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1 THE DEMIURGE DECLARATION OF DEFEAT on Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:17 pm


Posted on January 27, 2014 by Ines Radman
 You will find the article in the above Menu from some entity called Harolan “The Demiurge Declaration of Defeat”, I am referring to that communication.  Never heard of this entity, so I am curious as to why this entity would now address the issue of revaluation. I have made notes within the communication itself, but wanted to write about it here in terms of how I feel about it.
I am of the opinion that if these entities are who they claim to be, then is not more important to help the 30,000 children dying of hunger each day?  Is it not important to help the population in the Middle East that are not only dying from being killed in the civil wars, but will continue to die from cancers from the DU left. If these entities really want to help, don’t you feel it’s more important to provide us with some technology so that we can have clean water on the planet? These are just a few priorities I feel need to be addressed, before this “revaluation”, but as I have already written about my distaste for “channeled entities”, I am only repeating what I already wrote about and that is to watch out for entities that claim to help us and save us.
The reason I titled the communication  from Harolan “The Demiurge Declaration of Defeat” is because they do in a way consent to defeat. “Understand, Beloved Earth Ones, that even your Ascended Masters, who are brilliant strategists and experts in the human psyche, could not have predicted the extent of criminality which would be indulged in during the past weeks.  We of the Galactic Council make our predictions based on known parameters, the exercise of which will create varying timelines depending upon the free will actions of all the players – all 7 billion of them.”
So, even the brilliant Ascended Masters could not have predicted the extent of criminality. Why didn’t Prime Creator just create a new timeline and make the RV happen? To me this is defeat, but they lied about what they could not predict. What they actually could not predict is that they didn’t have enough energy to create the illusions, in other words, people like me didn’t buy into their deceit and lies. This whole communication is about Revaluation, could they not think of better things to help us with?
Please note that now, two years later, the Dinar revaluation issue is still going on, playing people’s emotions like an instrument. It is about intentionally creating false hope and ‘learned yearning’ for something magical to happen. Yet false hope is toxic hope. It keeps us from living in the now moment. It prevents each of us from being connected to Source. As long as this corrupt Demiurge continues to associate itself with TNT Tony, it will not get any support from me, nor can it convince that an RV is on its way or ever was.  I know (nous) that this is just another deceitful group of false light entities that are desperately trying to gather enough energy for themselves as more and more people are waking up and taking their power back. They depend on us for this energy and so, using man’s weakness of money, they set up this sting operation but not to capture the “bad guys”, but to capture young souls who are not yet developed enough to understand what is going on.
These entities (Archons/Demiurge) keep violating the basic Universal Law of free will, that all beings are free to do what they choose providing they don’t harm others. When they stepped outside of this, they cut themselves off from the infinite source of Creation. So this is what these beings (demiurge, archons) did to themselves.
They find themselves stuck in a rigid hierarchy so they need energy, a constant source of energy. They feed off the lower emotions such as fear, hate, greed, anger, lust and in essence tapping into the full spectrum of human emotion.
Infinite Source does not want to be worshiped, it wants to be celebrated, it wants us to celebrate ourselves and extensions of it, and to celebrate the Universe as a beautiful cosmic, creative and artistic endeavor of joyful creation. We are an extension of Creator and creation.
The demiurge, known as the Archons who are recorded in the Gnostic texts were an error, a Celestial Error as Sophia was in the process of creating humanity. Within their first awareness, they believed to be Gods and from then started to invade the minds of humans. As inorganic beings, they cannot come into physical form so they play with us from the 4th density and beyond. They are jealous of us because we were created by the Aeon Sophia and have the gift of imagination, the Love of Creator, while they were an accident and cannot evolve like humans can.
So what this corrupt Demiurge has done is lock us into the Illusion of separation, where we believe that we are cut off from infinite source. In that state of feeling separated, we are looking for someone or something to believe in, someone to worship, someone to give our power to. We give our powers to gurus, priests, god-type beings like Jehovah who is a corrupt demiurge and their minions pose as St. Germain, Father God, Prime Creator, Archon Michael, etc.
