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Tonys CC Notes-Entire Call

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1 Tonys CC Notes-Entire Call on Wed Feb 19, 2014 9:33 pm


Tonys CC Notes-Entire Call

[FLPatriot59] TONY - Good afternoon, TNT. It's Wednesday, February 19, 2014. We were waiting for somebody to go to the bank to verify and he came back and said "not yet." But it's going to happen anyway! We put this call off to this afternoon because simply I was hoping this to be THE only call. That's what I was looking for. I was hoping to have a real good annoucement. So far, we have to wait - not much longer - but we have to wait. Everything we've heard is pointing to a superfantastic day.

[FLPatriot59] T - I'm going to give you some insight into what we were waiting for. DC - you can get started.

[2:14:15 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] DC - Okay, well it's a great day and I believe we will be doing a 2nd call. What's happened is that on Sunday night/Monday AM the world started turning on the RV. The overview is they're taking individual countries and getting them running, accepting the rates and then go to the next country. They want to make sure there are no glitches and to make sure the US can't stop it and ask for more money. The US is the last country to go. We don't believe it's completed in the US yet, as they are testing the systems. Once the US banks accept it we will go.

[2:15:28 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] T - CL signed off on the RV for the 15th time and we are on a 24-hour window for the release, received yesterday. Things are going on as we speak, which is why we wanted to wait for this call.
[2:18:04 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] DC - The started with the less-sophisticated CBs, then went to 2nd world economies, then Europe, China, last night. So every country has it and have tested to make sure everybody is good with the dinar, dong and rupiah rates. The reason is they want to make sure the US doesn't step in and try any shenanigans. The US has tested their systems and we believe it is complete. The ones who haven't tested they may give a few moments to fix things, but at this point they don't care. There have been some political shenanigans but they have been taken care of.

[2:19:06 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] T - The US is not techinically holding this up. The difference this time is, because there was a lull in the action, they tried to take advantage of that. They were told 'we
[FLPatriot59] are not playing that game." It's a bit of a chess game.

[2:20:25 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] T - Anyway, on Friday when it was stopped by the US, they were not thinking of themselves, but thinking of you that time. They were thinking of us as a whole, not greedy politicians trying to get more money. Now that we're past that it's a timing issue. Call center and exchange people are there and ready because it was supposed to go earlier today. We don't know the exact time but we know some windows.

[2:21:39 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] T - Things are great right at this moment. Other countries are looking at their screens. We are in a really, really good place. There's not much more to say because it's going. The 800#s are in place. Could be within 15-30 minutes. Everybody has been focused on the exchange procedures.

[2:24:28 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] DC - Today the main focus was Tier 2 & 3 banks and exchange procedures. Tier 2 & 3 banks don't do enough foreign currency business. The call centers have been trained for years but the Tier 2 & 3 banks have not. Most have 1-2 persons with currency training. When they are given the "go" signal they are supposed to update their people. They have started that since yesterday at 3PM and again this morning. We always knew that would be a little slower timeline. They've decided to take this slow and more methodical so it's harder to derail once it gets going. That's what they've been doing today.

[2:25:42 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] T - They are doing it today because for years they told Tier 2 & 3 banks it's a scam and they were not included in the process. Not they're playing catch-up.
[FLPatriot59] *NOW they're playing catch-up.

[2:26:49 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] NOTE: Tony is discussing the BBC article. Will not be transcribed.

[2:31:54 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] T - I recommend each of you get 2 books: "The Creature from Jekyll Island" and "Confessions of an Economic Hitman." You are getting ready to be part of teh 1% Club. You can join them and become part of it or do something about it.

[2:32:10 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] T - DO NOT GO TO THE BANKS TODAY (unless we call you back). Everything is ready and the rates are good. You will be happy and you will have an opportunity at the highest rates. The 30 days is still in play so no worries about that. We did not get instructions on the reserves, even though I know they discussed it yesterday at the exchange centers.

[2:33:40 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] T - Today is a great day - we are the last ones and as soon as it's approved for us and we get the "go" the rest of the world is waiting and ready.

[FLPatriot59] C = CALLER | T = TONY | DC = DC GUY

[FLPatriot59] C - Are we still at the one appointment only? T - You'll have 4 options - 4 different rates - to exchange. You can always walk in and get the street rate. When you go to your 800# appointment they will ask if you have reserves and then schedule a separate appointment for those reserves. At one time only WF was going to give you one shot at their rate. We don't know what they are doing now. They still want to get this done as fast as possible. The rate will not stay there for 30 days.
[2:39:14 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] C - Are there multiple 800#s at this point? T - If you walk into the bank, they'll have the pamphlets. Don't walk in today, tho. Each one will have their own 800#. I don't know what the new system is.
[2:39:43 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] T - You always have a choice but there's always a price.
[2:43:01 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] PAM - When the CBI show the new rates? T - I don't know. Could be as soon as it happens - they are ready. The dinar and dong were supposed to go 2 days ahead, because they're the foundation of the GCR. They've said that for years. Then the GCR on Saturday, then Tuesday. They decided because the "button" was with the US and it would never get done, they decided to make it live on the CBI and then bring it to our country. Now, for us to say "okay, we're ready to play ball" they've given us the "button" and the US retained the decision to release it to the US. Iraq said they've done what they were supposed to do and are ready.

