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1 POST FROM INES RADMAN re: TNT TONY on Thu Feb 13, 2014 12:22 pm



I just finished listening to the first 20 minutes of Tony's CC. For starters the guy is really stupid. He's telling his flock that BBC called him, as in BBC news. He's really shaking because he's doing his best to tell his people that they don't want to go public because his sources/intel told him not to go public now that they are so close. 

TO quote Tony" We are so close, we have good news, except that it hasn't happened yet". 
For you Dinarians that "follow" Tony, it's not the BBC news, it's BBC Trending,

Do you honestly believe that Tony is that BIG that he would earn a few minutes on a Cabal Owned media outlet? Trending is just that, trends I call it the English version of the National Enquirer, but just the fact that TONY doesn't know or understand this or he's full of shit. 

So, my challenge to all of you Dinarians is to push your Man to go public and let it be heard. First he starts Twitter, then Facebook, then tells you to keep tweeting, and now that you have gotten some attention, he's telling you to stop being so public.

He is doing this because there is NO RV, and he does not want to be in public because he's a convicted criminal and due to be in court next month on fraud charges. He's telling you he knows it all and you know it all and I'm asking you: "What is that you know that I don't know?". What exactly do you know about the RV? Where is his proof, his evidence? Don't you see that he's now freaking out because he does not want to be in the public, he will get arrested. The sooner you face this reality, the sooner you can get on with your lives. He had you all worked up this weekend about Obama signing and Maliki Signing, and UST out of the picture and IMF doing it with the UST, I mean, how many more repeated stories do you need to hear from this man? 

Go public, because you will find out either way what the truth is, right now, I doubt you Tony followers know what the truth is, he's confused you so much, I don't know how he can keep track of all the repeated crap every day. 

Thanks to Ines at:


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