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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » "WE called around all sorts of banks, was told they have rates for the dinar, not for the dong, it’s on hold, waiting…":TNT CALL 21-Feb-2014 Notes

"WE called around all sorts of banks, was told they have rates for the dinar, not for the dong, it’s on hold, waiting…":TNT CALL 21-Feb-2014 Notes

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TNT Call 21-Feb-2014 Notes

The call was rescheduled for 12 noon PST, and we are on a new, clear, teleconference call service with actual music as we wait for Tony to come on the line.

Tony:  Okay, guys, hold on – I’m trying to connect everybody.  I’m here, I’m almost ready.  Pam?  Hello?  Anybody there?  [Pam is back;  she got dumped.]  Hit record!

Good /morning afternoon, TNT!  It’s Friday, February 21, 2014.  We are here yet another Friday that we should not be here.  I will give it the way it is, and we will see where it goes.  DC should be in later. This is what’s going on…

I didn’t talk to you yesterday, by design, hoping I wouldn’t mess anything up.  We started after the call on Wednesday, told that the rates were at the bank, told they were given authority to give out the 800 numbers and start cashing people out.  WE called around all sorts of banks, was told they have rates for the dinar, not for the dong, it’s on hold, waiting… We were excited and looking forward to the RV on Wednesday night, hoping this process would end.  ON Thursday, they said we should be cashing out once the banks open on the West Coast.  We don’t know what is holding it up, but you guys should be getting paid right now.  The banks have called in their exchange and call center people, and now the BANKS are asking for a two week extension to train their people, and telling the people they said this was a scam that they were lying to them.  They were told NO, to get their people in and exchange us.

It did go down to the teller screens, but some banks say that it has a hold on it.  Some say there is not a hold but they cannot get to the next screen.  Then they were showing the dinar rate and not the dong rate.  Now we are waiting for the next update.  All the banks now have the 800 numbers which they actually got a month ago;  they were unsealed yesterday so everybody knew what they were and this process could start.  They are still holding on to them

[b]We went all last night with certain times this should go.  Because the IMF has done the rest of the world, and the US has done it’s part, now the IMF has to connect the US up with the rest of the world.  People called the IMF saying the banks are all ready and we are ready, and the IMF still hasn’t give the GO.  If the IMF was pushing for this so hard, why aren’t they activating this?  IF the banks have been cashing people out for months, why do they want two weeks to get ready?  The banks are playing a game of one-upping the tier 2 and 3 banks, so that we would go to the tier 1 banks. There is a game going on here and I don’t know if the tier 2 and 3 banks know this.  Now the tier 1 banks are concerned that we may go to the tier 2 and 3 banks, after all the stuff they pulled.  So there is some exposure that may still happen today because of what we are seeing. ]

The banks say they are ready and now waiting for the IMF;  that’s what we heard this morning. The agencies are saying the banks can call you in right now!  They have the option to do that, but they haven’t done it.  There is a time something is supposed to happen today.  I did the call this late so that we could get verification that it would happen.  Pam wanted to do this call at 5pm EST, but she’s heartless that way.  People will be in the car on the way home at that hour!  So we are doing it at this time to avoid getting caught in that traffic.   We are still looking for confirmation.  They don’t have any more excuses – we know the banks are seeing them on their screens down to tier 2 and 3 bank levels.

So… a lot of people in DC are still excited about last night, today and this weekend.  I’m guarded because I know we are right at the edge, and I hope/anticipate something happening.  There are no reasons why it shouldn’t happen, so we will wait for it to play out.

This is hard for me because I do know this should be the greatest weekend of your life, just like last weekend should have been.  You are going to see this before sunrise.  I really wanted to come tell you exactly what is going on, and that is what I did.  Some people have issues with that – they cannot live in the moment, knowing that things change hour by hour.

A few years ago, I told you this would be total chaos.  We are at that end, because right now, where we are at, they are just letting everyone tell their own stories!  It is designing to be a total shock at the end, that is where they are at.  Any moment could be THE moment.

The last thing we got yesterday is this:  when you hear this super-fantastic news, you can walk into the bank and cash in 50,000 dinar.  Anything above 50,000 will require an 800 number.  They don’t want there to be any chaos or people hanging around the bank.  Get the number, call it as fast as you can, got at your appointed time.  Unless you desperately need that money, and you are in the first few days, then don’t go to the bank with your 50K,because they will give you the lowest possible rate if you do that.  If that is a big chunk of what you have, then wait until you have your appointment (for the contract rate).

