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Transformationiscoming Blog: CARROT DANGLERS

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Transformationiscoming Blog: CARROT DANGLERS

Note to reader: Pictures this time do not have any links attached again. No need to click on them.

I am sure there are many of you that have heard or follow the RV, Global Reset, Ascension and Galactic information. Maybe you used to or still do. Either way what is it with these Carrot Danglers? This does not go out to all those providing information just those who enjoy giving you “DATES” of when certain things are supposed to happen. Before you run off and think that I am picking on all those people giving information that is NOT the point of this. They to might be able to relate!

Does this feel like you?

Does it feel like it's turned you into this at times?
Or maybe after you’ve seen the information overload after investigating all the massive amounts of stuff on the visitors from elsewhere, deceptions, and truth you now look like this?
Maybe you have locked all your door’s and resorted to starving yourself because everything seems to be poisoned. Are you one that feels like you have had enough and you want someone to come down and just beam you up. Never to come back like, “GET ME OFF THIS FRICKING PLANET”!
Well let me tell you that in the last several years of investigating and watching things I have been right there with you. I have had all these things and more run through my head at one time or another.

Are we just being suckered and manipulated? Is this a way to keep the awakened ones from actually taking action instead of being a part of this club?

I for one am sick of waiting for things to start happening and changing. Although I see lots happening and certain things imploding upon them, there is still much to be done. I might just be impatient today feeling frustrated.

So if you are following those speaking about a Revaluation of the Dinar/Dong or whatever other currency is told to be in the so called virtual basket, or a special “Announcement” to be broadcast over all airways, or Galactic’s to show themselves in a huge spectacle, or to wake up the next day miraculously in your new body that has ascended, why are you waiting? Not knowing the exact date or time is not going to affect whether it happens or not.

I have often sat back and wondered if this was all a big charade and most of the players don’t even know they’ve been suckered into playing the game alongside those that started it. Then again who the hell am I to even wonder this? I am a regular on many Facebook pages speaking about these things. I have watched this for over 3 years now. Most people I know have been led down the same path with the same pit stops along the way. You listen to one guy and get sick of him crying wolf. Then you move to the next person and they do the same thing. Nothing happens and you’re still waiting! So you move to the next group or person you decide you want to listen to.

All the while they are stroking that which is within us that keeps us hanging on to their last words. They are stroking our Hope!

I tend to believe this little saying here, at the same time I don’t. I guess it would all depend on the situation and how one is handling it, in of itself.

So what will it take to actually get this show on the road? What will it take to actually get things moving along so we have some type of actual proof and evidence that these things are really happening? WHAT CAN THOSE OF US IN THE WAIT CLUB DO TO GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD? HOW CAN WE HELP? If there are any so called White Knights or White Hats or whatever one wants to call them, out there trying to fix the world for the betterment of Humanity; this is a cry to you! WE WANT TO HELP!!!!!!!!! TELL US HOW!!!!!!!!

I for one am sick of waiting. I am ready and I am willing to help in whatever way I can. I sit here just like many others not quite sure of what I can do. I have listened to so many giving ideas of what you can do to help. I have been doing so many of those things and yet I am still here WAITING!

So instead of waiting, I am going to GIVE UP on WAITING! I have heard all the information I need to hear of what is coming down the pipes. I have saved all the necessary information. I know what I am to do and how I am to do it. Now I just want this show to start. I understand that certain things have to be in place before they can start, this way it ensures those that have been sabotaging the world for eons are no longer able to do it. I understand that all change takes time. I understand that things will not be fixed over night. I understand that most all things I read or listen to I take with a grain of salt. Yet still in the back of my mind I just can’t help but say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

I AM READY TO STAND MY GROUND! I AM READY TO BE WHO I AM SUPPOSED TO BE. I work on myself daily, go within, meditate and all that. Yet I still sit here feeling like I am not doing a damn thing but sitting here. Why is that?

I often have found that our hope has led us down this road. Yet after I hear so many people’s stories of exactly how they got led here and all the synchronicities along the way, it can’t just be all for shits and grins; or some cruel joke. My own story itself is enough to say things do happen for a reason. Maybe I am just not seeing the correct reason in all of this for my personal path? I don’t know at this point. What I do know is we have many people out there waiting on things and counting on things to happen. We have other people that have split off to form their own hate groups to chastise those of us who wait. We have those that have split off into another groups who claim all they need is to just DO and BE in the world of Love & Light. Most of the RV groups chastise the NESARA groups. Most of the NESARA groups are waiting for it all. Most of the ET groups chastise those waiting for NESARA and RV. Most of the New Age groups are spewing Love & Light and fluffy puffy stuff all over as they ignore the real world right before them. In it all, all I see is finger pointing and rude judgements. I myself included! It’s gotten so out of hand that working together which most of us claim to want to happen, we have ignored based on indifferences that have nothing to do with the goal in mind. So many spit and sputter the fact that we all need to work together. To date I don’t see any of this happening. I still see split ups, clicks, and one against the other over petty crap. If we are going to argue about who is right and wrong all day we're never going to be able to come together to fix the world!

So here I stand before everyone with one question.


We want to work together yet all I see is more division. People just can’t admit when they are wrong anymore. I know when I’ve been wrong and I will be the first person to say so. I am not PERFECT by any means. Yes I know some of you who know me are probably laughing at that. Be my guest, as I am laughing WITH YOU! I too am guilty of this same damn thing, and I will be the first to admit it.