We are infinite beings, much more powerful than the Archons or demiurge, this is why they manipulate us in order to not awaken and realize who we are. By worshipping these beings we give away our power to them and this in itself lowers our frequency and as long as they can keep us in this state, we cannot Ascend/Reintegrate.
So what happens when Gaia ascends into 5th density and we are not ready?
Well, that’s the demiurge lies that they are coming to help humanity and their worshipers will board ships and enter healing chambers where they will then be taken to the 4th dimension. Yes, they will ascend, but this is the trapped density where all the Archons and Demiurge exist so they will believe they have ascended to a better place.  It is definitely better than the Earth in 3rd density but they will not be able to leave that 4th density world until they realize who they are.
I like to compare it to chickens in a chicken coop. One day the owner decides to set them free, so he opens up the chicken coop and lets the chickens out. Now they are outside surrounded by a fence. At first the chickens are thrilled to have such a huge space and they spend most of their time outside exploring, but as each day goes by, they start getting closer to the fence, they discover holes and cracks in the fence and realize there is another world on the other side. It is at that point they realize they were not free, they were just given more space to live in.
Same as these humans that believe they are Ascending upwards to a 4th dimension. They will live in a hierarchical infrastructure and although it may seem like a paradise compared to where they came from, they will not become part of the galactic family. They will not be free to travel to other galaxies.
We are waking up to this enslavement much rapidly now, the Demiurge claim they were not able to foresee some things, but the reality is that we have caught on to their tricks  and the current one being the Revaluation and Global Reset, keeping people trapped in the illusion that they will get rich and be able to help others. They created the Exclusive Light Worker Prosperity Program using Iraq as their means to get rich. They have no problem destroying another country in order to provide for their lightworkers who have to spend a lot of money, probably money they would not afford to spend.  They obviously didn’t succeed as the masses are awakening to discover they are sovereign beings who no longer need “saviors”, rather that we are empowered by the knowledge that we have not been separated from source.
These entities now claim that greed won to cover up the truth that we sovereign beings won the battle and stopped them from not only destroying an already traumatized nation, but the power grids in Iraq were being attacked so that humanity could not raise its frequency.
Recently they have been channeling through various people convincing them that we will self-destruct and that they are helping us with Ascension, prosperity, clearing our environment from toxins. They claim we called out for help, but it looks like their plan didn’t succeed because we uncovered the RV as just another scam and trap for humans so they could feed off their energy of despair, rage, anger, frustration, disappointment and even if the RV had succeeded, their source of energy would have been the Iraqi people as the RV would have caused a bankruptcy or at best a hyper-inflationary situation even worse than it is now.
The Cabal are their minions, they sent their military might as slaughter robots who believed they were bringing democracy to these people, and now they wanted to reevaluate their Dinar so they could get rich off of these poor people.
We have gone beyond this limited false duality of the dark versus the false light and are moving into the true light, to the Light of infinite source, the Light of the free Universe because the corrupt demiurge is only taken over a tiny portion of Creation, small numbers of Solar systems, although it has carved out a sizable little empire for itself, it‘s still very minute.
In the free Universe, all beings have the awareness of their connections to source.
They operate in their lives as extensions of source, so that knowledge and awareness is always present. It’s hard for the human mind to conceive of what that’s like because we have been deprived of that awareness. A veil of forgetfulness was placed around the planet so that we could not “remember” who we were.
It was our purpose for coming here, to discover who we are and to re-connect to source. It was an experiment we all agreed to participate in, to be veiled in forgetfulness and to see if we can find our way home to Source. What happened that was  unplanned was that the Demiurge/Archons created a Karmic Prison in the 4th dimension so that we could not go back to source after dying, rather we were prevented by the Karma Lords and were sent back to Earth to reincarnate.
Our embodiment is an extension of source, our true self, any entities that truly want us to evolve will tell us “w e are from the same source”. Source extended itself into the Universal Prime Creator, which extended itself to the various galaxies which extended themselves into the stars and the planets which extended themselves into a physical form and in our case the human form, so we are extensions of our infinite self here in these bodies.
