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Betrayed by a Stranger

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1 Betrayed by a Stranger on Mon Feb 03, 2014 7:38 pm


Betrayed by a Stranger
Posted on February 3, 2014 by Ines Radman
A stranger is defined as “a person whom one does not know or with whom one is not familiar”. I started this post because I was browsing through the Dinar Forums the last few days and  I noticed how many people were not familiar or knew personally their gurus. I started to think about that and how easy it is to con someone online because we have the opportunity to present ourselves any way that suits us.
Betrayal is falsity, untrustworthy, breach of trust, breach of faith. It’s a horrible thing to experience, especially with someone that you know or are close to. For me betrayal is the most painful experience I had in my life, my parents betrayed me, the two people that were supposed to take care of me, nurture me, love me instead hurt me and abused me.
It took a long time to overcome that feeling of betrayal and even in my adult life I had a few experiences of betrayal, but it was my fault because I didn’t know the person that betrayed me very well and so I had to take responsibility for the consequences.
People betray people online everyday, it’s easy. One can say that it’s not betrayal if you don’t know that person, so let’s define what I mean specifically.
I have been following this Dinar RV and Tony TNT for a few months now. I never mentioned in my previous posts that I had no intentions of every investing into the Dinar, it was because of a group of people that I started this journey into the Dinar. I feel that I am objective when it comes to the RV and I have looked at both sides.
I will assume especially in the last few weeks as many dinarians have opened their eyes to the truth that the RV is not going to happen anytime soon have felt betrayed. I have even asked a few people that “follow” TNT Tony how much they knew about this person. Did they have a phone contact? No. Did they have a physical address of his office or home? No. Did they know his real name? No. Did they ever meet him in person? No.
One can say that he was/is a stranger to them, regardless of the fact they followed him for months some even years because they believed him. He is a stranger in a sense if they answered NO to just one question above.
So, yes, many people are feeling betrayed because they trusted this man with their money, many will be betrayed as days move on for the same reason. These people listen to TNT Tony at least once a week, some even everyday, they read the forums, the posts and keep in touch with him every way they can, but they know nothing about him.
Personally, if I have money I want to invest, I will call up a qualified consultant to give me advise on where or how to invest. I would never trust someone online especially without knowing everything about them.
So, there a quite a few people right now that are really pissed off, feel betrayed by Tony and want to do something about it. Imagine going to the authorities and when being asked what they know about this person all they can say is his name is TNT Tony! I doubt you would get much sympathy from the authorities with this information. Forget about the websites, they can be shut down in 10 minutes. An honest businessman will put out all the information about them, their physical contacts and photos, locations, if they have accreditation they will list them or insert a photo on their websites. TNT Tony has nothing. No contacts, no address, no photo, no nothing. If things go wrong and you need to get even what information do you have about this person if you plan on going to the authorities?
I can’t imagine what some of these people are going through right now. The ones that were smart, they invested only how much they could afford to lose, now they look at their situation as “learned my lesson” and life goes on. The other group that invested “blindly” into this scam were honest, hard working and decent people that were in very difficult financial situations. I have read about foreclosures, about not able to afford healthcare, about serious medical health conditions, so many many sad stories of situations and these people in essence used money they could not afford to lose, in some cases they didn’t pay their mortgage payments for months and instead used that money to buy more Dinars.  They waited for months and some for years to become wealthy, and did nothing about their situations. I know this from communicating with some people online, they lost their homes because they sat at home waiting from day to day to get wealthy, yet had they known it would be months or years, they would have been proactive and tried to resolve their financial difficulties.
It breaks my heart knowing how many people are suffering right now, I wish I never got into researching this subject, it’s very depressive, very energy draining, in fact, I would even go as far to say that these people that invested in the Dinar have lowered their frequencies so much that if there are any 4th density beings behind this, they are feasting on this energy right now. It hasn’t been easy for me to do the research because of the negative energies, the false hope, the despair, the anger now at the banks for cashing out the elite (nobody got cashed out folks), and then we have the feelings of betrayal.
I can’t imagine what these folks are going through right now, but I can’t say that I am feel compassion very much either because they consciously gave their power to a stranger. Blindly giving away their power to a man they know nothing about, so I can’t say that I feel all the way for them and they have to take some responsibility for their bad decisions, but that doesn’t make it any easier for them, the feelings are the same, the end result is the same.
