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Ralph Ring, Zero Point Tech & A Call Out to All Innovators

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A Conversation with Ralph Ring -- Calling All Inventors & Innovators to Step Forward!!

After several technical issues and failing internet, Brian was finally able to upload our conversation from Saturday night with Ralph and Marsha Ring!   Thank you so much to Brian and the crew in Morocco that were all working on getting this recording ready to go out!!


A Conversation with Ralph Ring -- Calling All Inventors & Innovators to Step Forward!!February 11, 2014

In this conversation with Ralph & Marsha Ring, we put a call out to all inventors and innovators through Ralph's global network of pods to come forward. It is time to come out from the shadows to build and create without fear of being shutdown, taken out, or suppressed by the former controlling systems of the world. Here in Morocco we are creating a safe space to live, work, share, create and distribute, minus the limitations that come in many other parts of the world. The relationships that we have here with the royal family (a true monarchy) of Morocco, ensure the protection of all who come to participate. Africa will be on the front lines of creating the new world. This will be the world stage and from here the energy will flow out in all directions. The time to do so is NOW. The land, the contacts, housing, and materials for building and creating are already established. It's time to DO. Will you join us? Please contact me with questions and interest at

The call with Ralph and Marsha is in the YouTube video below. All the content is there to be heard, felt and passed on to all who have an interest in being a part of this paradigm changing opportunity. There is no stopping us now...

*I will add this: "The relationships that we have here with the royal family (a true monarchy) of Morocco, ensure the protection of all who come to participate."   I personally have not spoken to any of the Moroccan royals so I do not kNOW this as absolute.   I strongly suspect that it is true, but I do not have any direct first hand knowledge of this information.

A message from D at Removing the Shackles:

Last night Brian Kelly invited my husband Nick and I to talk with Ralph and Marsha Ring about the new community. The Skype connection was not great, and we had a few delays, but the conversation we had was incredible. We discussed the plans for the Community in Morocco and the work that the Ring's have been doing - talked about technology and consciousness, about the vast groups of people that he has worked with and is in touch with all over the world. People who are just waiting for that moment so that they can bring out their inventions and incredible ideas to the world. Below is the YouTube video of the conversation. I think you'll find the energy of our discussion just as exciting as we did.This is an invitation that Ralph asked me to write, to send out to all of his friends and pods of associates all over the world, to let them know that the time has come to move forward.


When the world has come to a halt through the power of the few vs the slavery of the many, it is time to change. That time has come, NOW.

This current paradigm does not, has not and will not work. The Needs of the many outweigh the greed of the few. It is time to shift our world and transform it by working together as ONE, FREE and EQUAL, to create the bridge from technology to consciousness.

The Implementation of CHANGE starts from the ground up and influences all aspects of daily life. From the energy we use to the food we eat, from the healing of ourselves to the education of our minds, from the creations from our hearts to the INbodyment of consciousness in ALL THINGS.

All over this globe there are people waiting for the moment that will allow them to bring forth their inventions, inspirations and ideas, the innovations that will change the very foundations of this world we live on. This IS that moment!

We are creating change and we invite you to join with us in this adventure to the new NOW. A diverse and ever expanding group of BEings are gathering in Morocco to work within a community with the local people. We invite you to come, to LEARN and to TEACH and to CREATE. We will show the world that it can be done and can be done without fear, without hiding, and without the interference of those who want to control. This IS about pioneering a new way of LIFE for all who are interested, to enjoy freely, unencumbered by all perceived limitation, whether financial or otherwise.

The photos from this post are pictures of the community outside Oued Lau. A beautiful land resting on the edge of the Mediterranean sea and flowing up into the lush mountains, ripe for zero point technology, sustainable living projects, healing centers, farms, retreats: a place to live, a place to visit, a place to create, a place to explore a new paradigm of life and all its dimensions, ABSENT LIMITS.

We will be building machine shops and labs for inventors to utilize, working together as we move forward in the realms of zero point energy, alternative means of propulsion, the study of frequencies and developing healing technologies.

From this New Beginning we will televise these journeys to CHANGE. A media based website will be created to allow the world to watch and learn and to let people interact with the community from anywhere in the world. The advances made in all aspects of Zero Point Energy, Science, Education, Health, Invention, Farming, Building, Music and Art will be open for the world to see and use for themselves.

It's time to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk. For the Sake of ALL of our Children, it is TIME to Move away from the systems of decay and deprivation and to move Forward to Create a self sustaining system that WILL work.

And so.... We invite you to join us in bringing these technologies and innovations forward as we ride the wave of CHANGE.

Thanks to:


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