presence of people who view me as coming on too strong, being too direct or perhaps being uncomfortably transparent.
AAM’s comments include some interesting observations that may benefit anyone who finds themselves in the public arena, especially explaining the galactic viewpoint to a terrestrial audience.

From a Reading with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon on May 6, 2013

Steve Beckow      Some people seem to think that I’m too intense and my energy is too strong. They say that they’re afraid of me.  What should I do?
Archangel Michael    (Laughter.) You are all of these things, dear heart, and it is part of the delight of who you are.
I speak to you, brother to brother, friend to friend. We have built this platform together and it is important that sometimes I return you and with you to this fact.
How can you be too strong?  That is like the Mother saying to me:  Michael, you are too strong.
There is no such thing as too strong in the same way as there is no such thing as too gentle, but does this at certain times evoke a feeling of the thundering father or the punitive authority?  Yes.  But it is a time when we are continuing – are we not – our conversation on vasanas, because this is really what the trigger is.
So the issue is not one way or the other. It is for each person to be who they are fully and completely.  You are strong and your views are straight forward.
It is not that you are not open to reinterpretation, to learning and to expanding.  Heaven knows and so do I that we have expanded this continuum together.
But if you do not have the strength to write, to speak, then part of the purpose of this platform is defeated.  When the time comes, and I say when, not if the time comes, when it is truly a very large world stage, do you not think, my brother, that there will be a transition point when there will be many naysayers?
SB: Yes, I’m aware of that.
AAM: And that, as you act as go-between with your star brothers and sisters and us, that strength of determination will be necessary?
SB: Yes.
AAM: So you are carrying this warrior energy and the warrior energy is simply not comfortable for everybody when it truly comes out or when they are asking for it to be adjusted.
Now, does this mean that you cannot listen?  No, it does not mean that.  Does that mean that we have need to avoid teamwork, collegiality, the things that sustain you – friendships, partnerships, sacred unions?
SB: Well, I have had that thought.
AAM:  Yes I know. That is why I am bringing it up.  And I say to you – no, you did not come to walk in singularity.  The challenge is to be the truth of who you are and to live on Earth, upon Gaia, with other humans in unity.
And what humans – and I speak of the broader range – are learning is this latitude.
But what you are also learning at the same time is: I don’t feel safe.  I don’t even feel safe in expressing the truth of who I am within the confines of a group – and yet my greatest yearning is to be accepted and seen and nourished and loved within that group.
So you are all learning the balance of give and receive, back and forth, because there are times when the warrior is absolutely necessary.
You notice in your own experience, there are times when the nurturer is required. There are times when the mediator is required.
There are times when the scientist is required and we mean the one who operates and remembers how to speak in Perro (1)  – who can present facts as facts – although there are very few facts really throughout the universe. (2)
The only truth is universal law. (3)  So it is an expansion of the learning and it is not always comfortable.
In order for this plan – and can we say it is a plan? – of human and divine design to work, this trust and this feeling of safety has need to be present.
Because you know this about humans – if they do not feel safe they are not comfortable – they are able, but they are not comfortable – and they do not tend to really go where they are not comfortable.
So they do not engage in the highest frequency possible.  What they do is revert to the patterns that make them feel secure.
And for many, that pattern of security, rather than confrontation which has proven dangerous in many lifetimes, leads to withdrawal.
And so that is why I have begun by saying:  understand this has been a process. It is not a process which you have completed.  It is a process that you are in the middle of.

In a second passage, Archangel Michael describes “righteous” anger and its (limited) place in things. Again his counsel is very helpful for lightworkers.

From a Reading with Archangel Michael on May 16, 2011

AAM: When we concluded our discussion, you were concerned that sometimes you rise up in your ire when they try to deck the Company of Heaven. It is good that emotion and a sense of outrage is expressed at times when things are completely irresponsible but destructive to the collective, but disrespectful as well.
When you rise up, and as I have said to you, dear brother, you do so in the mildest of ways, you set an example for others, and there are many who look to you, by saying “No, this is not acceptable.” Difference of opinion is a helpful thing. But in the attempts to destroy truth and the true nature of what is transpiring within the human collective and throughout the universe, there is a place for righteous anger, my friend.
So when you show those around you how to do that in a way that is in balance and not hysterical, you are teaching very well.

