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A Light in the Darkness, Introduction & Parts 1-6: By Caroline Aguiar

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A Light in the Darkness, Introduction: By Caroline Aguiar
Posted on February 10, 2014 Updated on February 11, 2014
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By Caroline Aguiar
This is the first post in a series of accountments about my experiences which I’ll be writing about here.
One of the reasons I’ve written about my experiences during my awakening process is because I’ve always felt writing was a way  to sort out different situations, or circumstances during my life.  As the words, and ideas flow, everything suddenly becomes clear to me, and in some strange way, there’s an order to it as well.
Maybe this is why as an awkward teen in high school, rather than pay attention in class, I chose to bury my face in my journal, and write down my thoughts, and feelings which poured from my heart, and onto the pages of my notebook.
At different times in my life when I needed to gain insight, clarity, and understanding, I always turned to my notebook, and my heart for answers.  Again, I feel the urge to write about my experiences, and as I’ve said before, everything I’ve written here is the absolute truth.
My greatest hope is for those who read my words, that they will connect these experiences to similar experiences of their own which will in turn strengthen the bond between Lightworkers as a community, and hopefully provide further understanding, and the realization that everything we’ve read/heard regarding our ascension process, life reviews, our awakening, gigantic love waves, and the return of our Higher Self, is all true.  I know it’s true because I’ve experienced it.
So much has happened since I began to write about this back in October of last year, and there’s so much I haven’t told you about.  I’m guided now to tell the story.  My ego is certainly not at the forefront of this endeavor, but I feel the need to search my heart again, and hopefully bring forth a grain of clarity for myself, and others about the deep internal changes we are going through, and the great significance these changes will have on our lives, those around us, and our place here in this world.
Love and Bright Light to all,
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A Light in the Darkness, Part 1: Caroline Aguiar
Posted on February 11, 2014 Updated on February 13, 2014
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By Caroline Aguiar
Since March of 2013, after a tangle with an unfriendly energy, I’ve experienced a great change in my overall perception of the world around me, and especially in the unseen realms.
My greatest obstacle in moving forward after I was clear of the attached energy was fear.  Little did I know then, I had opened a door which was not destined to open as soon as it did.  It was the door to my true path, only it opened prematurely.  Unfortunately, I was not ready for this in reference to my level of spiritual maturity, and knowledge.  At first,  I suddenly felt as if I was thrown into a pack of ravenous wolves, unti I realized nobody did anything to me of the sort.  It was I, who threw myself in.
As a result, for many months I lived in fear of everything.  Night time was the hardest, and I remember many times when I lay in bed, crying into my pillow while completely frozen in fear.  My incessant need to control my every thought, and to analyze everything I experienced of a spiritual nature only brought forth more confusion, distorted beliefs, and more fear.   For a while I held onto the belief I could climb out of the dark hole by analyzing everything when actually, I was only digging myself in deeper.
Every day, I prayed for assistance.  I asked my Compassionate Allies to show me how to help myself, without being at the mercy of fear; my ego mind.  It was then through Theta Healing with Jennifer Farley, that I began to openly communicate with my Feminine Soul Self.   As some of you have read here on this blog, this is the same girl who showed me the visions.
She showed me many other things as well, much of which I haven’t written about until now such as where she’s from (my true origins) or the topics of our frequent discussions during the night, and well into the early morning hours.
My Feminine Soul Self consistently helped me become more aware of my actions, many of which I was oblivious to before.  This included taking better care of my physical body, which also houses our soul body.  The food I ate became a top priority for me especially when it came to eating too much red meat, and not enough fresh fruits, and vegetables.  My daily intake of water increased dramatically, because water cleanses, and replenish our physical body, which allows it to release toxins, and impurities which are harmful when accumulated.
My awareness of Gaia, and what she truly represents increased as well.  It’s one thing to say, Gaia represents all life, and she lives inside every living creäture.  Yes, this is true, but when we experience this knowing, and incorporate it into our daily lives, everything takes on new meaning especially when we become acutely aware that everything we receive from her provides us with all we need to live, and to thrive.
