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TNT Call Feb 10 2014 -- Tony says that Wednesday is RV day

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Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 6:33:57 PM

Hello All!

Following are the TNT Tony Call Notes from today's call… This was a very good call and I suggest you read
and/or listen to this call…. The link below will allow you to listen to the call on your computer and there is no
charge for this!…. Tony was given assurances it should RV no later than Wednesday and good possibility
for tomorrow!…. More as it becomes available….

The "tweets" were a big factor in moving this along… Read an see what you think! :o)


Problems with blogtalkradio; sound finally came through at 10.12am PST.

Tony: Good morning, TNT! I just sent out a tweet so that people can get back on the call. It is February the 10th, 2014. There is a lot of information, and regardless of what others say, I am going to be honest with you all. I’m going to have to bring some people into the real world. Some will be disappointed and some will be elated when we get off this call.
This is where we’re at: On Friday we were ready to go public, and we were asked to hold off on that. I’m always ready to sit down and make a deal and make this happen. I am not interested in drama, I just want us to get on with this and get on with our lives.

Over the weekend I got a lot of information. I saw your messages and tweets, that you wanted to say or do something. I cannot always tweet what is going on, because I have to let it play out. As I was informed by my partner here, we started with four agencies and now we have eleven agencies listening to this and every other call. We have now gone up to multiple countries listening to our call. So I have to be respectful of what we get, and of the process.

We are still in the battle! This is the situation: I have to figure out how to tell you guys the good stuff and say it’s almost over, it’s here, but until it actually happens we need to remain vigilant and ready for battle.

We are supposed to be on the same side! The battle is to be treated fairly. I cannot have and cannot be a part of this… I got a call yesterday saying 19 people were arrested in two days by Homeland Security for threatening Congressmen and Senators.

That is dumb, to start with. I keep saying: DO NOT THREATEN ANYONE. That is not what we are trying to do, and it won’t get you anything but arrested, like these 19 idiots. Don’t do that, and especially don’t say that Tony or TNT told you to do that! I never told you that, I only asked you to make sure your Congress people that currency has been exchanged. We are not threatening them with anything except justice and exposure. That was the worst part of what I have today.

The best part is that #WeAreThePeople on Twitter are now very well known. I am extremely proud of you all. Mine is the name being cussed in Washington, and none of it would have happened if you weren't out there, making a noise and letting these issues be known. We have been getting calls all the time that they are having calls about you guys, and that is right! WE didn't let it go this far – they did! We've been talking about it for two weeks, asking them to please stop the madness before it gets out of hand. I say that on every call. And I get calls asking ME to stop the madness, but we are doing what we need to do. It’s getting done. I've got the numbers and the times and everything else.

Things are positive, and when we leave this call they will be positive today; until it actually happens, though, I will continue saying what I have to say.
As everyone expressed to me yesterday, they spent 13 years putting this together, and it’s at a very delicate position in the last ten hours.

It’s at a place where it could go either way and we could affect it either way. It’s a global situation, and we absolutely ARE involved. It was not our intention to threaten anyone, not Congressmen, Senators, administration or bankers. They took that very seriously, and we don’t want to do that.

We do have new rates that they have negotiated. I’m not going to put those out, but I will say that there’s a real possibility that we will get a double-digit rate. There are still 800 numbers, and we could be seeing those. The process has moved on. We should be at the bank right now, and we’re not, for a reason.

DC: My own disclaimer – we are not about threatening anybody, we are just trying to get people to do the right thing. We are attempting to help the general process for the general public. When someone very high up says we are at a sensitive spot, your people are influencing things, and we don't want to screw this up.
Pam: Aunt B has sent you a text, DC! Right now, the GCR is in process around the world. It will probably take many hours, and we are there. This is incredibly positive, and we are right with it, so let’s not risk it by screwing up now. We are very much in play.

