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1 RV WILL HAPPEN on Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:17 pm


Monday, February 17, 2014


Dear John,
Have you seen the below post.
We would like the below post or its rewritten content circulated and seen.  Post anonymously please.

Thank you very much, for your support.

You heard about the game of need to know, how its whispers fester, how it twists and keeps you in the dark?  Let the light shine forth and may you be guided to act as I have and repost this far and wide!

You should be outraged and spread this far and wide – The contents of this post should fly across cyberspace and penetrate deep into the heart of those manipulative controllers - that which is hidden in the dark, when brought to light – loses its power – This monstrosity, this outrage, should light up social media for that is your only hope to bolster those who stand for you.

Dinarland lost a great man this week, taken in despair, for knowledge is sometimes too hard to bear, sometimes what you know is so monstrous, so underhanded and poisonous you cannot go on. It becomes a demon which you wrestle, deadlocked in a fight to the death, to the end.  

The truth of the matter is that the media in the Western world is completely controlled, in the USA it is ruled by iron fist, if you transgress, it comes slamming down.   Our only refuge is the internet for it cannot be controlled with ease and impunity.  

There are good among the bad and a high ranking Cabal family has spilt the beans, they want this news out, the reason for the delays and shenanigans must be put out, for they cannot stand idle, for greater things than money are at stake for them and if they do nothing – they seal their fate.  

The stakes are extremely high as corrupt and powerful members of the US government and congress not content with double dipping of self, family and friends, they are triple dipping and now, gorged but unsatisfied, the remaining pot is at stake, as they collude on both sides of the house to split the rest for party funds, equal divvy and leave us with the meagre pickings of $3.44 – they have picked the boned of the corpse clean from $38 – they have no shame.  

This is the clique, the group who would postpone the blessing of the world, this two month delay sudden brought to light, it’s about you, you are being sidelined, dealt out the equation as a way to eliminate EO13303 is found.  They have agreement in principal, just not the sell method.  Do not give them this opportunity, do not give them the time they need to deal you deaths shattering blow.  Fight back and light up the network which is the internet, it is your best form of defence.  Post on FB and in your skype rooms, not once but again and again until victory.

There are those who would have you get what is left, they fight for you, they fight for you to get a rate somewhere between $6 -$8, they fight to stop the rot, they wish this madness to end.  They are good folk, but they need your help.  Will you step into the breach to help yourselves or will you blindly like sheep go down as the biggest marks in history?

Since the law givers, have taken it upon their back to split the pot and to sack you lot, will you help them by standing idly by?  Will they get their law of fact, to neatly bolster party funds while disenfranchising you?  Will you stand together like sheep, led to slaughter?  Still and unmoved, while good men die of despair?

These Law Givers / makers and breakers, are dirty double, triple dipping, double dealing menaces of your freedoms and rights, and you should be outraged!

These spiteful men, who think they are so clever with their subterfuge, have not escaped attention, they play a game against players who don’t think short term, to them 100 years is a grain of sand on their beach.  The elders are awakening resources to counteract.  

The Chinese are not going to let this slip so easy from their grasp, they will not give up, they will switch contingency in fluid appreciation of the intent of the actions that the USA governors of power are trying to take.  

This RV shall happen, it shall transpire and the world will enter into an age of prosperity; This Global Currency Reset shall happen and those that oppose it are sealing their fates.  There will be arrests of congressman and governors; good and bad statesman alike shall feel the tar brush.  

Many rich and famous face shall be seen, shackled as the common thief, for they have lined their own pockets well, fame serves its purpose as example, but they too shall find that their illusionary shine blends into orange like the murders, gangsters and petty criminal company they’ll be keeping in a cell block of no distinction.  

The colluding Bankers mobsters shall feel their freedoms seize, for they too have drunk deep of the monies which were for all to share.  They shall feel the public’s already tried patience is up, scapegoat disgrace as the sands of forgiveness run out, what a spectacle it shall be!

So you have a decision to make, as you read this little retelling of the situation at hand, do you stand and do nothing, or do you, brothers and sisters step forward to the plate and pick up the bat and knock these destructive menaces to our country, to the planet, out of bounds?  

Repost this far and wide so this crime sees the light and loses power and loses will, as it is exposed, as it is shown for what it is, a miscarriage of any reasonable human beings justice.  Let us stand and ensure that this monstrous squirming beast of festering poison proclaiming itself to represent you, the people, does not claim another Dinarian in despair.  It is as it always really was, up to you!

What will you do!

Posted by John MacHaffie at 4:37 PM

2 Re: RV WILL HAPPEN on Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:03 pm


Just more crap. Where is the proof? If thousands of these cashed out, you would think that at least ONE would spill the beans. Get over it, there is NO RV, you gurus are setting yourselves up to blame them and tell your followers: Sorry folks, all the money is gone because the Elite took it all.

The Truth Will Set You Free

3 Re: RV WILL HAPPEN on Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:24 pm



4 Re: RV WILL HAPPEN on Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:29 pm


The guru that ended his life, if this is what is being referred to, most likely spent his every last dime on dinar. Was about to lose everything and ended his life.

Or... was about to go down with the rest that are the greed mongers. Prison might have not been a desirable option maybe?

Because the dinar and light worker community seems to go hand in hand it brings most aspects into question for many these days. Spreading the above kind of info will not change a single aspect of what is going down right now. If it were that simple it would be done already.


 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
ate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
 Martin Luther King Jr

5 Re: RV WILL HAPPEN on Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:32 pm


The stakes are extremely high as corrupt and powerful members of the US government and congress not content with double dipping of self, family and friends, they are triple dipping and now, gorged but unsatisfied, the remaining pot is at stake, as they collude on both sides of the house to split the rest for party funds, equal divvy and leave us with the meagre pickings of $3.44 – they have picked the boned of the corpse clean from $38 – they have no shame.  

Shit I'd be happy with the meagre pickings of $3.44! Who sounds greedy now?!

6 Re: RV WILL HAPPEN on Wed Feb 19, 2014 1:52 am


Honestly, what would the rich need from this, they would need to fill their trunks full of Dinars to make what they already have or more. Can you see Bill Gates going to the Bank with a van full of Dinars? Don't think so, cause it ain't so and won't be so and never was so. This is smoke and mirrors, the gurus need to create a problem in order to "lengthen" their ability to con people into buying Dinars. And I agree with you Purple, the Love and Light and Dinar Industry are of the same makings, to keep people waiting, hoping and wishing, and that lowers the vibration, it prevents people from raising their frequency, it gets you cancer and all kinds of nasty illnesses because your immune system can't function on lower frequencies, it brings death, period. We need to keep our eyes open, stop looking for external help or saviors, they are just decoys to get us off track. Go within and all you need is there.

The Truth Will Set You Free

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