My Feminine Soul Self helped me realize this, and more.  Every single morsel of food we put in our mouths, whether it’s a tiny peanut, or a juicy T-Bone steak, Gaia provided because these things were born from her. They grew from her whom, and we must show our gratitude for the life-sustaining gifts we receive from her everyday.  That said, I now give heart-felt thanks to Gaia, and bless my food before I eat, or drink anything.  I’m also a vegetarian, and I’m moving forward with every effort to take better care of my body.
I’ve also discovered through communications with my Feminine Soul Self that without even thinking about it, I judge people, and criticize them.  How often do we pass someone on the street, and in a fleeting moment perhaps a subtle thought passes through our mind such as, “Oh, that dress doesn’t look right on her.”, or “Wow, that guy needs to go on a diet!”
When my Feminine Soul Self calls my attention to these thoughts, I’d say to her, “But I’m not like that, I’m not a mean person.  I would never  intentionally say something to hurt or offend anyone!”  And she would give me one of her serious, “No’s”, and say, “Yes, you are like that because you thought it, and if you thought it, you said it. Therefore, you meant it.  It’s the same thing”.  I was astounded at this statement because I knew she was absolutely right.
Although we’ve read continuously about the power of our thoughts, and theoretically we understand the meaning behind it, if we’re presented with the opportunity to really learn about this subject through personal experience, I’d say jump at the chance!  I did, and immediately, I began to understand through close up, and personal experience how the intent of our thoughts, once projected at someone or at something become reality.
When we become aware of the energy behind our actions, feelings, thoughts, and emotions which we project towards others, or at our environment, its shocking when we notice many underlying issues, and false beliefs we still harbor within us.  Suddenly another wave of ‘stuff” is up for our review, and release.
As I observed my thoughts, I noticed they weren’t always of a positive nature.  They consisted of fear, criticism, and judgment of others, but mostly of myself.  We, humans tend to mirror each other, and I soon learned to catch myself immediately after the thought crossed my mind.  My Higher Self would also catch me at it, because she would send a feeling of annoyance to me in my heart chakra, and I knew I’d done it again.  I also learned this was my mind’s attempt to control my way of being as it had done so my entire life.
Fear, self judgement, and unworthiness are the mind’s mightiest weapons against us, but they are also a protection mechanism which tricks us into thinking we are safe inside our little box, and hidden away from the big, bad world.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t allow for the inner growth or learning we need to advance spiritually.  Therefore, if we chose to do so, we stay at a standstill, and we continue to live in fear, and confusion.
How do we control our every thought?  We can’t. Each millisecond of our day through our sensory perceptions, our thoughts, and experiences, we are constantly thinking, but, this doesn’t mean we have to continue at the mercy of our minds.  Our mind is us, and yes, if we think we it, we said it.  What cant erase our ego forever but we can dissolve our negative thoughts, and incessant mind chatter.  Our mind’s also use our imaginations to hold us down, and often through fear, our minds use this tool against us.  Remember, we are the Creator Humans, and once the thought is out there, we make it reality.
Maybe most of you know this, but I sure didn’t.  I’ve discovered, if my mind draws it sword, and a negative thought comes into my consciousness I can transmute it with love. When I do this, the intention of that thought is no longer valid.  It’s intent, and energy dissolves, and this goes for any negative thought, feeling, or emotion.
Close your eyes, and visualize who or what the negative thought was directed at, and surrounded them with bright light and love.  Send them your sincere love, and feel with all your heart the great love you have for them, and their well-being.  If you want to, reach out and hug them within the visualization as you say this.
When we take up practices such as the one described above, gradually, the mind’s persistence in controlling us will subside. It wont disappear entirely, but the constant force it has over us will diminish greatly.  I believe this is one way we can make peace with the mind, and our ego self.