For some it is a very expensive lesson, for some greed took over, it was not enough to invest $1000 USD for a Million Dinars, I mean how much money do you need for your basic needs? Some went as far as $15,000 USD for billions of Dinars and nit picked the rates as if $32 and $35 make a big difference when you are getting billions in return. I call that greed. Greed doesn’t bring good things, but then neither does false hope and blind faith. It will be a costly lesson for some, and a costly mistake for others, but they still have to deal with the betrayal.
I too learned my lessons. I don’t do business with any website that does not have contact numbers, addresses, some type of photos, credentials and before I do anything, I pick up the phone and verify the number. If possible, I try to do business in person, buying small items online is ok, but when you investing in large sums of money, you do not do that with strangers online unless you have already met them in person. It’s much harder to lie and cheat someone in person, although there are good cons that can do it very well, but you see, if things go wrong and you need to report this person, the least you have is their description of what they look like because that is what they go by when looking for someone.
I cannot believe that thousands of people spent over $1000 of their heard earned money/savings/money to pay bills to a dealer and then followed a man they know nothing about. What is the praise about? What has this Tony done for you? Give me one, just one thing that Tony has done for you? I am not talking about him talking to you, he’s not doing you any favors talking to you. Talk is cheap. Do you honestly think he carries the cost burden of conference calls everyday just from the generosity of his heart? Do you know how much it costs to use such system?
Never give your power to anyone, because you only set yourself up for possible betrayal and hurt. Never let someone else make decisions for you. Make your own, you’re allowed to make mistakes, it’s how we learn in life, by making mistakes. By giving away our power to someone else, how do we really know they are doing the right things for us? You can’t know this because it’s the reason you gave your power away in the first place. You didn’t trust yourself or felt that you didn’t know enough, so how can you know that person knows more than you do or  how can you know they are knowledgeable?  It’s like helping your child with homework/math, if you don’t know Math very well, you can’t help your child. Are you going to bluff his homework and risk your child from getting the wrong answers? I doubt it. I think you will just tell your child you don’t know math.
It saddens me, it is disappointment to see so many people give their power away and in this case, to a stranger. Along with the feeling of betrayal, you will feel stupid, you will feel anger at yourself for trusting this person. You might think “How would I know this person didn’t know?. Well, that’s what I already wrote, you call up an expert in financial matters to get real advice from. You know, this person has diplomas and certificates on their office walls, they have business cards, brochures, and even references if you ask for them.
Take your power back, nobody deserves your power other than you. Nobody can do the job better than you. There is no excuse for not knowing today. Within a few clicks you can access any information you need online. Don’t be lazy or don’t think of yourself as stupid, it’s not true. Don’t put yourself down, don’t disrespect your own self rather get answers you need and don’t give your power to others especially strangers you know nothing about.
I would like to know how many of you out there have TNT Tony’s home address, work address, phone contact and photo of him? I sure would like to get my hands on them, I have not been able to find anything about him except for his indictments so people, I am sorry for your predicaments, I really am. I know a lady that I feel very close to in this group, I love her dearly, I tried to write her several emails to get her to at least “think” about her Dinar investments, but she would not hear one word of it, I feel so sad for her, she’s not yet opened her eyes, denial is a powerful thing especially when you have about 5000 followers that you are encouraging to keep on to the Dinar. I feel your doubts, your despair, I feel your anger for being betrayed, you are all holding up my spiritual growth, the Earth’s vibration, and right now we need to be in the space of LOVE to help Mother Earth and those of us that are awake to graduate. For some of you this probably is out of this world, but my point is, get out of the negative environment, soon we will not need money to live on this planet, get your house in order and take your power back, nobody is worthy of your power, and most of them use it against you for their own benefits, otherwise they would not ask for it. When people ask you to trust them, it’s usually for the wrong reasons, we don’t need to ask anyone to trust us, you either do or you don’t, but asking someone to trust you is asking for your power.
I am asking you from the depths of my inner being and heart to really think about who you are trusting and who you are giving your power to. If you have never met this person face to face or over skype where you can see them, you’re taking a big risk and you have very little to go on should things go wrong, but most importantly, the authorities are not going to be very understanding when you can’t offer them information about the person that betrayed you.

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