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Out Of Mind » GALACTIC AWARENESS » UFO DISCLOSURE, ISS, MUFON, SETI & NASA » Somethings in the air folks.......found at John M's blog..... Monday, April 16, 2012 Intel from the Good Guys!

Somethings in the air folks.......found at John M's blog..... Monday, April 16, 2012 Intel from the Good Guys!

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Somethings in the air folks.......found at John M's blog.....

Monday, April 16, 2012
Intel from the Good Guys!
Question: Due to the magnitude of this operation, are people being arrested now and then, the big announcement will be made once they are all rounded up?

: Not exactly. You’ve got people behind the scenes who are taken into custody and/or put under house arrest that’s not going to be in the mainstream news. The basis of what’s going to happen is very simple. We have set the country free through the notification process. The secondary part of that is that the military has assured its backing to us for the backing of the mass arrests scenario. The mass arrests scenario is going to be primarily all of your celebrity or well-known figures. You’re going to recognize a load of the names.”

“The first that happens is the central banking system is going to be required to repay each and everything that they borrowed. Not us, them. This will bankrupt that corporation.

Second part of this is a load, and I mean a heavy load, of criminal charges. Those criminal charges are not limited to anything. They contain just about every crime you can think of.

Following that, a reorientation back to the original de jour founding document government that was originally set in the United States will be implemented. Within all of this process, you’re going to have people taking care of, in terms of trying to make sure that the lights are all on, etc… If there’s a food shortage someplace, they will break out emergency rations and will make sure people don’t starve. In other words, everything that you can think of in terms of maintaining a general lifestyle is going to be as preserved as possible. This is going to be done with the least amount of chaos and as peaceably as possible. Some people will probably want to shoot it out. That’s their problem

There’s going to be a worldwide reevaluation of currencies from a debt instrument to an equity instrument and that will facilitate considerable changes. As far as I understand it, the plan has not changed. They were going to have a new currency which would allow for an exchange program and they decided that it could be done in terms of the currency that we have now, except that it says Federal Reserve Note on it. I’m thinking they’re going to bring the newly printed money back, bleach the paper and reprint. It will go from a debt instrument to an equity instrument backed by assets.”

In regard to HAARP, the controls will be taken over so it won’t be used as a weapon against innocent people. “There are a lot of good things that that can be used for."

Regarding televised coverage: “There’s going to be a nice little public display of people going to jail. Basically you’re going to see people being stuck in the paddy wagon being taken to the FEMA camps they built for us. This is going to be one each and every last channel that they can acquire. My understanding is that the military can access any and all channels so it will probably be on each and every channel and you won’t be able to change what you’re watching.”


I was posting this same "intel" on OOM @ nearly the same time you did it here, S4L :)

Great minds.... :?: ;)

I did it in a slightly different manner that I hope will grab People's attention enough so many will view it there.

We'll see.... To Him be all Glory, Honor and Praise... Great things He hath done... and continues to perform..

Halleluyah!! Freedom reigns... forever in His Kingdom and here on His earth, also... PTL!!


Great job 7freemom!

Occasionally I try to sneak stuff in but alas... they are wise to me. :)



Always love hearing great info...even if it's a snippet of what we already heard! :D


Hey cool new avatar LiR!!!

Can't hear this stuff enough! Maybe as this dinar thing hits the wall more people from the other side will remember every time a mod or admin bounced a post to OOM2 and come and join us over here and be informed. Maybe we should post this stuff over and over just in case. :)


I say put out as much info as possible, where ever possible. How many of us double post stuff. Can't say we're not getting the word out!!


You betcha!!!!

Today I started emailing some of the videos to family. Previously I would just say stuff like.... well when the galactics come down and help us out.... LOL


affraid purple...and then the ppl looked at you like you had just jumped off the deep end ha!

The water is suppose to move in the avatar, but doesn't seem to want to work. :x

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I know...

I told them all just to let me know when it gets to much and I will back off!! LOL


When you get that affraid look or deer in headlights's to much! :lol:

You know your a Lightworker when........................... (fill in blank)


One of my twins was dating a guy that is RH- blood type and I asked her..."Oh, is he a lightworker?"
She was like whats a lightworker?

I have been throwing these little words around for awhile now. I think of it as sowing seeds. Eventually one of them will call me up to explain. Should be any day now. :) hahahaha

Herb Lady

Thanks Shakes.

But what I don't understand is why would they continue to use a greenback dollar when others have said that the new money for the US Treasury is already printed up???? Why go to the trouble of bleaching and printing in something new???? And if they can do it, who's to say somebody else can't do more with a lesser than noble cause in mind??? None of this makes any sense to me, just seems to make sense to change the currency and get rid of all of the old and bring in the good and the new!???

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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HL the USD already printed 10 yrs/ago states Federal Reserve on it. They were going to weed it in & then out with final currency from UST stating UST.

But things have taken much longer than originally hope for, so now that there is a time crunch, they are thinking of just printing the newest currency stating UST on it & not Federal Reserve.

I just want the RV done & any currency that's not the old greenbacks used. print anything new after RV.

Come On RV Now!!! bounce

Herb Lady

From everything that I have read up until this time, I had gotten the impression that the new UST bills were already printed and in the banks ready for the change over.

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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Yes, they have been ready for 10 yrs, but they clearly state Federal Reserve on they need to print new ones that do not....or use those temporarily until new ones are printed.

Herb Lady

Weeellll - they better get busy!!

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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