East Coast: Iraq is leading the international RV through the IMF. As well as China, many other countries are getting more backbone, and they are getting Iraq to line up with everyone else. All the key countries and their people are in their offices until this is done. Everybody and their mother has everyone locked down until this is dealt with, and making sure they are there to answer questions, etc. Presence matters, so having the people on the spot is great.
Iraq is helping all this along. A large part of this weekend was about the US (with some help from Iraq, China, and senior politicians) pushing this across the line and deciding what to do with the public.

If dinar only can exchange at the international rate, what happens to those who cashed out at $32? It’s not fair to do that, so how do we work with it. Many are reminding the US that they had their chances to cash people out correctly, and they missed it.

However, higher sources suggest that the new contract rates and NDAs will be acceptable to dinarians. Those politicos seem to have carried the day. All the paperwork has been signed, the lawyers have checked everything, and all is completed successfully.

Many were expecting release last night, and then there were some last minute shenanigans that made the international community put their collective foot down. It puts a negative feeling in the room when one party does that: the others cannot trust that party any longer.

It took a little while to calm everybody down, but everyone is now back on the same page again and this is happening (at last).

The UN and IMF have both been helping. In DC, the elderly statesmen have been helping, and so has the administration. The UST is ready; everybody is ready throughout the world and we are being notified that this is going down. We are getting this from four independent sources that are highly placed. Thank you to the elderly gentlemen who have got this moving at last.

Tony: IMF has signed off, and the rate is international so far as they are concerned. Maliki signed off again as well, and his friends are hanging out with him to make sure he stays on side. BIS and CBI have both signed off, and they have signatures from Maliki, Shabibi and others. Everyone is done, rate is locked in. We have three rates for the IQN and two rates for the VNN. You have to do and EXCHANGE, not an investment; otherwise you will be treated differently.

It should have gone last night until one group said, “Let me try one more trick”, which upset everyone. They calmed down, and we hoped you would be going to the bank this morning. We thought the 800 numbers would be out by now, but this situation came out.
This is what I need you to understand, and I do know how a bunch of you are feeling. All this happened last night – woke DC up and some other people – I was still up. What I thought about all night was how to do this call, because now we are players in this situation. This is what I said last night: I’ve heard it all before. We’ve heard it, seen it, been within three minutes of this thing being activated.

So what’s different? Well, it’s the person we’ve been hearing it from, and it is NOT President Obama. The person we are hearing this from is so respected around the world, and has given us insight into what is going on, and the part that we are now playing in this, that we had to at least say Okay.

I expected to wake up to this, but that person had to screw it up. They've sorted it out and moved on. But WeAreThePeople, because of our numbers and tweets, and I have to respect the person. Hopefully the numbers will come out today, and some will get in today, but the majority will go in on Wednesday. I am looking for something this afternoon.
Wednesday? We’ve played that movie before! Then we started getting this other information and also the level of the person who contacted us. He is now listening to this call, so thank you. I am seeing so much on Tweets and Facebook, and I have to tell you, this is a joint thing between Democrats and Republicans, both.

I am not in politics, and I am now doing this to protect the Democratic party, although I am a Democrat. The Republicans wanted to seize this chance to move all five million of us and force the government to change this. Lately, Speaker Boehner said that the American people don’t trust President Obama; they are trying to push this in a subtle way. They have their agenda, and we have a different agenda: to get paid out at a fair rate.
Even while we are on this call, I got a text saying “Speak the truth about the GCR and that the people will be completed fairly.” This is another issue we have been asked to assist with: “This thing has to go smoothly when it goes.” When it does happen, we will have to go back to the procedures laid out in December: how to go to your appointments, and such. Don’t threaten the bankers; at this point, you know more than they do! This is all coming out, and we should see it today or tomorrow.

We can give out the 800 numbers and talk about the process so it can be orderly. I’m saying this, and the text tells me that they are listening even now. I am saying all this as clearly as I can. I want it to go and I want it to work, and I want to be 100% behind you and all of us.

