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Time For Change – Part One

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1 Time For Change – Part One on Wed Feb 12, 2014 6:08 am


Time For Change – Part One
Posted on February 12, 2014 by Ines Radman
This is a four part series of my conclusions and research. I don’t claim to be right, but whenever you are asking yourself for truth, ask if it’s sounds logical and reasonable. My philosophy is: Anything is possible.
In order to understand change, we have to first understand who we are. Our planet is the most important planet within our Universe. This doesn’t mean that we are special, but that we live on a special planet and are subject to energies and energetic forces that exist only on this planet. I don’t understand why in the world anyone would want to leave this planet or Ascend into another dimension when we have not yet even become who Creator has meant for us to be.
Apart from 2,800 “first born” souls who were created to be true “Earthlings”, every other soul that exists on Earth came here from somewhere else within our Universe.
What does make humans so unique is that in order to become human, we must leave our place of actual soul origin, leave behind any bodies that we might have and cloak our souls in the “soil” of the Earth in order to build ourselves a new body. In other words, we do have a soul but a soul that  has built for itself a body that must correspond with the “human template”, that the Earth considers constituting a Human Being. In order to maintain our position on Earth, we must alter the energy of the soul so that it can resonate with the energies of this planet. It’s not gravity that keeps us on the planet but the energy frequencies of the first chakra or root chakra. The chakras are aspects of the soul within the physical body and the frequencies of the root chakra connect us to the consciousness energy that is the Earth. This is why the first chakra is called the “root chakra” because it literally roots us into the Earths’ energies – an immensely powerful soul to soul connection.
The Earth exists in order to explore the potential that “physical” life seemed to offer. It was always planned that a form of Human Being would exist but not what it looked like or how it functioned.  All of the forms of life that exist on Earth, have been created or adopted by Gaia’s consciousness and, initially, this was also true of Her experimental human forms.
It is every eloquently written in the Ancient Gnostic Texts found in Nag Hammadi.
However, upon experimental creation, difficulties were experienced in developing a human form that was capable of supporting a “full soul”. In order to explore these difficulties, the problems were first studied on Lemuria and then later on Atlantis. By the time that we finished our experiments on Atlantis, we had developed a human form that could accommodate the “whole” of the Soul. Unfortunately, it was difficult to maintain this form; other events prevented us from finding an answer and collectively had to destroy the Atlantis Continent.
It took 40,000 years to undo the damage that resulted in destroying Atlantis and we returned about 20,000 years ago. We returned as the “whole” soul body. It’s difficult to explain what “whole soul” means. It’s really about how it lies in the different densities of the human body in that a whole sole state brings about a lightening density and major changes within our cell structures-everything becomes much lighter and much less dense.
When we began again 20,000 years ago, we anticipated that we would experience difficulties in maintaining this whole soul state for the whole of our natural life spans – about 1500 years. As we began to lose some of the higher structures that could remerge the whole soul back into the body. These structures are the Pyramids around the world, only most of them had their crystals stripped. I personally have visited the Bosnian Pyramids in Visoko Bosnia. These pyramids are the oldest and tallest in the world. It is a complex of 5 pyramids. They were discovered in 2003 and since then it’s been an arduous job of getting funding for them because nobody wants to rewrite the history books and the Illuminati do not want us to know that these pyramids served as Energy towers and healing centers. We entered the Sun Pyramid and through a labyrinth of tunnels came across a huge ceramic stone about 2 meters long and 1 meter wide. Beneath this stone could be heard a running brook. Once I placed both hands on the stone, I could immediately feel the energy cycle through my body. Dr. Semir Osmanagich claims that people have regained their normal hair color after being gray haired for many years. This is being hidden from us, they do not want us to know our true origin.
Unfortunately, these energy enhancing pyramids could only restore a full-soul state for a temporary period so we began searching for other ways of solving our problems. Gaia has a resonance, a base-note frequency, with which all living things resonate. This is the frequency of the root chakra. In order to create “physical” forms of life on Earth, Gaia chose a frequency of 7.56 Hz. This frequency was too low to hold the whole of the human soul within the body. What we needed to do was find out what this base-note frequency needed to be raised to in order for us to remain as Human Beings.
7000 years ago, we put into action a plan where we could experience all of the possibilities that physical life has to offer as a means of discovering to what frequency the Earths’ base-note needed to be raised.
So, we purposely divided the Soul into two- the physical self (25% of the total soul) and the higher self (remaining 75%). This division made the physical body very much denser than it had been and we lost most of our psychic and sensory abilities.
This essentially is the Human Plan and we allowed ourselves 7000 years to complete it. According to the Akashic, this 7000 year period runs out at the end of 2011. By 1996 we had worked out what the Earths’ base-note frequency needed to be raised to in order to allow soul reintegration and to maintain the whole-soul state indefinitely. With the answer arrived (3.5kHz)but  two other important events also occurred in 1996.

  1. A new energy was connected to the planet to assist us in our soul reintegration process. This new energy contains approximately 53 million dimensions and is, effectively limitless.
  2. The whole population was questioned as to whether they were in a state of readiness to undergo soul reintegration. At the time 40% of the then global population said yes, they were ready. In 2005, a second census was taken of the global population to find that this percentage had dropped to 35%. As of mid 2011, the Akashic records that this percentage had dropped to 15%.

In other words, people were too afraid to change. This fear of change is surprising as there is very little work required to fully prepare ourselves for our soul reintegration.
The first thing that needs to get done is to clear the body of trapped emotions. On a chakra level, unexpressed emotions bring about symptoms of illness. On a soul level, unexpressed emotions take up a great deal of available space within the body that would be better occupied by the soul. The second thing that should be done is to ensure the physical body gets the proper nutrition or proper diet to maintain itself. This is all that is required for soul reintegration – a body free of emotional garbage and a proper diet – the rest just follows naturally.
Once the answer to the Earths’ base-note frequency had been deduced, Gaia began to take steps to bring the necessary frequency changes about.  Every single living thing on the planet needed to change their root chakra frequencies and this was achieved in May 2000.
Overnight, all of the life on the planet, apart from humans, changed their frequencies to match the Earths’ and all non-human life has resonated at 3.5 kHz ever since. It was possible for all humans to alter their root chakra frequencies at the same time, but humans were prevaricated and it has taken another 10 years to catch up with the animals and plants. It is only since November 2010 that we realized that we needed to get a move on that we accepted acceleration of our energies. Even then we insisted on having a year to adjust to November 2011, in order to reach the same base-note frequencies.

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  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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