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What’s Your Blood Type? What Does It Mean?

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What’s Your Blood Type? What Does It Mean?
February 10, 2014
What’s Your Blood Type? What Does It Mean? Monkey-blood Discover the startling new evidence about our human origins.
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[i]“Finally! An explanation about our human origins that makes sense and connects the dots for me. I never really bought the Darwin or creationist story. This is a breakthrough of epic proportions!” [/i]~ Susan Morris 
“The kind of history lesson I never got in school!” Rob
“WOW! Prepare to be challenged about the beliefs of our human origins, the function of our DNA and much more. An intense and captivating production that demands repeat viewings and a profound journey of questioning who we are and why we’re here.” ~ Maya

“A fantastic new episode as a follow-up to ‘Ring of Power’. I love the whole concept. So many great aspects such as the gene section, blue bloods & the pineal gland. Mostly, I love how it offers a sense of hope for humanity… while providing solutions!”
~ Melanie 
Did you know that 85% of all human beings have a ‘monkey gene”? The monkey gene is called the Rhesus factor or Rh factor because it can be traced to the Rhesus monkey.
If you get tested for your blood type, you will be either Rh-negative or Rh-positive. Chances are, you are Rh-positive which means you’ve got the monkey gene.
If by chance your blood type tests negative for the monkey gene, you are in a small minority of only 15% of the world’s population.

So, what happens when an Rh-negative women gets pregnant with an Rh-positive partner? Her body rejects, attacks and kills the fetus… unless of course there’s medical intervention.  What is the cause of this strange breeding incompatibility within the human species?
Are Rh-negative people alien in some way?  Studies were done to see if there’s any difference between Rh-negative people and Rh-positive people. The results were shocking. RH-negative people commonly have a higher than average IQ, sensitive vision, a lower body temperature, psychic abilities, increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight and a capacity to stop watches and disrupt electrical appliances. They can’t receive blood transfusions from Rh-positive donors and they can’t be cloned. They often have reddish hair and blue, green, or hazel eyes.
Rh-negative people report a feeling of not belonging to the human race. Some even have an extra vertebrae or an extra rib or a caudal appendage, otherwise known as a tail. Since Rh-negative blood hasn’t followed the usual evolutionary path, it must’ve been introduced from some outside source.  
Two celebrated authors, Erich Von Däniken and Zachariah Stitchen have uncovered convincing evidence that the outside source was ancient astronauts who genetically engineered the human race.  According to Van Daniken, the proof lies in the breathtaking megaliths that were developed either by extraterrestrial visitors or by humans who had been taught the advanced scientific knowledge needed to build them. Such artifacts include Stonehenge, the head statues of Easter Island and the Egyptian pyramids and obelisks.
Why did so many ancient cultures with no way of communicating with each other worship these so called gods and illustrate them in their artwork as astronauts with space vehicles? Why did so many ancient cultures with no way of communicating with each other worship these so called gods and illustrate them in their artwork as astronauts with space vehicles?
It’s easy to imagine our own astronauts someday encountering intelligent life forms in space who will view us as their gods. Since we are already experimenting with the cross breeding of human, plant and animal life right here on Earth, we may one day find ourselves experimenting with the genetics of extraterrestrial life forms.
On a clear summer’s night when we look up into the diamond studded heavens, we can’t help but contemplate the big questions. Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? The most popular theories about where we came from are evolutionism and creationism.  Evolutionists believe that early primates evolved into the Missing Link which evolved into Cro-Magnon man which evolved into us – the Homo Sapiens. The big problem with that theory is this: No remains for the “Missing Link” have been found. No tools. No fossils and No artwork! 
Many of the ancient texts talk of gods who came to earth from the heavens and created man in their own image. In the Bible’s Book of Genesis, the gods are described as giant beings called the Nephilim or “fallen ones”.  The Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chaldeans, Mayans, Aztecs, Aryans, Assyrians, and the inhabitants of ancient India and Tibet have all recorded the arrival of gods from the heavens in their ancient writings.  
Endless accounts from ancient cultures describe a “serpent race”.  The Bible introduces the serpent in the “Garden Of Eden”. Indian scriptures speak of a reptilian race.  East Asian writings mention a dragon race and a reptilian humanoid race.  Middle Eastern religions describe reptilian-like demons and  African Shamans speak of the Chitauri, which is also a reptilian race.
The best place to get answers about who these gods is from the oldest known records written by the oldest know civilization – the Summerians whose culture dates back to 6,000 BC. The Summerians documented the arrival of “gods’ from another world” who brought with them advanced knowledge. They called these gods the Annunaki which means “those who from heaven to earth came.”  In the 1800’s, Summerian clay tablets were found in present day Iraq. The tablets clearly identify the name of the god  who genetically engineered the human race.  His name was Enki and he’s the same god that the greeks called Poseidon.
Enki was a serpent god and his symbol was two entwined serpents. The entwined serpents are the double helix of human DNA. This same symbol is used by today’s medical profession. Why on earth would the Summerians and other ancient civilizations make up the same lies about our human origins? The real question that needs answering is why the corporate religions of the world have hidden the truth from us?
This is the introduction to our must-see DVD called Monkey Blood which answers the questions ‘Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going?”.

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