And in a third passage he discusses how the only benefit of conflict is to delineate matters and clear the way for greater unity to come forth. He goes over when to engage and when to disengage.

From a Reading with Archangel Michael on April 15, 2013

Now, what is the purpose of conflict?  And I do not wish to wax philosophical on you or with you.  The only purpose of conflict is to define, de-limit, expunge, eliminate existing illusions, visions, personality differences so that you can come to a place of unity again.
Now this is one of the most difficult human undertakings as you go through ascension, because often what happens – and you have lengthy history upon this planet of engaging in conflict and believing that you are bringing an end to the conflict simply by ceasing to discuss and debate or communicate and then disengaging entirely.  That has been a human pattern for far too long.
From our perspective, the only purpose of conflict – the only way it can serve is to break through the differences and come to a place of mutuality.  Now, does mutuality mean agreement?  No.  But it does mean understanding and respect and honoring and a deep acceptance, even if the opinions or the visions of reality with your blinkers on are different, because you are striving together to reach the place of understanding and truth and there is only one truth my brother – and that is the truth of love.
So if the conflict does not result in love, then it has been a waste of energy and time and it has done more harm than good.
Does it take huge resolve to journey forth where there is injury, real or perceived – and to come to this place of acceptance and change? Usually – throughout the galaxies – the resolution of conflict – not just the cessation of nasty actions or words – but the true resolution implies and includes change.
Change of heart for a start, change of mind, change of behavior, change of action.  But in order for this to take place everybody has need to be willing to do it.
Now some people in the history of the human race, whether it is a world war or simply a relationship breakdown, say, well, it is not worth it to me, I am not putting my energy into it.
What I say to this is it is one thing to decide that you are going to disengage, and that happens all the time. But to disengage before the resolution, is not of valor, not of truth – and is it hard and difficult to have this level of true speaking, of revelation, of vulnerability? It is amongst the hardest things you will do, and it is absolutely part of this journey.
We have talked to all of you about how you do not leave the third until you have made peace with the third.  Well, this is what we are talking about.
(1) The intergalactic language of diplomacy.
(2) The universe is more malleable than we suspect, more susceptible to being changed by thought. The universal laws are simply God’s thoughts, which have the impact of being commandments upon the malleable stratum of physical matter. What God says becomes, eventuates, is established. God says “Let it be so” and it is so.
(3) I.e., God’s commandments.

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AWESOME POST!!!!!! Thank you Skyzs. This is were I am at these days with those same questions. I have no desire to hold back (without screaming of course)after so many years of things getting worse.

So many brothers and sisters worrying about Politics, Sports and Celebrities!! New agers saying all will be beauitful and Great. Without wanting to do anything!!

False Flags happening all around the world and losing freedom every time we turn around. Courts ruling for Corporations on a daily basis these days and MSM cheering it on. I have had it!!! So I no longer hold back when ask my opinion theses days.

I played mr.niceguy to the sleeping sheeple for years,not any longer!! I get the same reaction YOUR TOO INTENSE!! I say HEY what are we leaving for our Children and Grandchildren? Then i get the stare like man your crazy and the devout religious sheeple just drive me crazy and when they do complain, I now say HEY LET GOD HANDLE IT, How's that work in the past. Never do I get an answer on that one.


Prayer is a confession of one's own unworthiness and weakness.
Mohandas Gandhi


Great compilation of msgs., Prpl- REALLY speaks to me & what i'm currently engaged in - Thanks!! Excerpt follows of what hit my heart:

"... only purpose of conflict – the only way it can serve is to break through the differences... striving together to reach the place of understanding and truth and there is only one truth my brother – and that is the truth of love...
true resolution implies and includes change.
Change of heart ... mind, ... behavior, ... action. But in order for this to take place everybody has need to be willing to do it...
to disengage before the resolution, is not of valor, not of truth... [Required huge resolve] is amongst the hardest things you will do, and it is absolutely part of this journey..."

2+ ongoing legal court issues are indeed testing & honing so much within me as i challenge the matrix, which crumbles as one peacefully, lovingly & graciously (& firmly) stands in who (& Whose) I AM & universal law  ☀ 


Yes it seems that so many are creating conflicts that do not need to be there. I also have had enough of this. It is time to rise up to ALL that we know is just plain wrong.


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