[2:44:11 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] T - Once that was all done, we're at the level we are now. It wouldn't have happened last week but now they will all show up together.

[2:46:38 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] TONY is discussing cigars with his caller. Will not be transcribed.
[2:51:12 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] C - When did the 30 minutes start? T - I don't believe it has started. I believe it starts when we get to go to the bank. When we get our packet of info it'll be in there and I'll explain it. We were in their good graces and would receive the 800#s along with 4-5 others (we were #1 on the list). But because of #wearethepeople we got moved off the list. DC - Very senior statesman who has helped us over the past 10-12 days has backed us up and saying "they're just raising concerns" That same gentleman has spoken up for us to defend our points. So attitudes and mindsets have changed and they understand we have vaild concerns. That helped us getting back in good graces with most.
[2:54:41 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] T - Some are still holding a grudge, but a whole lot of us are still holding a grudge because it's not done yet. But with the way this was handled with us as an after-thought or insignificant, why can't they solve this and what are they thinking? Because they're some of the most intelligent people in the world - with book sense (see "Trading Places" for a good example) but they don't know how the everyday man thinks. Eddie Murphy was living the life they were trying to make decisions about. He made decisions using his street sense. I don't know why somebody didn't say "what do those guys think?" when they were trying to put a program together
[2:58:11 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] PAM - can we take a note into the bank to payoff reserves and will we get a contract rate for the initial appointment and the reserve appointment? T - We heard they absolutely will include reserves in the 1st appointment and give you time to get them paid out. I don't know about the contract rate. Things in the NDA have been removed so we don't know what it says. That's what I was just saying - we have not received the actual packet yet. People who have gone through are telling us there are 2nd appointments to deal with reserves. We heard in the past 48 hours they want every single note to go through an 800#.
[3:00:18 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] PAM - Will we need to use an 800# for Tier 2 or 3 banks? T - I don't know any of those that have numbers. They haven't said anything about that. DC - None of the ones I've been talking to have anything planned like that.
[3:02:13 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] PAM - Are the VNN rates tied to the IQD? T - Yes, they're tied together. When one goes up the other goes up.
[3:05:16 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] PAM - Does the IMF have to approve the voting rights of member countries before the RV can go forward? If they have to aprove it then it has to go to Congress. DC - No! Globalization is going on. China is getting bigger. BRICS are becoming more prosperous. With that changing of economic power, the newer countries coming up have approached the US and other bigger nations and want to be represented based on their new economic stature. They all agreed but needed to vote to take the US down a couple of notches. The US wants to put this off as long as possible. Therefore, it is not at all tied to the RV
[3:07:43 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] PAM - Is the NDA secure? DC - There have been at least 14 evolutions of the NDA that we know of. It's pretty straight-forward. Don't talk about it and you'll be okay. Just be quiet and you won't have any problems. The UST owns your info anyway because of the IRS. That info will not be passed out to anyone. It's not going into a giant database. When you do any private banking, respectfully ask them to remove your name from promotions and marketing lists. You absolutely have that right.
[3:09:11 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] C - Have we come to bedrock at all on tax rates? T - The last we heard if you take the highest rate it will be 100% capital gains of the bracket you fall in. At the next rate it's 50% capital gains of the bracket you fall in. At the lowest rate there are 0 capital gains taxes
[3:17:37 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] C - Is every bank offering the highest rate, or is it only for China and oil credits where you get the highest rates? T - I don't know what the Tier 3 banks will do. They are limited on how much they can take in. DC - Banks have ratios they have to keep in line. This will keep so many more deposits than loans which will upset the ratios of deposits vs. loans. They Tier 3 banks will max out pretty soon even though they'll have special accounts set up for them. The big guys can absorb more. Money market accounts and other types don't count as bank deposits. Remember to pay attention to who will control your money.

[3:18:14 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] T - Another option is to split up your money. Tier 2 & 3 and even credit unions can provide more security. DC - It's goo to know your banker and for him/her to know you. You don't need to tell them everything, but let them know your goals.
[3:19:47 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] C - Is WF still the highest rate? And what is the VNN rate? T - I don't know any of the big banks that weren't going to offer the big rates. What we heard is that WF is the only one set up to accept groups. We talked to some personal bankers at each bank who all told us we could bring in a group. They have all told us, at one time or another, they will beat the other's rates. It's a contract rate. They have a variation of the fees you can choose, but I don't think one bank will have the advantage over others.
(*) (*)
[3:21:50 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] T - Be careful with the groups. I keep getting from the UST to reiterate about which email address to use. I can also tell you there will be more group offerings tomorrow - the day after - hedge funds, etc. trying to offer you a group rate. I heard they are being put together and would be announced today and tomorrow. Be careful who you do business with. Look at what they're charging. I know when you walk into a bank they are not going to charge you 10%, 8%, 5%, etc. to do your CE. Just be careful.

