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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » The REVOLUTION IS NOT BEING TELEVISED so get this information out to everyone you know...... NEW Texas Super Pac! - 'Liberty For All' - Submitted by ronpaulpeace on Tue, 03/20/2012

The REVOLUTION IS NOT BEING TELEVISED so get this information out to everyone you know...... NEW Texas Super Pac! - 'Liberty For All' - Submitted by ronpaulpeace on Tue, 03/20/2012

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The REVOLUTION IS NOT BEING TELEVISED so get this information out to everyone you know......

NEW Texas Super Pac! - 'Liberty For All' -
Submitted by ronpaulpeace on Tue, 03/20/2012 - 15:02

Ron Paul 2012

Great News

A new superpac formed out of Texas!

With a strong finish in California and Texas we are good to go to Tampa Convention

Statement from the 'Liberty For All Super PAC':

"Right now, the number one priority of this organization is to win the state of Texas for Ron Paul. If the grassroots is really serious about winning a brokered convention, then amassing delegates and finishing strong in the Texas primary is a PRIORITY.

We are currently setting up offices in Houston, Tyler, Nacogdoches and Austin (Headquarters). These locations should be fully functional mailing and call centers by the end of this week.

We plan on blanketing the state of Texas with phone calls, mailers, and candidate comparison sheets. We have data for approximately 12 million people, which is why it is absolutely imperative that we get volunteers to our offices to make phone calls.

We also plan to set up billboards on heavily traveled highways around Houston, Austin, and Dallas. We are in the process of designing billboards regarding electability, military donations, only Texan and veteran, etc.

One of the most important aspects of our operation is that we will be holding delegate-training sessions at our offices. It is vital that we fill the delegate slots with Ron Paul supporters. Please sign up for our blog, as more info about this will come out in the following weeks.

We have been fortunate enough to have a large donor funding the setup costs for this operation. So far, he has contributed over $160,000. Still, in order to win the State of Texas, we will need a massive influx of volunteers and donations.

This is why I am asking for the help of the Ron Paul Forums. I know the economy is tough right now, but for the future of our country, please donate as much as you can on our website. If you cant donate, please volunteer to make phone calls and stuff envelopes for us.

Our Website is far from finished right now, but it is up and running and accepting donations. We will have a Ron Paul style Money Bomb ticker up by Sunday.
Grassroots Patriots, please visit our site and donate as much as you can.

Please spread the word far and wide so we can change the course of history and win Texas! "

Reads good!
And they use the comparison sheets from our very own DP grassroots Sovereignjanice

Time for everyone to get a boost and spread the message everywhere!

The peacefull R3volution is alive and winning!


The AWAKENING is JUST happening for many.....this is great.....send it viral folks....

Santorum Out, Ron Paul In

The latest Rasmussen poll on 12 April shows that in a hypothetical Election 2012 matchup, President Obama and Mitt Romney are tied at 45%. Texas Congressman Ron Paul holds a one-point edge over the president, 44% to 43%. Yes, that's right. Ron Paul is now the candidate most likely to defeat Barack Obama.

This trend is likely to get worse for Mitt Romney once Obama unleashes his attack ads because Romney has very little record to fight back with. Romney spoke in favor of the bank bailouts, so he can't challenge Obama on that issue. Romney was pro-abortion in the past, so he can't challenge Obama on that. Romney's tax plan actually increases the deficit, so he can't challenge Obama on that. ObamaCare was modeled on Romney's government-mandated healthcare in Massachusetts so he can't challenge Obama on that either. Romney was for the assault weapons ban, the economic stimulus that didn't work, and the global warming issue, so trying to take on Obama on those won't work either. The one reason Romney has been successful against the other Republican candidates is his fundraising (he is backed by Goldman Sachs and the other big banks). But so is Obama, and Obama has even more money. Therefore, Romney won't be able to outspend him.

However, if Ron Paul is the GOP nominee, he can without a doubt take on Obama on all these issues and more because his record is so rock-solid and consistent. Over Paul's entire 30 year career he has never voted for a tax increase or for an unbalanced budget. He voted against the bank bailouts. He voted against the failed economic stimulus packages. Dr. Paul is firmly Pro-Life, having been an OB/GYN and has personally delivered over 4000 babies and understands well the sanctity of life. Ron Paul has never voted for any bill that would restrict gun owners' rights or that would weaken the 2nd Amendment. Ron Paul voted against Obamacare and spoke against its infringement on our liberties. His tax plan was evaluated as the only plan out of all four GOP candidates' tax plans that would actually eliminate the deficit and start reducing the national debt. And most importantly, Ron Paul warned Congress in 2002 that the housing market bubble would collapse and pull the country into a severe recession. This is because he has a deep understanding of economics and what actually causes recessions and how to prevent them.

Lastly, Ron Paul believes national defense is the single most important responsibility the Constitution entrusts to the federal government. To quote Ronald Reagan, "Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country." Ron Paul will make sure our military spending is only for actual national security. He will keep our troops out of unconstitutional wars that entangle us in failed nation-building missions, so our troops can come home to defend America's borders instead. He will not pander to defense contracting lobbyists. He will protect our taxpayer dollars from being spent on a failed foreign policy of trying to be the policeman of the world. Ron Paul is the only Presidential candidate that is a military veteran. And he gets more contributions from active duty military than all the other candidates combined. Military active duty members are his biggest contributor (Obama's biggest donors are also Goldman Sachs and the other big banks).

In short, with Ron Paul as our Republican nominee, he soundly defeats Obama on the issues. Obama has no defense against Ron Paul. If Romney is the nominee, Romney will have to spend all of his time trying to defend his record instead of going on the offensive against Obama.

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