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Amazed Joyfully fulfilled... abundant, glorious GOOD NEWS!

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“Dear Friends, … I come to tell you we are planning great things… so many changes coming in such a short time period that you are going to be amazed, astonished, and you, Beloved … will be joyfully fulfilled. You will feel that your cup runneth over; you will be gratified by the sudden blossoming of evidence everywhere of what has been growing behind the scenes for years… arrests of the criminals who have enslaved the planet for their own profit will be … so many you will not believe your eyes when you see dozens … walked off in handcuffs. All will be given a chance to redeem themselves, for we are a merciful community here …

We have worked so long for this, Beloved Ones… rewards will be abundant, glorious, and ongoing… a complete Shift in… commerce. Education, social traditions, political activities, governance - all will be different…

Life was intended to be beautiful…, but it has not been for many centuries. The abundance that was to be shared by all was co-opted by the few, bringing terrible pollution and degradation … and causing disease and ill health to become the norm… This reckless poisoning of Earth and all her creatures will never be permitted to occur again… You will be astonished by the revelations which will be coming hour by hour over the newly freed media… the world will gain a true source of communication. It will then be used to honestly inform the population of what has gone before, and what wonderful opportunities lay ahead for all of you…

may be a period lasting from a few days to a week or two during which the banks will be closed… hope to avoid any hysteria or panic by preparing everyone in advance to expect a certain amount of disruption and to prepare for it as much as possible… your own good humor and generosity will provide the needed bridge to help carry others to the other side, to reassure and prepare them for a joyful completion of the process of change for the better. As long as people remain calm and friendly, resourcefulness and creativity will carry the day… this Shift… will be accomplished with Grace…

Consider how much fun you have had on a camping trip when you left behind the comforts of home in favor of living in the natural world, with the pleasures of life in a forest or at a seashore all around you. Think of the coming transition as something like this - the opportunity to get closer to Nature and to those you love, while relying on your own and others' resourcefulness… Yes, it will be a grand adventure if that is the way you approach it… You will be called upon to reassure, to comfort and to teach… Many around you have not had the benefit of such reassurance, and such training in patience and Faith as you have had… We will work together with you to maintain stability even as the familiar ground is shifting under our feet. We will sustain our Vision of Peace, Joy and Justice for all, and so it shall be done… The Forces of Light on the ground and Above have been preparing to step in to shift the balance for many years…

There are unsung heroes, courageous adventurers and industrious Creators on every block, in every house ... As soon as the pall of fear … is lifted, they will shine, and many will rise to follow their example and yours. You will feel an enormous blast of Love … which will trumpet the beginning of the Great Change… We, your … helpers and guides will join you at last, as visible and tangible to you as your next door neighbor, and we will rejoice with you. Along with new sources of food, water and power, we will also bring music, laughter, unending Love and our heartfelt Joy… What a jubilee we have ahead, Dearest … lead the way… singing "Hallelujah" in praise of God's Love, as we rise together to the Promised Land which is truly our Paradise on Earth. You will see … your beloved [Jesus/ Immanuel/ Yeshua] Sananda will indeed return ...
Walk with me, all Beings of Light. Stride without fear into the new dawning Light…
I am your Adamos …, here for you always. I love you without end.”
Excerpted from my personal Heart-felt perspective for the "still-awakening" as Amazing political & world news for all people. Designed to print on single narrow margin page for distribution, as any one may choose... including the next paragraph with source: ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May/Lady Portia on Feb. 23, 2014, 12 am, Atlanta, Georgia
Permission is granted to share or copy these messages, providing no additions or alterations are done, and credit is given to the channel and the website, ------------------------------------------------------

Excerpted here for you 2/24/2014, Given in Love with Blessings 2 ALL ☀ 

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