[3:23:09 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] T - The VNN is there with 4 rates. Shouldn't need an 800# for those. I can tell you right now the rates have changed and there is a change at the screen level. I'm hoping we'll do another call later tonight. If not, tomorrow.
[3:27:26 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] PAM - Did the Twitter campaign work? Clawbacks? Frozen funds? Is it more fair now? DC - Yes, things have been made much fairer. That is largely due to a senior statesman coming onboard with us. A lot of progress is being made. The NDA was too constrictive and they owned your money. You didn't own the money. That was not successful. Justice for people holding this up? A lot of people have been shamed, tho some have no shame. For the most part they have told them to stop what they're doing. The 30-days deal has been dealt with and will start once the US citizens get the 800#s. It should not be tricky. Some funds have been frozen, some have not.
[3:29:55 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] DC - Double-dipping has been taken of the table. Those taking advantage will go to jail. 83-84K have already CE'd. T - Those who were told to buy dinar so they could CE will lose their money - it will be taken completely back. DC - we have a very small group of influential people to whom we are grateful. We were initially viewed as evil, but now we are looked at as raising concerns.

[3:33:04 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] C - Has the power-sharing agreement, HCL/Erbil in Iraq been resolved? T - From my intel that was resolved a long time ago. You don't see them arguing in Parliament or Kurdistan vs. Baghdad. Alawi and Barzani are no longer in the news. Because there was an agreement you won't see those until this is all over.
[3:36:13 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] C - Are you saying this is not going to be stopped this time? DC - They have found a 1,000 ways to screw this up. They have also found a 1,000 ways to turn this back on. They have pinned the US down so they cannot do this anymore. Plus there are some senior statesment who are onboard to keep the screw-ups from happening again. T - Things have indeed changed. I only wanted one call, but you can't remove the idiots from the room until they close the door. This is by far the best day we've ever had to date. We should have been at the bank this morning at 9AM.

[FLPatriot59] C - Do you think the GCR will be discussed on the news? T - I think on Financial News it will be discussed. They will discuss the currency markets, gold and silver changes, etc. Will it make the evening news? No. DC - Certain people that don't have the best reputation will come out smelling like a rose and I don't know how that's going to be handled.
[3:40:11 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] T - Read the 2 books I recommended. It's all about history and the roles people played. It
[3:41:05 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] It's going to change how you look at everything. Winston Churchill and Alexander the Great both controlled their own history. Two key players will understand how to do this.
[3:45:03 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] PAM - On short or long term capital gains taxes, is the bracket based on your previous year's taxes? DC - No. Everybody will have to do a safe-harbor payment based on previous year. Then you'll pay according to the present year's income. It's based on current income and the type of income it is. We don't know how reserves will be handled. Talk to a good accountant!
[3:45:42 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] WE HAVE A SNORER!!...
[3:49:24 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] C - Are you signing the NDA? T - If it was the initial one I saw that simply says I'm not doing talk shows, books, movies, etc. then I'm all for that. I'm not planning to do any of that - I just want to move on and live my life. I don't like the draft I got that says anybody I give money to I'm responsible for. I'm not crazy about that part.
[3:53:20 PM] SPIRITFILLED MAN: [FLPatriot59] DC - I'm really excited! It's much harder now to screw up. We're in a stronger position now! T - Again, don't be surprised if we have a late night call. Or don't. We absolutely received news before and during the call that we didn't tell you about that we are absolutely excited about. We are ever so close - we've never ever been this close with the info we have today. Does that mean 100% it's going to happen? Some major things have to happen to stop it. Last Friday was major and it made sense for them not to do it. Enjoy the rest of your evening. I hope I have to do 2 calls now! If not, let's see what happens tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your evening. END OF CALL.[/b]


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It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

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My stomach couldn't handle reading the whole thing. I can't see how any moron can't see through the ridiculous lies, there is no RV in Europe and not in Croatia for sure. I am thinking about a re denomination, I wrote this in one of my articles on my blog, but I have read the new article at BI, Zahlid has been communicating with Marcus and a few others for a few months now and he told them before Xmas it would re denominate in mid March, I tend to think this could be true. I don't care what way this ends, I just want these pathetic people getting up every morning to check if anyone Tweeted an 800#. I was on TNT FB page last night and really tried to be nice, but as soon as I told them I wasn't a Dinar holder they started attacking me, what a bunch of Hyenas these people are, wow.

The Truth Will Set You Free

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Which facebook page CraotianLight?

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

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The Truth Will Set You Free

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Pretty soon they'll be blaming Asgard for the holdup.

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