It isn’t the sum of who we are, my understanding is that there will not be a mass extinction event, there will not be any wars again, therefore there is no need for any beings to take us off this planet. We have wrestled enough control from the demiurge beings to prevent the next destruction cycle. We have resistance movements, legions of galactic warriors and galactic families that are helping Gaia to ascend, these beings are of the source and do not interfere with our free will, they do not tell us what to do, they empower us by reminding us that we are Creators and extensions of source.
There are many of them out there that communicate with us but do not interfere with life on the planet, they do not have hierarchies, no saints, ascended masters, Archon Angels, they introduce themselves with names, planetary origin and welcome us as their galactic family extensions of Source. This is how you can identify the real light beings from the false light beings.  They can’t’ fight the battle for us, they support us in becoming sovereign so that we can defeat these oppressors and we defeat them within ourselves. You see, the battleground is within our mind, within our own hearts and the battle is becoming free from the illusions, from looking at each illusion for what it is, looking at things as they truly are rather than how we want them to be and how we have been told that they are. Nearly everything we have been told has either been a deception or a limited truth designed to support the deception and their agenda.
So what is the difference between believe versus knowing?
When we believe something it is because someone has told us, we have given that person some of our power, due to them perhaps being an authority figure or even just in our mind an authority on a topic, so we take in what they told us and we believe it. This means that we don’t actually know, we simply have an idea that has been handed to us and we accept it, we believe it.
The difference between belief and knowing is huge. It’s the difference between being handed something versus experiencing something and coming to your own conclusion, your own knowledge based on that experience. So when you know something nobody can convince you of anything else. But if you have a belief system in place then you can be convinced of something else, because the belief isn’t rooted in your higher self. Knowledge comes from within. Most of what we think we know is based on beliefs.  So getting down to the root of why we think what we think, why we think we know what we know, that can also be a very illuminating process, it’s a path of liberation in many ways.
When we realize that we don’t know very much, that when we do know something, it will always lead to more knowledge, more wisdom, more experience so that even though I have certain things that I know based on experience, I also know that my knowledge is very small compared to what is possible to be known. It’s part of being humble to know that we don’t know everything. Any wise person will tell you they don’t know everything. A truly wise person BELIEVES in very little if they don’t know they will work on finding out themselves rather than accepting someone else’s belief system.
There is a tremendous campaign being waged upon our minds and our hearts to believe in various things, to believe in the external authority that “should” govern us, that should rule us whether that external authority is Jehovah, Jesus, or an angel or whatever you want to give that power away to.
When we simply acknowledge that “you know I don’t know that,  and I am not going to believe in something that I do not know, so what I will do is seek to know, I will see within myself to find the answer to this question”.
Never, never just believe anyone what they say, check with your inner self, your higher self, know for yourself that is true.
A sovereign being is one who has no ruler, a rulership authority is a belief, its a belief system that has been imprinted upon us. As extensions of Infinite Source, we also have access to all the information that existed and exists, similar to the Akashic. I use my pendulum to access the Akashic or answers I need when I am not able to get through to my higher self, this happens if I have experienced a stressful situation or watched violence on TV that sort of cut me off from Higher self due to an interruption of service, so my pendulum picks up the slack when I need it to.
Technically, the Demiurge/Archons are also source extensions but they cut themselves off, it’s like your foot not listening when you want it to, it’s attached, you see it, but it’s not moving or like your hand being chopped off and it walking away on its own like you see in horror movies. I have pity for them because they are inflicting belief systems, they can only exist through inflicting belief systems upon the minds of others so they are afraid constantly of us regaining our sovereignty, of us discarding belief systems and returning to our inner knowing (nous in Gnostics) and becoming truly sovereign.