So how can we really come together? How can the Drake’s, Buck’s, Carol’s, D’s, Heather’s, East Coast’s, West Coast’s, DC’s, Okie’s, Keyboard Warrior’s, Here It Comes, Baby’s News Hound’s, HERE WE GO’s, Federation of Light’s, ZAP’s, Poof’s, Fulford’s, Wilcock’s, Donald Marshal’s, Trolls, Nidle’s, Universal Voice’s, Denise’s, ET’s, OPPT’s, New Ager’s, Keenan’s, Keshe’s, Brenda’s, Jester’s, Alex Jones’s, Kerry’s, Bill’s, and so on and so forth; come together??????? We are all stuck on this same playground together anyways!

I for one am sick of all this division. Was Facebook made just for this reason, to keep you locked away in your groups that please your specific needs for the time being? So we can separate ourselves from the very people we disagree with? So we can further divide ourselves from all those who want the same damn things? Why does this just not make sense to me!

When I listen to or read each and every one of those things that are from those listed above, there is ONE MAIN COMMON THREAD!!!!

That is:






So why are we not in one main group discussing ways to do this? Why are we not coming together in Love & Light to discuss just how we can eradicate these sons of bit*#es. Why are we so scattered about all over the damn place over our petty differences? Why can’t anyone admit when they are being an ass? Instead they drive you away. Is it on purpose? Is it all a CIA front? Is FB a CIA front? A massive psychological test on the Human Population to see just how much fun they can have training and controlling the sheep? I wonder if the next time someone fills out one of those, "See what kind of animal you are" or "See what musician you are" it's really just the CIA or a huge group of Psychotherapist analyzing your data for some bigger plan down the road.

I say we come together just like a sports team does. You don’t see them bitching and complaining about who’s information is right or not. You don’t see them bitching and complaining about when things are or are not going to happen. They come together as one team with one goal and one mission. To WIN! So isn’t that basically what we all want with this tyrannical agenda with smart idiots with ego’s the size of Uranus, we want to WIN? Humanity wants to come out on top and be FREE from oppression and all those things that create division and separation amongst us. All those programs that have been imbedded into our minds! So why don’t we come together for Solutions? Why don’t we get this talk going? Why don’t we set aside our egos and come from a place of action and solutions instead of those things we have been TAUGHT to be. Let’s end the programming and work together for a brighter future.

To all those out there who know me and who I might have hurt or had a mishap with, in the past. I am truly sorry for whatever part I played in it. Now is that hard? So let’s leave all those angry demons or past regrets or hurts aside. Can we do that? Can we let it go and never discuss it again and start anew? Can we all just do this with each other? Whoever hurt or angered you or what not, can we just start from now and move on and forget it? After all holding that grudge inside is just pent up energy that is not serving you in any way shape or form. I can pull my big girl panties on! Can you pull your big girl/boy panties on?

I am afraid that if we don’t do this, our world will never change for the better. Our problem is not just those who attempt to control us all, our problem is ourselves as well. We are playing into THEIR game more and more. The more we break off and separate and just spew what we want or don’t want all over a social media site's, the more down the hill we go as we ourselves are doing NOTHING to help the bigger problem. So who are we kidding with our big bad selves? What point are we really trying to make on these social media sites if we are not banning together to make one big huge central point! “KICK THE SCUM OUT”! You don’t negotiate with psychopaths, you lock them up! So I call your bluff, all of yours! Are you ready to actually work together for one common goal?

So instead of just following the latest things on Social Media and WAITING in the WAIT CLUB why not join together to discuss solutions and the things we are going to be needing to be ready for when things do happen. How we can help those things happen faster. Ways to actually get our asses up off the couch so that indent can puff back up before it’s permanently stuck. Lots of people out there have stopped living along the way. They have become addicted to social media. It doesn’t surprise me considering it’s hard to find like minded people. Social Media has given us the outlet to come together and it appears we may be using it wrong still. So even if we don’t agree with OPPT, NESARA, RV, New Age,Ascension, ET's, Religion's, Metaphysics or what not we tend to forget the most important thing.

On the other end of that belief is still a Human Being!

So where is the common ground? The common ground is easy!


So while we all moan and groan and WAIT, the tyranny is still going on in the background. What are we doing about it other than being told to wait some more. I don’t have all the solutions because when I look at the bigger picture I just see a big High school Campus. Everyone is in their own little click moaning and groaning about the other click. I'm in one, which click are you in? I have not seen this solve a single problem. So how can we really come together for the common good when we are all fighting over what the common good should be?

Are we really grown up enough to accept people for who they are and let them be who they are without taking things personal all the time? I for one am soooooooooooooo sick of waiting. The more I try to be the change I want to see, yes the more I see changing; yet when I sit back and see how much of the world is NOT it makes me question what’s really going on. So feel free to comment in the comment’s section with your solutions to change. Who knows, I might think of something to bring us ALL together under one
roof to discuss these things and actually take action. I might start my own site with my own forum. I might be ready to kick ass because I’m sick of waiting. I might just want to change the world now because I am just impatient. Either way something has got to give! Don’t you think? So what can we do from the point of action in this reality that is going on at the moment? What are YOU doing to change the world?

Let’s untie the carrot!

Before this is attacked as being a direct attack on those that are providing information and hope, that is and was NOT the point to this article. This article is purely to discuss what is on the minds of a lot of people. It is in no way to put down those that are providing any type of information. In this game called life we ALL HAVE OUR OWN PURPOSE!

Yours Truly

Posted by enerchi at 3/04/2014 09:33:00 PM

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