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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR CAST OF CHARACTERS & CHARLETONS » Benjamin Fulford » MUST READ:More stuff in Chinese from Benjamin Fulford.

MUST READ:More stuff in Chinese from Benjamin Fulford.

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More stuff in Chinese from Benjamin Fulford.

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 4-Feb-2014 01:45:28

      Google translate is having a hard time with this. Seems to be a rehash of recent newsletters, with some new stuff thrown in.


       ◆ Changes in the world of the Vatican bank changes symbolized by the upper

  «2014/01/21 VOL255»

      Last week, Sabbatai faction of the evil forces, one of the important power base of the Vatican Bank, among the top five cadres, there are four people under the new Pope 法朗西斯科 commands were exchanged.

      According to former CIA Executive, including intelligence sources said, including many in the Vatican bank, the presence of dignitaries headed to the G20 politicians and powers of the world who have a lot of bribes amounting account.

It is said that in so far as the old power structure, the highest among national politicians just right into the hands of the State, Henry Kissinger and other Sabbatai faction cadres to visit the evil forces, saying "if obedient enough, they will Join the world's most high-end rich club ", and will have a huge amount of money deposited in the bank account in the name of the Vatican to the person. Incidentally, when the same intelligence sources as saying that the amount received by the Prime Minister of Japan to reach 100 billion yen. And, so far, refused requests leader if they occur, assassination, coups, and even the removal of U.S. troops and other forms of aggression are common.

     But according to the rotation of the upper echelon of the Vatican Bank, the future of the world's great powers of the results will likely change.

       Another Chinese army mobilized more than 10 million people in the large-scale military exercises along the border of North Korea launched at the same time, there are rumors that the U.S. and South Korean troops will also be aimed at North Korea's implementation of the US-ROK military cooperation between February-March training policy. It is said that this is an internal clean-up continues to exert pressure North Korea, and as a part of the future strategy and tactics.

       News of the Chinese government, said, "Last week, it seems that North Korea has been executed have a close relationship with China's two government cadres." This incident made him feel uncomfortable. The same sources as saying that North Korea's internal cleaning will continue in the future.

       And also as in Japan, North Koreans and Israelis cleaning agents have already begun. This is in order that the evil forces will Sabbatai faction expelled from the country, while Japan and South Korea to prevent new nuclear terrorist incident was, but said the U.S. military and the Chinese government is planning also includes the two Koreas peaceful intentions Unified purposes.

[Cleansing] Sabbatai camp

       Just last week, a few pieces from the event can be seen on the intimate relationship between the United States and China. In any case, the U.S. government does not appear to predict bankruptcy farce because of debt resulting from non-performance, but successfully make the new budget is passed in Parliament. And, at the same time, some U.S. Treasury bonds held by the Chinese government regarding the disclosure of a new high on the U.S. Treasury website.

       In summary, the results of the Obama administration blindly obey the Chinese government's intention is that China is a continuation of the shares of the company and the United States provided funds (both bought U.S. Treasuries).

       Affected by this situation is expected to accelerate in the United States Anti-old system to send Group Sabbatai send evil forces cleaning. Of course, as politicians play a role in bribery under its forces in Japan under slavery might also be ruled out at a time, or is still worth reading as the script is updated.

       In Europe, Sabbatai send evil forces cleaning sign is forming a "big child sex network uncovered" form and wantonly started. In the UK, there are members of Congress involved, including the exposure and arrest of juvenile sexual abuse continues, according to a national newspaper Express said the police authorities in the UK, has raided the congressman juvenile video and other evidence of sexual violence.

       In the article, awareness has also reported that their behavior was photographed members, is expected to be coerced and forced to surrender towards the other side of the camera, said "OK, I will follow what you say is on the parliamentary vote. "The attitude is also recording.

       MI5 source said, "In recent years, the ongoing child sex network search, to the development of the final estimate, including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, including a big shot in the capture," while Queen Elizabeth has also started a little bit to Charles and William make right and ready to abdicate and other things have also been published. #. Utz_6rmCiM9

       Also in the Vatican, cleaning inside the child sex network also launched, which two years have been more than 400 people have been lifted priest's office.

       In addition, the delegation was sent to the Vatican last week in Geneva, Switzerland · United Nations Children's group has also been related to the protection of the relevant Group promised on the issue of sexual abuse of minors rigorous public examination decades will purify their organization. Matter by Reuters and other media to spread the world.

       [Changes in the Near East]

       In the Near East, upheaval continues. Last week, the Gulf Cooperation Conference (Middle East, Arabian Gulf regional cooperation body) sent a mission to China, affected, Sunni Islam and Shia Islam began towards the end of the old opinionated caused by rupture direction.

       Following this, the peripheral countries isolated by Shiite Iran would be the Israeli government and the Palestinian Peace Commission to determine the issue of the invitation, which holds regional hegemony in the Near East, Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to visit Iran. E2% 80% 9CJerusalem-Committee% E2% 80% 9D-% E2% 80% 93-with-Kerry% E2% 80% 99s-approval

       In addition, Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan exempt 350 police officers thing has been introduced in the previous period Sabbatai faction with the evil forces of power struggles, and in the last week, there are 20 special prosecutors Bureau search department cadres to be cleaned again. As a result, Sabbatai sent from the evil forces will also be there because of their relationship 縁 Turkey expelled.

       Again, for Sabbatai send evil forces who are not interesting, another big action, which is unfolding in the world to legalize marijuana trend.

       Uruguay and the United States being in Colorado, Washington and other effects of cannabis is legalized, other countries or states also appeared to lift the ban or discuss this evidence.

       For this reason, in the past anesthetic through illegal money laundering transactions and make a lot of money large banks refused to handle money, marijuana has become a legitimate transaction to resist.

       As mentioned above, by far the world's knowledge is undergoing dramatic changes, in the middle, leaving the future problem is that Washington, DC and surviving in the political system of corruption and slavery part of those in power to work in Japan, Europe The total shift.

       Exposed above the upper echelon of the Vatican bank and then set the child sex networks, as well as changes in the structure dominated by the Middle East oil resources caused so, what its precursor.

       If Henry Kissinger and Tony Blair, George Bush Sr. And Jr., Junichiro Koizumi and other television news coverage can be arrested, then it is the human nightmare draw on the proven long period of. Perhaps that day is not so far away.

Iraq P2 Masonic lodge news, "the new system to send the Vatican Bank is planning to use bribery account information in the past, the strong push heads of governments, including Japan, is committed to the peaceful development of the world."

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