On this new system that we are using, it only accepts 500 callers, and they should be people who have questions.  Otherwise, listen on the computer, or on our earlier call lines that hold 6,000 people.  Don’t call in just to clog up the lines.  It’s not their fault;  they didn’t expect this volume of listeners.  So stay off the call lines if you can.

Also, they are getting inundated by members asking about TNT calls.  They are not our customer service!  We will post the call on twitter, on the forum or in chat to get the information.  So please don’t call them for that information because it bogs down their customer service.

404 caller:  Can you hear me when I clicked your name?

Caller:  No, I didn’t hear anything.  Is Iraq still playing a lead role?

Tony:  I don’t know what was said in the mosques this morning;  I did not talk to anyone in Iraq this morning – did you?

Caller:  No, and I was hoping that would be a trigger for this.

Tony:  I’ve heard that they are not going to make another announcement until it’s live.

206 caller:  We really appreciate you for being our excellent leader!  Are we going to take VNN to the bank directly

Tony:  You should be able to – to an bank or exchange place, if you need immediate money.

Caller:  But the contract rates – that is only tier 1 banks and 800 numbers, right?

Tony:  I don’t know about  only tier 1 banks, but tier 2 and 3 banks have a limit on what they can accept.

Caller:  It would be great if you could tweet every so often…

Tony:  They keep telling me that I cannot say things!  We got some really good news yesterday and today and they tell us not to say anything!

830 caller:  I’m super-fantastic, appreciative of what you do!  Are all four banks going to have the top rate?

Tony:  I think all tier 1 banks will have the top rates.  Initially you can go to any one of them.  The only differences will be the fees and the contract they put in front of you.  You’ll just have to read it and decide.  I don’t have a copy of that yet.

Caller:  The NDA should not be an issue, the issue is the contract with the bank, right?

Tony:  Yes.  People in the know say that they have removed the NDA but the contracts may be a problem for some people.  Last I heard, there is ONE 800 number and ask which bank you want to go to.  They will make your appointment for you.

Caller:  If we get the top rate, does that mean you pay the top tax bracket?

Tony:  You are going to pay 100% of the capital gains rate that applies to you.  You can go to the different banks if you don’t like the contract, but they will put you at the back of the line and the rate may go down before you go back.  If I don’t like the contract, I will go out and take the inter-national rate, and then go out and MAKE the money that I would have got with the contract.  My currency, my movements for the next ten years – I’m not going to give them power over that.

Caller:  Do you know if Sterling is offering the market rate or what?

Tony:  Sterling has always said they will be competitive with the market rate.  They have people to answer all those questions, or where to go on the website, so you’ll have it in black and white.

Caller:  Is the market rate higher than the international rate?

Tony:  It will be this time.

760 caller:  How are you today, Tony?

Tony:  I am super-duper!

Caller:  Why wouldn’t anybody want to take that top rate?  Why would they turn that down?

Tony:  I would turn it down if it requires me to leave 30-40% of my money in that bank where they would invest if for me and control it for me.  I don’t like that but others might be alright with that.

Caller:  So it’s not tax traps, it’s about them keeping the money and controlling it for a certain amount of time, and pay you out as they choose, is that correct?

Tony:  That part could be in the contract, and many might not have an issue with it, but I have an issue with a bank controlling my money or a private banker saying I can get this and that for my money, but they are not making that much money themselves.  Why would I hand over my money when that guy works for the bank, and the bank will tell him what to invest in for his bonus check.  Will he be concerned with my money, or his bonus check, or the bank?  They make money when they put you in something and when they take you out of something.

Caller:  What is your best guess for the contracts?

Tony:  I don’t know;  I only know about the tax rates.  That’s why YOU have to look at the contracts.

Caller:  Do you know what the banks have for the reserves?

Tony:  More than one of the banks has a reserve plan. They want every dime they can get, so they will work it out.  On the higher rates, they will try to demand higher rates and spreads, but it’s still your money and you can walk out.

423 caller:  Tony, you say some people in higher positions who didn’t want this to happen at all.  Then Wednesday DC said that this could be stopped (although it would be difficult).  Could you speak about this?  We know the banks were ready before, and it never happened.  Is someone making this not happen?

Tony:  That;s just part of the reality of this working.  If we want to call the number or make the exchange, they have to be there or it won’t happen.  They are just as frustrated as we are!  They sit down there for 12 hours, and nothing happens. They get just as drained as we do!  They believe they will be making a difference, and they have dinar, too, and they get called in at all hours… all for nothing to happen.  They are just as frustrated as we are!

