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WHERE DID THE PHILIPPINE GOLD GO? March 7, 1995. Hon. Sofronio C. Sayo, Presiding Judge signed and sealed MANILLA CT. ORDERS Sheriffs to collect/withdraw/confiscate all Gold Bullion including its cash deposits which are in the account of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos

AS CHINA DUMPS US TREASURY BONDS AND CLOSES THE SOUTH CHINA SEA one wonders if the following had anything to do with all of this?

The individuals recorded title to any property of value containing Trusts, Oil, Gold etc they could find and the Judges in the courts went along with it.  Why is China closing the South China Sea.. these individuals filed Title Deeds on Islands from the Philippines to mainland China..


Aug 13, 2004 - Believe it or not A 50/50 SPLIT between the Ekkers and THE COUNCIL .... copies of Public Record Documents of Title and filed same as their own in Las ... with a DEED OF RECORD which has on its face Right hand side "Owner. ... unsuspecting MUSLIMS in the Philippine Chain of Islands..up to the Asian ...

What is most concerning? These men and women of the CFR have and are operating in Conflict of Interest of the Constitutional Offices of the We, the People and our Xth Amemdment Government of the united States, having done so for their own personal benefits and Corporate Power Globally.

It mattered not if Laws were broken, nations destroyed, infra-structures stolen, banking, financing and economics placed in a "terrorist hostage" situation
(see: )
nor did it matter "a man was kidnapped, tortured and murdered over Prime Bank Instruments he did not own or have signatory power see:DOCUMENTATION/VALIDATION OF
Durham (Intl. Ltd;) Holding Trust, Tias 12087 Documents of Recorded Record
(also see ), his (CEO Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd; Nevada ID # 1707-85, Russell Herrman (Primary Signature on "closing transactions") Herman (secondary signature) signature was forged for this CFR and GAIA (alleging to be a MUSLIM GROUP operating in the "MUSLIM COMMUNITIES") "Banking Terrorism" to bring the World to near financial and economic collapse, and the current IRAQ War in all fairness is all over this "Agreement" between the CFR and GAIA: .

The only things that mattered were SPLIT 50% & 50% between the CFR and GAIA everything that could be stolen with the "Counterfeit Bonus Certificate 3392-181" instruments while stealing more UTILITY COMPANY'S, WATER COMPANY'S and OIL RESERVES in the Philippine Chain of Islands, Korea, Malaysia and elsewhere as these nations and their people's were taught to HATE THE UNITED STATES OF ISRAEL when the U.S. Treasury/FED.R. refused to pay off on these "counterfeit U.S. Debt Instruments" authorized by the CFR.
As you can see; The Council on Foreign Relations authorized this GLOBAL BANKING, FINANCING & ECONOMIC TERRORISM when they authorized the parties identified in this PUBLIC NOTICE to use someone else's property in the worlds biggest PROPERTY & ASSET SCAM designed to "Bankrupt the U.S. Treasury and U.S. Federal Reserve" issuing "worthless prime bank gold instruments alleging these worthless pieces of paper were "the debt of the U.S." where...-- Believe it or not A 50/50 SPLIT between the Ekkers and THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS took place, and set in place the DIVVYING UP of UNSUSPECTING NATIONS, AND UNSUSPECTING INDIVIDUALS "ASSETS, GOLD, LANDS, INFRA-STRUCTURES, MINERAL RESOURCES, OIL and the usual etceteras"...then "split the take 50/50"...with the Council on Foreign Relations
and for the list of the U.S. Officials involved in this GLOBAL BANKING, FINANCING & ECONOMIC "HOSTAGE TAKING" of the Council on Foreign Relations go to &p=Council+on+Foreign+Relations+Members .

You want to know the current state of affairs of the Banking, Economics and Financing? Go to; ! site no longer available..

When our U.S. Federal Government's QUASI agencies set up operations which are intended to take the entire nation, and our allies hostage in the worlds biggest BANKING SCAM in history since THE TRIPOD scammed PERU, BOLIVIA, CHILE & ARGENTINA out of their "NATURAL RESOURCES & income from their infra-structure for 60 YEARS" with the same, if not identical "SCAM" back in the 1860's and 1870's...

Well! They are doing the same dammed thing once again "intending to BANKRUPT THE U.S. TREASURY/U.S. FED. R." AND SPLIT THE TAKE "50/50."

March 7, 1995. Hon. Sofronio C. Sayo, Presiding Judge signed and sealed, made of public record a WRIT OF EXECUTION ordering the Court sheriff, Atty. Jose E. Ortiz, and his Deputized Private Sheriffs to collect the sum of P3 Billion plus interest of 7% per annum starting 1968 to present as damabes sustained by the Tallano Estate implicated by the National Government and its agencies, the National Housing Authority, the Public Estate Authority, the Land Registration Administration, The Philippines Port Authority, the Base Conversion Development Authority, the Manila International Airport Authority, the Land Registration Administration and etc., etc., etc., which included ordering the Sheriffs to collect/withdraw/confiscate all Gold Bullion including its cash deposits which are in the account of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos (cutting it short) in favor of the Tallano Estate for the Tallano Clan and so forth.

These U.S. HUSTLERS ENGAGED IN "PRIME BANKING, FINANCING & ECONOMICS FRAUDS" with the Council on Foreign Relations who have agreed to split 50-50..on everything they could "steal".. proceed to ALTER THE COURT ORDER WRIT OF EXECUTION of March 7, 1996 and proceed to "insert" their names.. into said WRIT OF EXECUTION.. in the "fine print" after the Judge signs the Writ of Execution?
There are three pages which will be included into this which were made public in CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL, June 16, 2003 pages 5, 6 and 7. [see:  ] You will notice on page 7, in the fine print after Judge Sofronio C. Sayo signs off... the fine print includes after the fact insertion of [QUOTE]
  "This action is taken on the advice of counsel pursuant to the following facts:
   The debt of Bolivia, Chili, and Peru were assumed by the United States of America pursuant to an act of Congress in 1906. Among that debt was an unredeemed bearer gold certificate (bearer bond) #3392, issued and sold in New York City in 1875. The outstanding debt of the USA was guaranteed by the PRIVATE Federal Reserve System pursuant to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which of course included #3392. The bond became the property of Russell Herman, an associate of George H.W. Bush, in the late 1970's and, in the 1980's is alleged to have been used by Bush and Herman, being referred to as the "SuperFund". because of that use, it cannot be repudiated. It was also associated with the Ferdinand Marcos/Ronald Reagan "ABL" program devised to reestablish a world wide gold-based currency. Because it is payable in gold and is guaranteed by the FED and the owners of the FED, the International Banks, any and all gold held by any of those entities is subject to this lien.
 Pursuant to the rules governing Public Notices under the Uniform Commercial Code of the USA and most other nations, this notice will be published in three consecutive issues of a newspaper of wide circulation. [end quote]
Sunday, February 2, 2014

BY:  V.K. Durham, CEO
Durham (Intl. Ltd;) Holding Trust, Tias 12087

Posted by John MacHaffie at 6:18 PM

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