It’s a slow process, it doesn’t happen overnight, it took me 30 years to figure it out, I’m very careful when referring to someone’s belief system. For example: I admire Cameron Day, his work has helped me a lot in understanding who I am. Notice I didn’t use “follow” or believe him. I took what resonated with me and expanded on it by working on my higher self, but we also have to start from someplace and there are many great people out there like Cameron Day, George Kavassillas, Andrew Bartzis, Chris Thomas who experienced therefore know what they are talking about. It is their experiences that I gained knowledge not their belief systems. They will rarely give out any predictions claiming they can only talk about what they “know”, not what they believe and this is why I enjoy reading their work because it’s based on their knowledge derived from their experiences of the subject matter.
The very notion that someone else knows what is best for you, is deeply flawed.
So, to conclude this, in order to evolve into higher dimensional beings, we must first clear ourselves from negative emotions, outside negative influences, other people’s belief systems which then makes room for our higher self to expand (reintegrate) within us and give us information that we need. We need to stop giving our power (energy) away to beings that claim they know what is best and present us with their belief systems.
Remember, most of these beings that come from hierarchies of Ascended Masters, and Saints and angels are afraid of you and they are manipulating you to feed off your energy. They do not have your best interest in mind otherwise they would honor the Universal Law of Free Will and Non Intervention, non-interference.
Last night a whole compression of data was coming to me, I went to sleep happy that people are finally realizing this RV was a scam, I thanked Creator for giving me opportunity to participate and express my concerns even though I was being pushed to advocate the truth.
This Declaration of Demiurge Defeat was already passed to me last night, I remember thinking “whoa, slow down, I can’t keep up with the information. This morning when I opened my mail and read the “Harolan” announcement, I almost spilled my coffee all over my laptop from joy, but I was not surprised. I knew it was coming because they were preparing for this, they just misjudged how much power we have accumulated and how many people started to wake up en masse.\
All you need to  do is watch the MSM with protests all over the world, riots and strikes. We have had enough of being told what to do. We of the true light are celebrating today as the Demiurge Openly admits to their defeat; it will take much more than an “RV” or money to fool us again. We are too powerful and their food source is slowly diminishing. There will be the die-hard, but that was their purpose for incarnating here, to experience greed and the constraints of 4th density, they will all have opportunity to evolve into higher dimensions once they have completed their lessons.
Ascension for me is restoration of Ascended consciousness, the process of freeing the mind, the heart, the soul from limited thought, feeling and expression. So that each individual person, when they are extended into physicality or when they have withdrawn from physicality that the being “knows” that it is free, that it is sovereign and that it is connected to the infinite source of all creation.
There is no need to escape, we are not trying to get off this planet and abandon mother Earth when she needs us the most, Mother Earth is a divine extension of source and we are all fortunate to be with her on this journey. The only thing we need to escape from is the prison within our minds, so it doesn’t require us moving into another dimension although we will become more aware of those dimensions and able to exert our will within those dimensions and densities that are intermixed with this one.
We exist on all levels of Creation, being here in this human body is only one of many experiences we are having and soon we will have that awareness of all the other parts of ourselves.
How wonderful can that be?

Thanks to:


2 Re: THE DEMIURGE DECLARATION OF DEFEAT on Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:20 pm


"[Harolan] continues to associate itself with TNT Tony, it will not get any support from me, nor can it convince that an RV is on its way or ever was."

This really shows where Ines is coming from; I see no "association" with TNT Tony at all mentioned therein. The RV delay seems to be due to respecting people's free will choices, not interfering with same, imo indicating no "defeat" at all, but rather great victory for the Light that not only encompasses RV, but also "...dovetailed with simultaneous programs which have identified generations of humanitarian abuses, war crimes, sexual abuses, child trafficking and sex trafficking and other organized crime activities.." as part of "sting operation" & justice being brought about via same. That's indeed a Halleluyah event for me!!

I do not discern Harolan's message at all in the same manner as Ines does, but my excerpt is here with a link to the entire msg., if one cares to see more & decide for oneself.

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