To be continued in Part 2 tomorrow
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A Light in the Darkness, Part 2: Caroline Aguiar
Posted on February 12, 2014 Updated on February 12, 2014
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By Caroline Aguiar
As I continued to communicate with my Feminine Soul Self, I learned more, and as a result, I think I can honestly say, I grew. There were many bumpy days, and dark nights as I learned to trust myself again.  The hardest part in all of this was learning to surrender my resistance to what was unfolding right before my eyes; My awakening.
There were many nights I received major energy downloads.  At times it was so strong, my upper torso would rise off the bed, while at the same time my entire body tingled from head to toe.  I had the distinct sensation of floating, as love flowed within, and around my body. On these occasions, I didn’t sleep much at night, but instead of waking up and feeling rotten all day from lack of sleep, I marveled at how good I felt even though my physical body was notably tired.  Soon, I looked forward to these energy downloads, and night-time discussions with my Feminine Soul Self.
Weeks passed by, and I began to notice certain physical changes which pertained to my sensory abilities which somehow had increased as well.  Loud noises such as blaring TV sets, white noise, or static from a radio, or raised voices actually hurt my ears.  My skin feels softer too.  This is hard to explain, but it may not be my skin, but perhaps my sense of touch has heightened.  I’ve received many complements about how good I look these days.  My skin looks clear, and bright.  I’m loosing some weight too.
The most prominent change I’ve noticed is my inability to see anything of a violent nature.  This is the main reason I don’t watch TV anymore.  Local news reports, movies, even when reading some books, if there is violence or any kind of bloodshed my insides clench tight, and I begin to feel nauseating fear.  On many occasions I’ve had to leave the room, or avert my eyes from the television until the violent scene is over.
Our experiences are meant for us to learn from, and to grow.  Often they come in gentle nudges which move us along our life path one step at a time. At other times, it seems as if we’re suddenly swept up within the eye of the tornado, as we find ourselves hurled forward, and straight into the unknown.
Once the tornado spits us out, and we land in what appears to us as the wrong place, we often panic.  We may even scream up at the heavens, “Why me? What did I do wrong?”  It’s at this moment when we lose site of what it is we are asked to look at which will enable us to continue our learning and growth, even when we think we’re stuck.
Last March, I opened the door way to the spirit world too soon in regards to where I was at on my spiritual path.  As a result, I had no choice but to learn fast. The reason being, my sanity was at stake.  My entire being slipped into survival mode, and that was all I could see at that time.
I learned the hard way, and I’m still learning, but when I look back on everything, although I was scared most of the time, I now understand why the door opened, why me, and no, I didn’t do anything wrong.   Fear is still with me on occasion, but I’m learning to understand where it comes from, and why.  In a sense this is part of the process in understanding myself.
For a long time, I considered myself a failure.  I soon discovered I wasnt a failure because I learned from the experience, as we all are meant to learn from our experiences, and to grow.  It’s this understanding, and growth which propels us along our spiritual paths, as we move forward, at our personal pace which is right for our particular path.  There is no right, or wrong.
Right alongside learning and growth, comes spiritual maturity in the acceptance of our responsibility for what we have learned, and how we will apply this to our everyday lives, in service not only to ourselves, but in service to others, and to Gaia as well.
Synchronicity is ever-present in our lives as it was in mine when I met my wonderful teacher, Dr. Janice B who helped me understand the new world I suddenly found myself a part of.  Slowly, through much trial and error, I began to learn how to move between the unseen world, and the world of the living. This is when I started my life review, as sometimes I’d awaken in the early morning hours when I’d remember an event from my childhood, and remarkably, with the help from my Feminine Soul Self, I connected the significance of that memory to a circumstance in my present life situation.
I marveled at the sudden “aha” moments, I experienced during these life reviews especially when true realization, and complete understanding came forth as the memories flooded back into my consciousness, many of which I haven’t thought of in years, and some, I had forgotten entirely.  Suddenly the lost pieces of the dusty, old jigsaw puzzle magically fitted into place, and it became shiny, and new once again.
