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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » Example of a CE Checklist for Bank Apt. from MH Countryboy Emailed to Recaps.

Example of a CE Checklist for Bank Apt. from MH Countryboy Emailed to Recaps.

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Example of a CE Checklist for Bank Apt. from MH Countryboy Emailed to Recaps.



MH Countryboy: FEE PROVISIONS and things to ask for at EXCHANGE checklist

[  ]  Real time on site verification with no further review. 

[  ]  Instant deposit credit with immediate access to funds.

[  ] Follow up appointment with wealth manager / private banker,

[  ] All accounts with a POD clause

[   ]  Privileged atm card [ no Fee even out of network]  NO – RFID

[  ] Book of Checks ( 10), 

[  ] Proof of funds letter (10) , or CCC

[  ] Copy of sighed NDA ( Banker sign to),
[  ]  Complete notary service

[   ]  10,000 in cash

[  ]  Bank to provide at team to include: [  ] Tax attorney ,

[   ]  CPA , [   ]  Wealth Manager , [   ]  Financial planner

[   ]  Private Banker



[  ] Bank has NO POWER of Attorney and Money Manager DOESN'T have complete fiduciary control over ANY of  your Money

[  ] NO limitation of time or amounts, Penalties, charges or fees on transfer or withdrawals Of funds from any of the accounts

[  ] NO Fees on checking or savings accounts, NO ATM or Human teller fees, NON system atm fees, No debit or credit card  fees

[  ] NO Monthly or annual Maintains or service fee or card fees, inactivity fee, account closing fee, lost card or replacement card fee.

[  ] NO fee or charge for cashing any  form of checks, free traveler’s checks

[  ] NO cash advance fee

[  ] NO  Automatic withdrawals

[  ]  NO fees or charges for obtaining certified or cashier checks or money orders.

[  ]  No bank spread or currency exchange fees.

[  ]  NO cashier check fees

[  ] NO  Annual membership fees,

[  ] NO Computer or Remote Banking

[  ] NO NON – system out of system banking or atm charges or fees

[  ] Print out of ALL of today’s transactions with regards to these accounts

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