Until it actually happens, there is always someone who can stop it.  So yesterday I was hearing things, and they called and asked me not to get anyone riled up with phone calls.  It’s so close that they don’t want this to get held up again.  People said “If you can say this or that, it would be great” and I said NO, because those are excuses, and people want me to say conflicting things that don’t make sense and that are not backed up.  I’m not just saying something to make them happy.  This is just reality.  I went through it this morning with a bunch of other people.  In TNT you are in the moment and it changes hour to hour.

Can someone still stop this?  Yes.  They have the nuclear option and it’s always there until it’s done.  Anyone of them could go off and upset the whole apple cart.  I do believe that the time is now.  I believe we could see this any moment.

Caller:  It has to happen sometime, right?

Tony:  If Iraq is ever to be part of the world again, the rich nation, the foundation of the middle east, if we ever have a GCR, then YES, this has to happen.

Caller:  We cannot help but dream that this will happen and we can help people.  I know it has to happen sometime, but could it be months and years ahead?

Tony:  Not months and years, but now.  I’m getting happier by the moment, actually.

Caller:  I believe in you 100%:  I know you are an honest man giving us your honest report.

Tony:  You are 100% right about that.  I will give you what I am hearing, what makes sense, the good/bad/ugly, and you make your own decisions. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, or send out BS.

423 caller:  we’re getting ready for Mardi Gras here in New Orleans!  Come on down!  With the dong, there is a contract rate, market rate and international rate?

Tony:  My info is saying we have two contract rates, the market rate, and the international rate.

617 caller:  Can you give us the rates?

Tony:  with the dong we have three rates, with the dinar we have three.

Caller:  What are they?

Pam:  You know what DC would say… NO.

Tony: That’s a NO from Pam, not from Tony.  And DC definitely wouldn’t give you the rates.  We fought for the rates, and we got what we fought for. Everyone in DC says that if we didn’t do that, we would have been screwed.  It’s great that we did that, and we will have a fair shot to get the higher rates, those who are fast on their feet.

Caller:  Is this contract something new?

Tony:  They had it for those groups, all those restrictions but they were going to get more than anyone else, they had that built in that they would have to leave money in the bank.  As people were getting away from the groups, the banks tried to put that into these high rates, to control those who will have unholy amounts of money.  Again, twitter made a difference, because they are saying “If they did that on Twitter, it will be terrible if they go to FaceBook”.  They had to make it more fair because they knew then that we won’t just roll over.  I don't want to condemn every one in DC;  they just thought they would be in the front of the line but that we would all be in the same line.  They couldn’t condone that.

The rupiah will be done at this same time.  The dinar and dong were supposed to be done two day prior to the GCR.  I don’t know if that is still going to do it that way.  I do know they have done every country, so that they could maintain the stability of some currencies, like the dollar.

Caller:  We couldn’t have done it without you, Tony!  Have a great day!

785 caller:  How deep are we going to let them dig this holes for themselves before the shoot hits the fan?  Are they just going to keep stringing you along?

Tony:  If it were going to be two more months and that is what most of you wanted, that would be one thing.  There is great news today, and at this moment I don’t think it’s even an issue any more.

Caller:  An associate called me to say the Canadian banks are live and exchanging.

Tony:  I had that call yesterday, and although it is live at their CBI, nobody is exchanging that we have talked to so far.

Caller:  I have accumulated lots of patience so if they put it off a few more days, but… I was seeing someone on his site last night, and I think the banksters are taking him for a ride.

Tony:  He called me with some info last night, and it may very well be true.  We are being told stuff it takes us 8 to 24 hours to see.  It’s happening so rapidly and at such a level that  they come out of meetings in DC, and there is no point calling a bank in AZ right away because it takes a while to trickle through.  Sometimes you get information and it has to trickle down.  He gets good information but you can’t tell everybody everything, because they cannot handle it, and then they start saying you’re lying and such.  We have to choose our listeners carefully because of that.

Caller: I’ve been asked half a dozen times if I’m DC!

[I had to step out and answer a call.]

Tony:  For two years I’ve been saying that there are going to be some issues with the economy and the currency.  There is an absolute chance to double dip, meaning in our economy overall.  Some times lightening does strike twice.

[Cannot hear the caller.]  I’m on SSI;  with the NDA, how do I get it across that I don’t need a lawyer if I get in trouble with that NDA? I'm not going to need SSI any more.

Tony:  Just go down to the office and tell them you don’t need.  Talk to an attorney about whether to disclose where the money is coming from, or whether there may be a claw-back from the SSI you’ve had up until now.

Phoenix caller:  Are the strategic partners of the US still holding back?

Tony:  Nobody is holding back at this point.

