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Lucas – When Hope Gets Used To Make Belief Happen – 1 March 2014

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Lucas – When Hope Gets Used To Make Belief Happen – 1 March 2014
Posted on March 1, 2014 by lucas2012infos | Leave a comment
Lucas – When Hope Gets Used To Make Belief Happen – 1 March 2014 119px-Zlan_-_Kirche_-_Altar_-_Hoffnung In some beautiful way things can get very very clear as you observe and see again things unfolding. There is always a new way of doing things… and the intent counts big time. Still also that intent to make things happen can get polluted, distorted and corrupted or even taken over by someone, something or maybe your intent is suddenly going into an other direction.
Some things will never change is what people who see will say. If there is a beautiful idea there is always someone who will get it corrupted. Sometimes corruption just is coming into it by the sheer will to get the project financed even if known certain elements chosen for that are questionable.  Much is done just for the notice all for the good cause. You have to see you consciously made a choice doing things a certain way. If you will get people believing in a things that can’t be shown or made tangible or with lots of restrictions or for undisclosed reasons or you tell people to do certain things you never would do yourself or provide certain things to people you never had shown yourself to be working, than you may have doubts about it of course. Just use your common sense and know.
It is often the case that questions that are relevant are not asked or even consciously are sat aside as going on with it regardless is more important.  It is often that real answers are not given and avoided and even masked under a blankets of false love.  Even people are getting attacked for making their concerns known.  If you bullshit people into believing and you make good use of their hope and their survivalist needs it will get you enough platform to abuse humanity again into a new slavery.
Consciousness is making things happen absolutely. Still consciousness may not be a reason to divide and conquer.  You may question the fact if things can only be or be used or operated in a certain state of consciousness. If we talk about basic needs like:  energy, food, water, shelter, warmth, health they just need to be available and really free to use for all whatever conscious state of being. Billions of humans on this planet are still awakening and some are further in their own process. We need to make sure we are not creating a new elite group that will see the rest as their custodians.  New parents to teach you how to be.  It easily can be again enslavement if things are still not fully balanced in this paradigm.
Separation and you’re not part of it or your are not worthy of it if you do not or be not ….is made to good use in many ways. If your asked to have a new perception for using something, be cautious. Be clear and use common sense. See it might be just about control over and about money again. It is good to know that there are always other ways to do things yourselves as you are the individual creator beings that can work together without grouping up or being drawn into that circle in the sand around you.
Still there is being made good use of hope to get believing again in something or someone who will bring humanity into the right state of being and free them. Are you still going  for it. The real questions are not asked. Are you lead away from your own power or are you lead or taught or bullied or coerced into doing things or believing things in a certain way?
I would be cautious and very discerning as things often are lovely packaged and tick all the right boxes till you get really looking into what it is. They give things new names and make them sell as brand new being the new paradigm. Using good old marketing and distribution schemes using extreme polarity of love and promises for all humanity of course as bait.  The ones already believing and giving their power away over and over are going to fight for the cause they signed up to or feel obligated to. They say no to all reason, facts and common sense you will put in front of them to see for themselves, as they already are blinded by a new veil of belief.
Stop giving away your power that lies within you I say again. The only key you need is found within. It is not some externalized being, group or product or document that will make it happen for you. Just see what powerful great creator beings you are all individually. We still all need to make a real (re)balancing act happen and on the bigger levels also. Bringing back spirituality and worldliness, short all polarity into a balance.

Bringing all forces and polarities in balance is not about a group thing, hive mind or compulsory doing together stuff. Balancing things within is your own process. It is not about uniting with a new circle drawn around it and therefore separation of the individuals. It is up to you to see or not or to ignore  or not or  go for the maybe short-term easy solution. It is up to you if warned to get still into the old traps.
We all  go through our own process. The ones almost there will still have to wait for the jump we all need to make together as no one will be left behind. Shifting together we will when all have individually mastered the balance and polarities within.  If you are growing faster in your process it is easy to fall also into the trap to get manipulating others.  It is like I said about real intent and not getting corrupted and misused for an unknown reason.
Ask yourselves the right questions. Are you lead astray?  Are you having limitations put upon you getting or doing or thinking something?  Do you need some sort of belief, education, or do you need to be part of a group or being in a certain state before you can have access or may be part of?  Are there restrictions put onto you? Is it really free? Who funded it or is investing in it or has financial interests into the project, the group or the service and product and are all disclosed to you in full? Is all transparent?
If you hope enough in things, things always will be alright or not! Are you willingly going along with things you feel are not right anyhow? Making your own inner-balance working for you is having to see that externalizing power and believing in things is not the way forward. We are in the now making things happen. I only can say to you make things happen, if you can, without the structures of the past or from (futuristic) dreams only.  It is about the NOW and real intent.
There is so much scope of doing things already without getting back into the old financial and business structures. Leave the old ideas behind you. Skip the thoughts of things like: You can be part of it or lose out. Sorry, no crap anymore.  Be genuine, honest, transparent and make things available for all if you do it from the right intent for all of humanity without new limitations and walk the talk. Spread your ideas, plans and make them for all available without any limitations. Let humans help each other in individually working together to build or (re)develop or even devolve upon it with further ideas but make it freely open available and do it now.
Stop hiding ideas and go for secrets and patents for the reason of fearing your idea will be taken, or a big fat ego or even pure self-interest or other agendas. Change is made by us all for us all and never was intended to be for only a few. It is all changing as we speak as structures, groups and people are showing their real cards and faces in doing what they are doing. The disclosure of all  needs to come about before all are coming to the round table. It all will become transparent and shown for you to see in all it ugliness or beauty in the new paradigm.
Be sure to make your choices and know you are always able to change your choice. Keep asking yourself the right questions and get discerning, researching and use your common sense next to your senses. Are you believing or are you being in your own power? Are you gonna be limited again? What is really said?
Let us give hope and belief a new place in the museum of the old paradigm. Let us NOW be knowing from our inner-balanced selves to use also just common sense. Groups may also be good catalysts for certain things but mostly groups are also the best structures to get people controlled, mindcontrolled, manipulated or made into believers. Also groups will separate those in it from the whole. Groups even will provide you with  people controlling each other for not complying the group rules or spirit or being like the others.
It is difficult to speak out as things that are pointed out are always having repercussions as long as it all is not in balance. Lots are waiting to attack and get their five cents of worth fame time for it. I really do not care. People need to wake up and I am doing my mission to show you a way and show the sometimes scary traps you can fall into. All is still YOUR choice as I always say as it your path to go.  I am not a teacher nor a guru. I am the observer. Just think before enslaving yourselves again. 
Love and Light,
(c) 2014 –  Copyright of Lucas, all writings of Lucas maybe published, re-blogged and posted only in full without altering anything with  the http://www.lucas2   link  mentioned in the article with name of the author Lucas.

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