A major part of these memories I’m referring too were of psychic experiences I had as a child which scarred me terribly.  At that time, due to my young age, I didn’t understand them.  My overactive imagination didn’t help either.  In order to shut out the beauty of what was occurring, my mind/imagination immediately sent me into fear mode, thus widening the gap, from the truth of who I was, and as I grew older the gap widened even further.
To be continued in Part 3
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A Light in the Darkness, Part 3: Caroline Aguiar
Posted on February 13, 2014 Updated on February 13, 2014
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by Caroline Aguiar
By Age eleven the gap had grown so wide, and as turbulent life experiences continued, I completely shut down for the rest of my life until now.
As I review my life, especially early childhood, I’ve begun to understand, and my self-confidence is growing stronger everyday.  It’s becoming easier to accept my new life, and way of being. My life review led me back to my childhood when I often felt the presence of invisible beings, whom I thought were my imaginary friends. Perhaps, as an only child this is why I never felt alone. No matter what, I always felt the presence of a friendly, and protective energy; my imaginary friend.
Even then, I heard their voices, such as the time I was 9 years old, when I clearly heard a woman’s voice right beside me.  She warned me I was going to fall out of a tree I was preparing to climb.  After hearing her warning,  I chose to ignore it because I thought I knew better. I climbed the very same tree everyday, what could go wrong?  Well, the possible did go wrong.  I lost my grip on a branch.  It broke in my hand which sent me sliding head first to the bottom.  Fortunately my foot caught between another branch, and it stopped my fall.
Through much discussion, and understanding with my Feminine Higher Self, and as it was during my childhood, as it is now, I sensed the presence of Earthbound Spirits. The door way I stepped through in March of 2013 was like a bridge which connected these areas of my life within my timeline in order for me to fully grasp the meaning of what it is I’m to do now.
Dr. Janice often jokes with me when she wants me to really understand a specific concept.  I remember when I asked her “How do they see me?, and she described it as if I had a police siren on top of my head with whirling blue lights.  They just know.
My ongoing discussions with my Higher Self have helped me understand my mission here in this lifetime. There is still much I need to work on in regards to fear based issues, self-doubt and the immediate removal of my ego from the driver’s seat.  There are still days which are incredibly bumpy, but there are also days which are smooth and brightly lit with clarity, and understanding.  Sometimes I think to myself, “Will I ever get it right?” But then I’m reminded, it’s all right. It’s all meant for us to learn, and I say this in regards to everyone.
Our Compassionate Allies are with us every step of the way, and often what we think of as failure, is truly one more step towards our learning, and growth.  There is no failure because everything returns to the one. That which is Love.
We are guided with love, always.  This is the purpose of life, to learn, to grow, to love, and to do the work we were meant to do.  Once we understand this, we return from the dark abyss, to our true self.  We accept, and cherish the truth of who we are.  This is when we begin to live, and to BE our truth in the highest and best way.
Consciously, I understand this concept, but somewhere on the subconscious level, there is much more work I need to do before I can say that I’ve fully embodied this concept on all levels of my being.  As I write this I’m consciously aware of the approaching full moon, and I feel within me the deep connection I have to Gaia, and the cycles of the spiritual world. I also fear a slight sense of apprehension.
The cycle’s of the moon are even more precise than the best digital clock or otherwise.  Becasue my entire being is so aligned with her energy, every day, like clock work, at sundown, I feel her energy inside my body.  The humming, and buzz which vibrates throughout me contiinues on well into the night until about 4am. It then subsides until the next night.  During this time, especially when the moon is at it’s peak the veil between the world becomes extra thin.  For those who are highly sensitive to these energies such as I am, we can feel the energies of the Earthbound Spirits who walk among us.
