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Karma and Free Will

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1 Karma and Free Will on Wed Feb 19, 2014 7:43 am


Karma and Free Will

Posted on February 19, 2014 by DEUS NEXUS1 Comment

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By Sal Rachele

The subject of free will is greatly misunderstood. I like what “A Course In Miracles” says about free will: “Free will does not mean you can establish or change the curriculum (universal laws) — it only means you can elect what to take at a given time.”
As an example, the soul lesson called “karma” can be a long, slow and painful one, or it can be learned and dispelled quickly by forgiving and letting go of the past and embracing the present. This can only be done with astute self-observation and a willingness to understand deeply all the traps and detours of the ego. The more aware we become, the faster we vibrate and the higher we go on the dimensional scale.
Free will has its limitations. Within a given level (density/dimension), there is a certain amount of free choice. When we choose to enter a particular density or dimension, we also agree to abide by the laws of that density or dimension, unless we have mastered them and come solely to guide others into higher realms, and even then we are still somewhat under the laws of that realm. For example, Jesus and others were able to perform so-called miracles because they used the laws of higher dimensions to supersede the laws of 3D.
I think we tend to confuse free will with ego-based decision making. They are not really one and the same. Again, it depends on what level of awareness we are coming from. Another way to look at this is to consider that very few of us have free will, because our wills are imprisoned within our habitual beliefs, programming and conditioning. From higher dimensional points of view (6th density or higher), it’s all free will. At some point (pre-incarnation or whenever) we made a decision to have a veil put over our awareness. This made us subject to the laws and deceptions inherent in 3D without remembering the knowledge of how to transcend them. Stuck in 3D illusions, we then made decisions based on fear, scarcity, need for approval, etc. Once we use our free will to choose awareness over ignorance, then our future decisions are not dominated by fear and 3D illusions.
There is a certain amount of pre-destiny inherent in the Divine Plan. Eventually, all of us will ascend into higher realms. We have within our DNA the blueprint for ascension. Because of free will, we can delay the perfect unfoldment of that DNA blueprint. In a temporary sense, we can override it with negative beliefs and stuck emotions. In actuality, if we let go of our judgments, guilt, fear and constant worry and strife, the program unfolds more easily. Let it go and let it flow — and it DOES just magically happen. But the paradox is, we must work hard to unlearn all the lies and distortions we have been taught for millennia that says the path to enlightenment is a struggle — you know, “no pain, no gain” and all that. I’m reminded of one of my favorite sayings: “Letting go is easy, it’s hanging on that’s hard.”
Our exercise of free will is dependent on what aspect of the self we identify with. We may seem to be bound by the laws of the physical world, but only if we are attached to that perception. For example, once we let go of our identification with the body, we are no longer at the mercy of the medical profession. We are then free to let our spiritual awareness decide what is best for our bodies.
In summary, I believe free will is what one has when one is free of all illusions. Probably none of us on planet Earth have free will because our wills are imprisoned by limiting thoughts and beliefs. But then, when we are free of all illusions, the concept of will becomes meaningless anyway because there is only God’s Will, which is the creative force.
Changing the World
Sometimes we try forcefully to make changes in the world. However, the main value of protesting a cause may be the experience it gives the protestors. I think some souls need to have this lesson. Others may simply wish to transcend all of it and learn to be “spirits in the material world.” This is not to say that it’s wrong to get involved. If your God Self prompts you to protest, then do so. Keep in mind, however, that it may or may not have any effect on the karma or free will of others. Since we are all connected, then in essence, everything we do affects everything else. However, in 4D and lower levels, karma and free will can dominate a soul’s experience. Not everyone who came to Jesus to be healed received a miraculous healing. “Except as ye have faith, ye cannot enter the Kingdom,” means that if your consciousness is dominated by thoughts of fear and lack, it’s going to be very hard to use your free will to create beauty and joy.
When we look at the world it often appears that spiritual principles do not apply here. It seems that the most aggressive, ruthless and uncaring people are the ones that get the ‘goodies’, but that’s only because they are more focused on getting material things because they believe that is where salvation lies. If your priority is Spirit then you will discover the treasure deep within your heart (your God Presence). This experience will be worth so much more than any trinkets of this world.
Because of free will, it is possible, theoretically, for someone to abdicate responsibility for their own creations (karma) to another, if this is a lesson the souls involved want to experience. An evolving soul, however, generally would not want to miss out on soul lessons by having another “’take over” their karma. After all, in karmic relationships, you tend to keep attracting the same kind of person (and experience) until you learn the lesson. It may be that at some future time, the soul whose karma was “intercepted” by another soul might realize that an important experience has been missed.
This raises another question regarding abductions and other so-called interference in free will. It is my perception that most, if not all, abductees have a soul contract with the abductors, although most likely they are not aware of the contract. In most cases, they belong to the soul group or ET race of the abductors and are simply incarnated in human form. In this case, the abductors may intercept such souls to help them awaken to their higher identity. This doesn’t necessarily condone experimentation and such, but it offers another viewpoint.
If I’m tempted to wonder why the world is run by thugs who appear to be less intelligent and loving than me, I remember that each soul has his/her specific lessons to learn, and perhaps some of us have already learned how to control and manipulate the masses in other life sequences, and therefore, we have no desire to play that game in this life. Our leaders are a reflection of our moral values – collectively, that is. If the majority of people are “sheeple”, meaning souls that wish to be led instead of leading, then they will elect leaders that reflect their “sheeple” mentality. Security and reassuring words will be more important than freedom and learning to think for themselves. “If you trade freedom for security, you deserve neither” is a popular expression among the more enlightened.