The rates are … I think you will be able to live with the rates and the entire situation. They are telling me this is what’s on the table to make us feel good about the situation. I don’t want to say one thing and then find out it’s something else. The rates, those who have already exchanged, the NDA…all that has changed. There is a 90% chance that there will be no NDA at all, because there were too many complications and I would never have signed it.

We are in a really, really good spot to see what happens today. The big thing I want you to know is that we can tip the scales. We are being told not to do that because it’s coming out in a way that we will be very, very happy. I don’t want to say something and then they turn it around again, and I have to come back and explain again. I don’t want to do this! As it was explained to me last night and this morning, I think you will be happy. We fought the good fight.
To those who worked this out, I am thankful that the senior statesmen came in. This way, every-body wins. We’ll be able to grow the economy, help people in the US, and it will help people in all the other countries as well. There are a couple of little things I dint’tell you, but we’ll see how those work out.

DC: After the GCR, there will be some changes in the world and at the banks. Here’s a refresher on exchanging, both information and decisions to be made at your appointments.

  • On exchanging, we understand there will be an 800 number you can call and go through.
  • If you are doing it through Tier 2 banks, just make an appointment with them directly.
  • The people you will be talking to were not with us on this ride, and they may be upset because their banks were not keeping them informed. These guys may be confused and resentful.
  • Also, act like you are used to having money: be quiet and respectful, clean yourself and your language, etc.
  • For those places with De La Rue machine will credit your account immediately; if they don’t, it will be counted and credited overnight. You can ask them at the 800 numbers if they have a DelaRue machine.
  • If you find that you cannot make your appointment, be sure to call the bank and cancel so that the next person can step up.
  • People on this call will be at the front of the line because you are getting the information first, so
  • be respectful when you deal with people who are new to what’s going on. There is a learning curve here.
  • Once you have the cash, set aside 50% for taxes, 40% for investments, and 10% for play. We may well not have to pay 50% in taxes, but set is aside until this becomes clear.
  • Set aside 40% for investment and making money, and then
  • 10% for the things you want to buy and do. You can never spend money too slowly, so take your time.
  • Also, you have to OWN that money. Under-stand what they are putting you into, when your wealth managers give you advice. I’m going to take five years to invest my money. If you don’t understand the investment, don’t invest.

Tony and I are both high-risk guys and we live on the edge of things. It’s brutal, and some cannot handle that. You need to invest in a way that suits your personality. If you are conservative and just want some income, find advisors who work that way. I pray this is our last phone call, so I just wanted to get all that out there.

Tony: We don't know about the tax, so keep the 50% in mind. Hopefully we will have another call this evening, and then we will have all the information. We hear they are trying to work that into the deal to make it more acceptable.
573? 281?

Caller: When are we going to say “that’s enough!”? If this doesn’t happen by Wednesday, they will have just put us off again.
Tony: It’s my understanding that everyone is now in agreement, and we are getting confirmation from much higher than our usual sources. I think it will happen before Wednesday. I believe what he’s saying in part because he called me in the middle of the night, he gave me details that we didn't have before, and because he said we are having a huge effect on this process. Good or bad, that is making people make some decisions they didn't think they had to make. He also said there are things going on that we couldn't see. It was never my intention to affect our country and government in global terms. The text I got in the middle of this call also makes me believe even more in what he’s telling me. If it doesn’t happen by Wednesday, then he will have done his best, and we get to do our best.

Caller: I wish you would give us the names so that they don’t end up back in office!

Tony: I’ll leave that to DC! {laughter] Sometimes you just have to do some critical thinking. What is the last time you saw 87 Congresspeople drop out in mid-term. If they were just tired or old, they would have dropped out last year or last month. Then look on the people on the committees…. I am not going to give you names on a public call. By November, we’ll know who to support and who not to support, regardless of their party. I’m just looking for those people.

786, good morning!
Caller: I’m trying to understand all this, and now I’m speechless! With all this going on, how do you think reserves will be handled?