This concept is something which scares me still because although I can feel their presence, I cant’s see who’s coming, or where they’re going. Some Earthbound Spirits are suffering because they are stuck within this plane of existence, some call it the Middle World, the World of Suffering which is where we reside as well.  For various reasons, the Earthbound Spirits chose to remain here, rather than go into the light because either they are angry, and don’t understand why the transitioned, or they have strong emotional ties to their lives, or to loved ones they feel they are leaving behind.
When we allow ourselves to align with our true nature without judgment, and without fear we begn to understand it, and the fear, and self judgment begin to melt away.
The full moon is in one week, on the 17th of this month,  My Higher Self and I have worked hard on various aspects of my fear based concepts about this time. When the moon energy is at her peak, it will be the perfect opportunity for me to put into practice what I’ve learned so far.  My Higher Self has the highest of confidence in me, and so do I.
Will I allow the ego mind to take charge, or will I take charge of myself, and align with my truth?  I hope so, because I’m also learning to rely on myself more, and to set boundries which will make my energy field stronger, not only in the unseen world, but in my daily life.
There is so much learing and understanding still yet to come, but I’ve decided to take it slow, one day at a time, and let it all unfold in the highest and best way.
To be Contiuned in Part 4 tomorrow
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A Light in the Darkness, Part 4: Caroline Aguiar
Posted on February 14, 2014 Updated on February 14, 2014
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By Caroline Aguiar
If you don’t mind, I’d like to take you back to when I first met Dr. Janice B, and what followed afterwards.
First of all, not only is she a practicing M.D., but she holds a doctorate in Chinese Medicine, and she is a Shamanic teacher/practitioner who specializes in Middle World Spirits and their transition into the light.
After clearing my energy field of the unfriendly energy, the next step was to connect with my Compassionate Allies, and my power animal who would also teach me about particular qualities within myself which I needed to understand in order to continue on my path of learning, and growth.  Once I fully understand this, someday I will be able to embrace my mission here at this time.
Immediately, once my power animal came to me, I began to connect with her through meditation practices, and I read lengthy articles provided by Dr, Janice on her unique qualities. Surprisingly enough, my power animal is also deeply connected to the cycles of the moon.
My power animal symbolizes guardian energy. She is the symbol of the feminine, death and rebirth, the understanding of death, reclaiming ones power, the ability to know the dark, aggressiveness and power without solar influence. Her power is lunar (moon).
These animals are able to move gracefully in and out of situations, as well as freeze, and not be noticed. This is the symbol of the ability to shape shift realities using all parts of the body to perform such a task. The gift of this animal is the power of silence, and they represent the life, and power of the night.
When I took all of this into consideration, and as my body changes, my sense of who I am is changing as well. I feel as if my power animal is merging with me, and eventually we will become one.
Some of her qualities are already present within me, and they have been for some time. For instance, I always feel safe within the dark. The darkness of night is somehow comforting, and even more so because I feel unseen while in the dark.
Often at my ranch, when night-time is present, I walk around freely with no need for a flashlight because the dark doesn’t scare me. To me, the dark is like a comforting blanket which I can wrap around my shoulders, and suddenly I’m hidden from everyone, and everything.  In other words, like my power animal, I’m learning to move unseen within the darkness of night.
Her connection with the feminine, and the cycles of the moon are gradually working their way into my understanding of them. I’ve learned to watch the moon like I would a clock on the kitchen wall. I know which phase is beginning, and which is ending. I can look up at the waxing moon in the star-studded sky, and know exactly how many more days until she’s ripe, and full again.
My greatest effort is to make peace with the moon, and her energy because to me, when the moon is full, this is also the time when the veil between the worlds is extra thin, and the possibility of contact with Earthbound Spirits is more prevalent than ever before.
For some reason this still scares me because like I said earlier, although I can feel the presence of Earthbound Spirits, I can’t see where they are, who’s coming at me, or where they are going. All I know is that they gravitate towards my energy as my blue police siren whirls away.  The big question now;  When I feel them near, what am I supposed to do?