Caller:  So if I go to France, I could exchange today?

Tony:  I didn’t say it was activated, I said they are holding back. They are not going to exchange because it’s being processed.  Technically, they will not exchange until the US is done, but not because they are US allies. Everyone is now saying GO.

Caller:  When you have something but cannot tell someone, that’s screwing with the masses.  Why not tell them “I don’t know” instead.

Tony:  That is the same thing, in my view.

Caller:  You do really feel in your gut that this will NOT go on for another week.

Tony:  With everything that I’m hearing, in my heart, I believe it will not. That nuclear option is still out there, they do what they do, and they could try to pull something at the last minute like they have done in the past.   People get mad about that other people are doing in the back rooms, and now they have to start over again or money has to change hands, or whatever.  This could have been done a while ago.  I do feel that they are going to do it.  Also, the President does NOT have to be out of the country to get this done – who does that make sense to?

248 caller:  Is there any way this thing can be stopped?  I know you have to address that, but your barber could call you and postpone something.  Anything can be stopped, so it’s not necessarily about the RV.  You paused when the lady asked you that question, but I don’t think you would be telling us about this if you were not confident about this RV.  If you are confident, let’s remain with you being confident.  My question is this:  you’ve always said that we might not all get the higher rates.  However, you’ve also said that 100,000 people have already been given the higher rates illegally.  So how can it be a problem for us, at 200K, to get that higher rate legally.

Tony:  So based on your math, if 200,000 of us are listening, there are still 4.5 million in dinarland who are not going to get that highest rate.

Caller:  I see.  So the 200,000 of us on these calls, we should get those higher rates, right?  If there are 300 million in the US, that is not a high proportion of the population.

Tony:  They processed 100,000 in 60 days, without that number fluctuating.  You are not going to be in that situation.  You will have 30 days, and the number will be moving, so those who are fast on their feet will get it, and others will not.  In reality, that highest rate is not going to be there for that 30 days, but we will have an opportunity.

Caller:  We know that things can change, but you do believe in your heart that this will come out in less than a week.  We ask for specifics, but really we won’t know until it’s happened.

Tony:  Right.  The rates got changed again last night.  But we are in the ballpark until this is actually executed and then you will get the exact numbers.

Pam is sending me texts to hang up the phone.  I am hoping and praying with all my might that this is the very last call we are doing this way.  Everything is good, I’ve got some more good stuff since I got on the phone, but I want you to have the big picture in case something else happens. I want you to understand how this works.   It’s a global event involving 200 countries, so it changes every hour. If you look at the news, you can see how many different things are happening in Europe, at the Olympics, in the Middle East.  You have to be prepared, and understand how this is affecting agreements that are being made, and how this will affect things outside the RV.

But I do think this will be a great weekend, and that next week will be full of changes in your life.  I don’t think it will take that long.  The next call should be the procedures and policies.  In case it’s not, we have this new service, there’s the forum and chat room, and I will put out a blast as things happen.  We do need some more helping supporting the board financially, so please make donations and we will do whatever we have to do.

I am looking to do another call, and I’m looking forward to that call so that we can wake up from the nightmare and start living the dream.

Pam:  I have a husband I adore and it is his birthday, so I hope he has the best birthday effort.  Also, to those to whom much is given, much is expected.  Please to take care of others.

Ray would say “what she said”.  Tony, I got that from you, and it’s true.

Tony:  Also, no good deed goes unpunished, and we are living that one!  As long as you’re doing it form your heart, that’s okay.

When I was in High School and captain of the football team, all-conference and we had our dinner and went on break, I came back and everyone said I was different, I said, “It’s not me that’s different, it’s you”.  People look at you differently.

In the Air Force, I went from Senior Airforceman to Sergeant.  There are people who have been sergeants for years, and people don’t know you just put those stripes on an hour ago.  They expect you to act like a sergeant, in an hour.  People look for that leadership in your life.  Two things will happen:  people in your family and friends now know that you are a millionaire, and they will look at your differently because you can affect their lives.  They will come to you to get their car fixed, send their kid to college, and so on.  From their perspective, you didn’t work for this – you won the lottery in the form of dinar.  They’re going to look at it from that perspective, and want you to share it with them, and you will have to make those decisions and choices.  “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

Also, people will expect your to be a community activist and leader who can effect change, and they will look for you to do that.  You have many opportunities to help, and you should look at that.  Start with your community, and then your city or county.  You can run for office, or support some other person running for office.  There is more to this that just going out and buying houses, cars and toys.  You have a responsibility to help others, and it’s going to come a whole lot sooner than you think.