Tony: I don’t think there is going to be a problem; I know they were trying to work it out for you. Part of the solution for the people will include the reserves. I have to wait until it’s finalized, then we will go over it and I will tell you the best way I would handle it.

Caller: In terms of the international rate, is this attempt to satisfy the contract rate holding up the international rate?
Tony: The international rate is being released, and most of the South American countries, a few of the Europeans ones, and some more Middle Eastern countries are showing the new rates. They are giving the US a last chance to bring out the higher rates to satisfy us and do the right things with some other agreements. Because we are waiting for those contract rates to come out, we aren’t yet seeing the international rates, as yet. The other countries can now go international without us. That’s why what we say and do is critical at this point. It could go either way if we do the wrong thing. We will see it today or tomorrow; the plan is for today.

Caller: Will we see it on the Forex exchanges today? I am not seeing it yet.

Tony: They have been authorized and released it, and now they are giving us a little time to get it right. Someone tried to bring in something else last night, that upset everyone, and they had to get back into alignment after twelve hours of renegotiation. You are getting up to the minute information! We are all looking forward to going to the bank!

760, good morning!

Caller: The NDA situation… it’s getting smoothed out, I think you said?

Tony: Two different options they are looking at right now – either the simple five-page option, or no NDA at all. Those are the latest two options we’ve been given.
Caller: I know you cannot give the rates, but before you said $3.22 to $4, and then there is a possible double-digit rate, and a middle rate? Will the middle one be the one we don’t have to sign an NDA for?

Tony: They just texted me saying“Please don’t say the rates”, so I won’t. But there may be NO NDA at all.

Caller: Vin? Is that still strong?
Tony: Yes, it’s strong and I think those two are still linked at the hip.
Caller: Rupiah? Zim been taken off the table…?
Tony: Still $1.08.
Caller: DC, you are a rock-star, and we may have some rock-star t-shirts for you in Vegas! We really appreciate all you bring, DC and Tony, and RayRen is a wonderfully eloquent preacher; he was talking about ‘a virtuous woman’ yesterday.
404, good morning!
Caller: How are you today?
Tony: I feel great! All the news, but I’m still skeptical until it actually happens. I know that is trying to be done, and there is still that one little faction that’s throwing in things last minute and upsetting everyone. We should have a great day and an excellent week.
Caller: Thank you for the excellent job you all have been doing. I have just been praying and standing on the Word, and hoping we will not have to go public. I have been in this for three years, and my children have been with me. I know that there are people in a worse situation than we are, and I pray that the people listening will just make this real for us. Did Jamie Diamond play a role in this at all?

Tony: Yes, he was in some meetings and listened in on one of our calls, to take our pulse. He wasn't fully informed until the last two weeks. Everybody knows now, at every level, at least for all the Congress people who are involved in this part of the government. If they don’t know by now, then what are they doing in Washington?! All the bankers have had meetings, individually and together with their people, so they KNOW that the people are reacting this way, and after if that is what it takes. So I think he is fully aware.

Caller: Is that a good thing?

Tony: I think that the banks and bankers didn't realize how we would react and the level of information we would have. They might have got involved at this point only to save their own necks rather than out of a realization that they were doing the people wrong…
DC: CYA is part of it, but also I think they didn't want to do something that was that morally indefensible. Chase had a bad year in 2013, and they are trying to stay away from controversy and further fines. It is self-protection, but also about realizing that when you get out of line, it will come back and bite you in the ass.

Caller: Do you think that they are waiting until Wednesday because of the rates being posted on that date?

Tony; No, they want to start slower and then ramp it up. Even if they bring it out today, it probably won’t be fully in all the banks until Wednesday.

Caller: When are you coming to Atlanta? Our forecast says ice tomorrow and snow on Wednesday…

Tony: Then I’m not coming! With 2” of snow in Atlanta, you can’t walk down the street!

Next caller: I have dong; do we call the 800 numbers for that?
Tony: I don't know. If it has the same three rates, they will proba


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