Dr. Janice has shown me ways to protect my energy field so Earthbound Spirits don’t come to close into my space. When they do, I can’t sleep, and I feel drafty, pressure on my back.  If you can imagine a marching band parading around your bedroom all night long, this is exactly what it feels like at the time of the full moon, on Halloween, Day of the Dead, and all the equinoxes, and solstices. Often on these occasions I awake in the morning feeling very groggy, and with a huge hangover due to lack of sleep.
From what I’ve learned so far, the moon’s energy is in me, and this is why my entire being is so attuned to her.  Since death, and rebirth are also qualities of my power animal my entire being is highly attuned to the Earthbound Spirits. Perhaps this is why I can’t watch anything of a violent nature, especially anything which depicts death, or dying. Something inside of me connects with the exaggeration of what I’m seeing, and I find it extremely unsettling. It’s as if I’m watching a mockery of the transitioning process.
Death is not  a mockery, and it certainly isn’t funny. Nor was it meant to be depicted in violent acts to which our children regularly view on television, cartoons, and in video games. What I find equally shocking is that they laugh about it too.  I often wonder, what is it exactly that we’re teaching our children?
In my opinion death, or better said, transitioning, aside from birth is the most important process of our journey in this lifetime. I truly believe no matter what type of life we’ve led, or what mistakes we think we made along the way, or perhaps there were circumstances within our lives we wished we did differently, at the time of a person’s transition there is nothing more important for them to know other than their life had meaning, and purpose. Most of all they must know they were loved.
At the time of our transition we go through all sorts of life review while unsolved issues might arise, perhaps reminders of estrangements with family members or friends fill our consciousness, and there are doubts, all depending on our religious beliefs about what will happen after we take our very last breath.
All of these circumstances may bring unnecessary fear, and worry to the person who is transitioning.  Regardless of past issues, or regrets associated with the person in transition, it is our duty as loving human beings to put it all aside, because in all truth, regret, or anger towards what was, no longer serves us, and it certainly doesn’t serve the person in transition.
The mission at hand is to surround those in transition with love, forgiveness, warmth, compassion, and understanding.  When their time comes to leave this physical life they will enter into the light without fear, regret, or remorse.  I think this is the greatest gift we can give someone; our absolute, and unconditional love.
Everyday, people transition from the World of the Living, and return to the World of Spirit, but what about those souls who for various reasons could not cross into the light, and complete their transition process?  They are still caught in the Middle World, as we are, in the World of Suffering.  They too, although no longer in the physical body, suffer within their lives as if they were still living among us.
I assure you they are not scary ghosts, and goblins, or monsters as they are so blatantly depicted in network media these days, and they certainly aren’t out to get us, or cause us harm. They are PEOPLE just like you and me, and they suffer, just as we have all suffered at different intervals of our lives.
Although my mind still plays the fear game with me about this subject, there is another part of me who fully understands this concept.  My heart goes out to those suffering souls because I too, know what it is to suffer.  I know what it feels like to wander aimlessly with no direction, to feel sad, and disheartened, and to feel utterly, and completely lost.  Without overstepping my bounds, I think all of us reading these words today have also felt the very same things at some point in our lives.
We’ve heard the veils between the worlds are down now.  The World of the Living, and the World of Spirit have merged together at last. In a way, I think this was always true, except now, due to the inner changes we’re experiencing in our awakening process, and the changes occurring within our societies about the Spirit World, there is more openness about this subject.  As a result, there are also more “sensitives” out there who are acknowledging their abilities; those who feel their close connection to the Spirit World, and who are openly communicating with them as well.
I’ve fallen into this category, and I still don’t know what to do with it. I also have a lot of learning, and growing to do before I can fully embrace my mission here at this time.  I may speculate about what it is, but then again, nothing is set in stone.  It all depends on me, and how much effort I put into learning about my new life, and way of being.  It also requires that I understand myself completely before going ahead with anything.  This means full integration with who I am, and the acceptance of myself, and my truth.