In today’s media environment, it only takes one soul (with a lot of charisma, persuasion and money) to change the world by writing and producing a film or media event. Getting it aired is another matter, but if it’s got disaster, death and trauma, well, that sells. It’s up to the free will of the populace as to whether or not to indulge the producer by going to see the film. If the theme of the movie is disaster, that could trigger an avalanche of fear and negative feelings. The film could then act as a massive trigger of actual 3D disasters and could affect the 3D timeline. At the very least, the film could increase the likelihood of natural or man-made disasters. Most “sheeple” are gullible and easily mind controlled, and can be led to believe almost anything if it is pounded into them by the media. Constant focus on negativity, killing, rape, torture, abuse and lust for power tends to increase belief in these things, and increases these manifestations in the world. While this may be obvious to the enlightened, it is not so for the “sheeple.” For more on these subjects, see Illusions and PerceptionEarth Changes and The Illuminati and the Dark Forces.
The Law of Karma
Some of this will be a review, but it needs repeating because karma is a highly misunderstood principle. The law of karma, or cause and effect, is a fourth-dimensional principle. That means it operates in the first, second, third and fourth dimensions, but not the higher ones. The common perception of karma involves the idea that what goes around comes around. This is partly true, but only if one is stuck in the lower four dimensions. Once we fully understand our actions, behaviors, thoughts, feelings and perceptions, we can then use our free will to consciously create a different path of karma. By aligning our heart, mind and body, we make decisions with our whole being, thereby avoiding what is called “residual karma.” The idea of residual karma involves incomplete decisions, or decisions that leave a lot of unfinished business. If we come to closure with our relationships, and keep our agreements, we do not create additional karma. When we forgive ourselves, we actually erase karma.
To repeat a major idea, a stumbling block in understanding karma and free will involves the “all is illusion” viewpoint people use to escape responsibility for everyday life and to avoid looking at issues. One ignores a starving child because “it’s their karma; they created it” or some such drivel. What these ivory tower detached souls fail to realize is that love is a higher law, and love will respond to a call for help. It may not necessarily involve giving to or working for a social agency, but it will most certainly not involve going into denial about the suffering of others. Understanding why they suffer is not the same thing as sitting detached in intellectual supremacy, while rationalizing about the suffering.
The 4D Law of Karma is, thankfully, superseded by the 5D Law of Love. You cannot reach 5D without letting go of intellectual superiority and embracing God’s Love. So God’s Love transcends karma.
Fifth dimensional consciousness is love and unity, and love always finds some way to respond to a call for help. Millions of our brothers and sisters are calling out for help, and the Love Within will respond if we open to it. Love’s help may or may not appear as outer action, but closing our hearts to suffering is definitely not a 5D response.
A Personal Note
I’m clear that I came to Earth from a future timeline in order to assist the awakening of humanity. At one time I resided in what could be called 6th dimensional Venus. It was beautiful beyond description. Little by little I remember more and more details of that future timeline.  However, my attention is now on present-day Earth and how to be the most effective healer and teacher. Since time is ultimately an illusion, I am on Earth and 6D Venus simultaneously right now! Notwithstanding that mind-blowing fact, my dropping down to 3D Earth was a decision made from the higher realms of love. It is up to each of us that remember some of our greatness to manifest that greatness in this dimension.
Finding Your “Dharma” 
Is your present path bringing you joy? Does it feel fulfilling to your soul? Do you feel complete doing what you’re doing? Or do you fantasize doing something else?
The Infinite One has a unique plan of unfoldment for all of us and we just need to get out of the way and let it unfold. This doesn’t necessarily mean being passive, but for many of us, we are way too busy and distracted to hear the clarity of Spirit. Our One True Self will tell us where to be and what to do as things accelerate. In our Selves, we are always safe and at peace.
Mother Earth’s Karma
So what about the planetary level of karma and free will? The Earth is a sentient being with her own consciousness. At the planetary level, I don’t think karma is applicable, except for Gaia’s desire to help souls experience their collective karma. The planetary/cosmic realm operates under certain natural laws particular to the density in which they are residing. If people on Gaia ignore those laws, they may suffer the consequences (such as jumping off a building has consequences due to the law of gravity). If Gaia purges humanity because humanity is destroying her, that is not Gaia’s revenge, or even Gaia’s desperate survival tactic. It is simply the manifestation of natural laws that seek balance and harmony, similar to the rubber-band analogy. If the environment gets too stretched out of shape, it may snap back into balance traumatically.
We are all interconnected. On some level, people being influenced by others have agreed karmically to be influenced, although they are likely not conscious of this. The actions of world leaders are not violating anyone’s free will in the ultimate sense because we all agreed to be here on Earth and experience these fascinating times. However, a highly evolved, compassionate being will only seek to influence in a way that promotes self-awareness and evolution. When one looks at the current state of world affairs, it’s often hard to see that everything is evolving perfectly. But it is. And the sooner we realize this, the sooner we jump to a higher level of understanding – a level beyond karma and even free will.
–Sal Rachele
About the Author
Sal Rachele is a pioneer in the human potential field. He graduated from Silva Mind Control in 1976 and was the founder and director of Alpha-Theta Seminars in the late 1970s. He studied rebirthing (conscious breathing), meditation, the healing arts and sacred theatre during the 80′s and 90′s. He began creating cassettes of original piano music in the early 80′s including “Heavenly Creations”, “Nature’s Paradise”, “Soul’s Dream”, and “Infinite Peace.” His latest CD is “Angel Dance.” He is the author of “Life On the Cutting Edge,” a self-help manual that explores the human condition in depth. He co-founded the music group “Mystic Waters.” He resides in Northern Arizona where he has a private counseling, reading and healing practice.

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 “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. 
ate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
 Martin Luther King Jr

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