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"I had a friend advise me that her bank which has almost 100 branches called her personally and said that the dong and dinar are rv today, she did not call them they called her":recognizelife

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Intel Today

recognizelife: I had a friend advise me that her bank which has almost 100 branches called her personally and said that the dong and dinar are rv today, she did not call them they called her , gonna speak with her later today and find out which bank got so excited forgot to ask, they called her she didn't call them, she is very relaible.
: waitng to hear back from her in about an hour or so, she called last night I was outside, got so excited forgot to found out which bank, but I will soon as she rises she is 3 hours behind on west coast time
 recognizelife : I will find out if she knows anything more...I tell you one thing something must be happening or they would not have called her, because she is not even a person with a whole lot of dinar, so that maginifies it even more that they should call her

B Squared : recognize: Saw part of your posts. Do you know of someone who claims to have CE'd?
recognizelife : B Squared she has a friend who was called by banker yesterday to set appt for today. said dinar  and dong  was RVing today.

Posted by John MacHaffie at 1:14 PM


Of Course She Did!! Bloody lot of rubbish!

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