I’m in no hurry.  Its time to take into accountability the seriousness of this undertaking,while at the same time I will nurture myself with patience, love, and compassion for the rest of my days.
To be Continued in Part 5 and 6 on Saturday:  Ascension For All Souls
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A Light in the Darkness, Ascension For All Souls, Part 5: Caroline Aguiar
Posted on February 15, 2014 Updated on February 14, 2014
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By Caroline Aguiar
Its possible this topic hasn’t been addressed yet, but if it has, I’d like to voice my opinion on it if I may.  The point of this article is really a question for each of you who read these words.
Will All Souls Ascend?
I’m sure some one out there can give a better definition of ascension that I can, but I see it like this:  Ascension is the return to our natural state of being with our consciousness fully expanded, and encompassed within the truth of who we are.  It’s the end of dualistic consciousness, and the beginning of unity consciousness, global peace, and harmony as one unified body.
In order to do this we need to raise our consciousness to the point of returning to the Christed consciousness, which raises our vibration to match the higher vibrations within the Higher Dimensions, and Spiritual Realms of existence.  We can reach this level of consciousness through the clearing of issues, false beliefs, and programs which have kept us captive within the dualistic ways of thinking, believing, and BEing.
Ascension is not about leaving the planet, or our families.  It’s about our conscious choice to engage in inner change, and personal, and global evolution.  We are reactivating our divine human state by achieving Crystalline Conciousness without leaving the physical body, unlike the process of transition.
When we transition, our physical body ceases to exist. We also know this as death.  When we die, or better said, when we transition our physical house (the body) no longer exists in the living world, but our soul does.  Our soul is eternal, and it too, much like the Ascension process, after transition, the soul returns to its Crystalline Conciousness, and it returns home to the Higher Dimensions within the Spiritual Realms.
While in our Ascension process we have the conscious choice to engage in inner change, and personal growth by clearing our false beliefs, and ways of being, but, can we say this is so for all transitioning souls?
Before going on, I’d like to reiterate the definition of Earthbound Spirits.  An Earthbound Spirit is a soul who could not complete the transition process because there were unresolved issues at the time of their transition, such as fear, doubt, false beliefs particularly beliefs wich may center around religious views, and judgements.  There may be unresolved issues within their family unit, such as strong emotional ties to the family, or a specific member of their family they think they are leaving behind.  Still yet, there are some Earthbound Spirits who transition very young, or quite suddenly who are in denial of this truth without realizing they have transitioned at all.
These Earthbound Spirits I speak of live in what’s known as the Middle World, the World of Duality, and Suffering which is where we live too, although this is rapidly changing now as more people are consciously working to change their way of being, to one which resonates with the New Paradigm, and the higher vibrations.
Although not all of us can see these Earthbound Souls, or feel them, there are many of us who can, and they do exist.  With the current changes many are undergoing at this time due to their awakening process, and ascension, these sensitives are tuning in to the truth of who they are as they discover their unique abilities to openly communicate with  the Spiritual Realms.
Earthbound Spirits are everywhere, but they are most prominent in hospitals, where there are large water sources such as ports, underground rivers, and streams, and anywhere large crowds of people congregate.
In regards to ascension, as Gaia, and her people continue to ascend, and we move into the New Paradigm, what will become of the Earthbound Spirits who are still caught within the earth plane of duality, and suffering?  Will they ascend too?  If you’re wondering why I seem to refer to them as if they were standing before me while I type this article, or as if they were still here with us, it’s because I am.  They are people, just like you and me, the only difference is, they no longer live in their physical bodies.
We’ve seen many movies, and T.V. shows about Earthbound Spirits who couldn’t go into the light because he/she still had unfinished business to attend to, or emotional ties to their loved ones whom they believed needed their help, and support.  Ghost is a prime example of this as Patrick Swayze, who transitioned after a fatal shooting, tried desperately to warn his girlfriend, Demi Moore, that her life was in mortal danger.  Once he did so with the help of a medium, Whoopi Goldberg, he was finally able to leave the earth plane, and move into the light, and return home to the Spiritual Realms.