It’s Friday night, and instead of going out to dinner and drinking wine, let’s have a get-together later today.  Thank you, everybody.

Ray:  Alright!  Take care!

Posted by John MacHaffie at 5:43 PM


I get sick to my stomach when I see his posts.  My spirit feels a total unrest and I vibrate with the worst negative energies.  I think this man is evil and I can't even read them. And call it negative if you want, but I hope he gets what is coming to him soon.  And I do not mean a pat on the back.  He has done nothing to bring the RV, and anyone who thinks he is needs to get in touch with reality.


I'm sure he'll get his soon enough. You can only say so many lies before they come back to haunt you.



It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~


Jesus ability to perform what were considered miracles was in deed limited by unbelief of the people. Is it possible that we have the power to LIMIT blessings by our unbelief? to perhaps continue to delay or even negate something as impactful as GCR or RV?

seems some here are denigrating what i consider great faith in astounding possibilities for ALL... Praying those with us increase and manifestation of Abundance becomes evident to ALL... in the NOW!!

As is your faith, be it unto you...
is it not possible that what some are considering "lies" were indeed truth at a certain moment in "time" and then changed as free-will choices were made by powerful dark people, for the specific purpose of making what was indeed truth appear as "lies" to discredit sharers/ messengers of what was indeed true at a particular moment when shared?

is it not common to slay (with attitudes, words, intent of heart) another messenger (with good news and good intent) without having all the information/facts which would give superior perspective before making a perhaps premature judgment?

this continuously unfolding RV drama, reflective story of life, does indeed test one's character and patience, allowing each to choose attitudes, belief, "truth" (to each); each is a participatory part of the WHOLE, co-creating REALITY by belief or unbelief... the choice of each, always in ALL ways....  

God's Ways are indeed Higher than man's, & Creator's Victory of LOVE (which conquers all) will not ultimately be denied.

Blessings to ALL... in Love, Joy, Peace, Forgiveness, Abundance & much More ☀


7FM2 wrote:
is it not possible that what some are considering "lies" were indeed truth at a certain moment in "time" and then changed as free-will choices were made by powerful dark people, for the specific purpose of making what was indeed truth appear as "lies" to discredit sharers/ messengers of what was indeed true at a particular moment when shared?

No, not when they they say "IT IS DONE WITH PROOF.  WE HAVE AN RV. WE ARE SEEING THE RATES. PEOPLE HAVE CASHED IN. THEY ARE DANCING IN THE STREETS.  ETC ETC ETC". Done is DONE! And to say it is done then the next day say it was stopped OVER and OVER and OVER is ludicrous. You can NOT take back a DONE RV in a matter of hours. PLAIN and SIMPLE. Those who say it is done and then we all wake up to ... now we wait and years later the same thing is said every week, that constitute KNOWN LIES.  I call total bull on "something" happened to stop it.  Because to stop would mean it was in progress not FINISHED... as by their own words. 

Yes, I want to discredit the messengers because they are not worthy of any credit.  They are lying. Conning, scheming, coniving, fraudulent, sorry pieces of excuses for humanity. 

They are hurting more people than they are ever helping.

For  Dinar News and Gurus please visit us at 


Standing and applauding you Ponee! Exactly.


These people do not deserve anything. At some point the truth has to be recognized. I am sorry but we ALL need to wake up to more than the light. This investment is a hot mess.



Well bloody said Ponee!!!

Purps it's hot shit not hot mess LOL!

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~


I just read some of the previous post. This stuff is fodder for some great short fiction, it's that wild.



It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~


I wrote an article on my blog a few months ago about the morals and ethics of this RV as well. Assuming that it is real, assuming that it is in the works, I asked the readers how they would feel if someone invaded their country for trumped up reasons, killed their people, destroyed their infrustructure, left behind DU that will take millions of years to dissolve, left over 50,000 orphans not counting widows, so, how would they feel now buying up the the US dollars knowing it was going to RV and start demanding from their government "we the people".
So you destroy a country, then you get rich on it's revaluation and don't feel bad about destroying them again? Their economy, most likely if an RV were to happen, it would bankrupt this country and destroy what little is left of it.

But these people have never thought about this, neither has Dr. May because I sent her the article, about morals and ethics and how ANY GOD would endorse destroying one nation to prosper another. Don't make sense and I don't think that any Creator would agree to take from one and give to another. We are all equals here.

The Truth Will Set You Free


God does not endorse greed either which these people are so full of yet cover up with useless musings about receiving our deserved blessings. Biggest crock of shit I have ever heard!

Thanks so much for your post CroatianLight!

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

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