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Tools of An Empath- Grounding

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1 Tools of An Empath- Grounding on Wed Jan 29, 2014 6:24 pm


Tools of An Empath- Grounding

One of the best things an Empath can learn is how to ground. Grounding works just like the grounding wire in electronics. It allows you to release any excess energy and emotions. Excess energy can often make you feel lethargic, sleepy, drained. Many people assume they need more energy, when that's not always the case.
Simple grounding techniques can make a big difference in an Empaths day. It can sometimes mean the difference between being able to cope and feeling like you're going insane.
There are lots of ways to ground, no way is the one right way. Experiment, use what works for you. The following are a few suggestions:
You can wash your hands in really cold water.
You can go outside, place your hands on the ground and visualize the energy flowing from your hands to the ground. Sort of a push.
You can visualize roots growing from your feet to the ground, and burrowing deep into the ground, the energy flowing from you to the earth.
You can go outside, find a stone, and keep it in your pocket. it will help ground you.
You can wear hematite, which is good for grounding, but for intense energies it tends to shatter or break (which is why an ordinary stone works)
You can also simply state "I ground any excess energy that does not serve my highest good" and picture the energy flowing through your body to the earth.
I have a friend who bought a cheap cat litter pan, filled it a few inches with aquarium rocks and pushes the rocks with his hands.
Many gardeners will tell you to play in the earth, so I myself keep a pan full of sand from the beach to dig my hands in. it's very calming and soothing, but you could just as easily start a garden, or plant something or even just dig up some dirt and put it in a pot and play with it. I also have a basket of small river rocks at work that I play with when I need to ground. They're beautiful to look at and feel WONDERFUL.
Playdoh, believe it or not has the same principles. Yeah, I know, sounds strange, but there's something to be said for artistic creativiity. it has a grounding effect all it's own.
Also cats will ground you. Their chakras spin the opposite direction from us, giving them a natural grounding ability. Holding a cat for a few moments will help to ground you.
I hope some of these help.
Anyone else have any suggestions?


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