There have been other shows such as the 1980′s show with Michael Landon, Highway to Heaven, or Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt all who played significant roles in aiding Earthbound Spirits to resolve their issues so they could move into the light, and complete their transition.  Of course these are fictional stories, but I do hope you understand my point.
In a sense, transition might also mean Ascension because once they cross into the light, they return to their Crystalline form within the Higher Dimensions of the Spiritual Realms. Please understand I’m not stating this as the absolute truth.  It’s my truth because this is what I’ve learned from my personal experience with Earthbound Spirits.  I also fully realize ones religious background has a great deal to do with our beliefs about transition, and I respect that completely.
With that said, I’d like to ask you to consider what I’ve written here.  Perhaps my knowing has kicked in, and it runs deep inside me, but I feel the great importance of taking into consideration the well-being of Earthbound Spirits who are still caught within the world of duality, and suffering.  I say this because the reason they are there, is because they have unresolved issues, whatever they may be which prevented them from moving into the light, and completing their transition.
Is it possible to consider that maybe some Earthbound Spirits do want to complete their transition, and move into the light, but they are unable to do so because their remaining issues have bound them to this earth plane?  How do we distinguish those who want help with transitioning, from those who do not?
To be Continued in Part 6: Ascension For All Souls 
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A Light in the Darkness: Ascension for All Souls, Part 6: Caroline Aguiar
Posted on February 15, 2014 Updated on February 14, 2014
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by Caroline Aguiar
This is where it becomes a tricky business since we all have free will, it’s very  possible there are some Earthbound Spirits who are perfectly happy to roam the world, and cause mischief among the living.
I believe we, the living, can give greatly to the well-being of a transitioning soul in many ways, and it might make the greatest of difference when they see the light, and in their decision whether to cross into it or not.  We certainly can’t tell someone what to do, or make decisions for them but we can certainly influence the situation with the most powerful force in the universe which is absolute, and unconditional love.
I would like to make an appeal to all of you if I may.  There isn’t one of us who won’t experience the death of a loved one, be it a family member, a friend, or a beloved pet.  It is so important that we come to terms with death, and organize our thoughts, and beliefs about death, particularly our own, for our greatest benefit, and for the benefit of others in the highest and best way we can.
At the time of your transition, or of others, if you are solid within your beliefs about this subject you will be not only the greatest asset to yourself, but you will be serving others in the most divine way.
While in the presence of a transitioning soul, your presence of calm peace, and unconditional love, regardless of any disagreements or issues you may have had with them, will aid them greatly in a healthy transition, one which will take them into the light without fear, or regret because you will make sure before hand that they know their lives had distinct purpose, and meaning.  They will also know how much they were loved.
Peace needs to be made on all levels which in turn wipes away their fear, perhaps guilt, shame, or regret.  In other words, as Lightworkers, I believe it is our duty to help all souls, ourselves included, and the Earthbound Spirits, or those who may become Earthbound, and give them the opportunity in the best way we can, for a healthy positive transition on their return to the Spiritual Realms.
My point is, ascension often refers only to the living, and to the learning, and growth which will bring them into a higher consciousness, and way of being, but, I know, and I’m absolutely positive others know this as well, there are Earthbound spirits who need help in the very same fashion as we do.  My appeal to you, if you find it in your heart to do so, is that I ask you to become conscious of this fact, and to send the greatest amount of Light and Love to all souls for a healthy transition, and ascension.
Thank you for reading this article which somehow seems to have turned into a short book, and I appreciate your patience with me.  I’m now headed for the ranch this weekend, and I wont have any internet access until Monday morning.  I would love to hear from you if you have any comments about this topic, and I’ll look forward to discussing this topic with anyone who wishes to do so.
Thank you again, and much love, and bright light to you all,
Copyright © Caroline Aguiar. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:


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